Ninna York JewelleryChampagne Gold Bracelet

2.200 DKK


Handmade in 24 karat gold-plated sterling silver, the Champagne Gold Bracelet from Ninna York Jewellery is attention-grabbing with its bold ball-and-chain look. Perfectly crafted, the gleaming balls are linked through a delicate chain and secured with a round spring clasp. This cool and trendy bracelet can easily hold its own or be worn in combination with the Champagne Choker for stunning impact.

  • 24k gold plated sterling silver bracelet
  • Ball Ø = 8mm
  • Available sizes: 19cm, 20cm
  • Colour: Gold

What's great about it

Ninna York ushers in an iconoclastic range of jewellery that appeals to all genders, ages, and cultures the world over. Fuelled by a smorgasbord of inspirational elements, Ninna York creations are beautifully crafted to last a long, long time. All Ninna York jewellery is designed with genuine passion mixed with a generous dollop of bold artistry and bears a stamp of outstanding individuality.

Why we love it

Crisp and on point in its super sophisticated vibe, Ninna York is a brand that holds close, the personal experience of jewellery. The Jewellery Room is delighted to have Ninna York on board for the sheer glamour and versatility of its designs and uncompromised quality. We love that the house of Ninna York presents jewellery that is unrestrained by differences and boundaries, enabling all people everywhere to enjoy them in their own way.

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