Ro CopenhagenRock Classic Diamond Hoop S Whitegold, Grey Diamonds

2.200 DKK


The gorgeous Rock Classic Diamond Hoop earring from Ro Copenhagen is a truly timeless piece that adds allure and elegance to a woman’s style. This elegant 18 karat whitegold creole earring is set with eight brilliant-cut grey diamonds. It is sold as a single.

  • 18k whitegold creole hoop earring, sold as a single
  • 8x0.008ct brilliant cut grey diamonds
  • Ø: 10mm
  • Colour: Whitegold, white

What's great about it

Ro Copenhagen’s elegant and original designs are infused with a sense of calm and serenity. Perfect in its timeless quality, Ro jewellery is carefully designed to be keepers by Danish designer Helle Leiberg Nissen who adds a sparkling greeting to every piece with a signature diamond. Jewellery that never goes out of style, minimal, and a discreet reminder of strength and beauty is the hallmark of the delightful Ro collections.

Why we love it

What is not to like about Ro Copenhagen! We love their classic lines and clean minimalism, displaying thoughtfulness by throwing in a secret delight for every customer. With just a dash of sophistication, Ro Copenhagen crafts treasures that forever make a woman shine brightly, in a calm and serene way.

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