Pura UtzGrape Blob Earring Gold Plated, Red and Purple Beads

1.250 DKK


The Grape Blob Earring from Pura Utz is a striking jewel, handwoven with red, purple, black, and green glass beads to create a bunch of grapes hanging from a light-weight gold-plated blob.

  • Gold plated 925 silver earring, sold as a single piece
  • Glass beads from Japan and the Czech Republic
  • Length: ≈5.5cm, blob: 2cm
  • Colour: Gold, Red, purple, black, green

What's great about it

Pura Utz, meaning “pure good”, features an incredible range of unique, colourful, and handwoven products that declare the beauty and honour of flawless craftsmanship. Working with gold-plated sterling silver, freshwater pearls and the prettiest glass beads from Japan and the Czech Republic, the all-women Pura Utz team creates intricate jewellery that ascends the heights of playful yet free-spirited Mayan artistry.

Why we love it

A glowing testament of joyful creativity that transcends glass ceilings, led by directors Anna and Bernabela, Pura Utz is at its heart essentially a women empowerment project based in Guatemala. From summery yellow bananas to fiery red cherries, fun yet beautiful pieces of precise and time-intensive workmanship makes Pura Utz a favourite with The Jewellery Room and discerning fashionistas.

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