TreokaiAmethyst & Ruby Teardrops Earrings Gold, Amethysts & Rubies

1.850 DKK


Vibrant and evocative, the Amethist & Ruby Teardrops Earrings from Treokai captures the essence of the feminine soul. Fashioned as a small pink ruby teardrop resting on a bezel-set round purple amethist, these earrings recall memories and emotions from the depths of the soul. Perfect for every occasion and style, the Amethist & Ruby Teardrop Earrings can be worn as a single or a pair, as well as combined with other gorgeous pieces from the Tears Collection.

  • 14k gold earring, sold as a single/pair
  • Ruby and amethist
  • Colour: Gold, pink, purple

What's great about it

Treokai by Mai Johannessen is a Copenhagen-based brand that offers limited edition, sustainable jewellery, handcrafted using reclaimed metals and gemstones. Mai takes broken or never-used heirloom jewellery and breathes new life into them, drawing inspiration from wanderlust, dreams of mystery, and ancient cultures and crafts. Treokai presents exquisite wearable art in timeless designs.

Why we love it

Every piece of Treokai jewellery stands out as visually stunning, both when worn and as a standalone sculptural beauty. At The Jewellery Room, we are impressed and respect Mai’s ethos of making sustainable jewellery using ethically sourced materials. When you buy from Treokai, you know you are choosing jewellery with soul, visualised and created to be passed down to future generations.

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