Libelula JewelleryPetit Ingrid Ring Gold, Pink

8.910 DKK


The Petit Ingrid Ring focuses on the striking beauty of a step cut pink tourmaline gemstone. The ring is handcrafted 18 karat gold.

  • 18k gold ring
  • Pink tourmaline with a step cut crown
  • Colour: Gold, pink

What's the story

Libelula Jewellery was founded in 2013 by the owner and designer Camilla. It was her childhood dream to draw and design jewellery that is inspired by nature. Her favourite thing is watching her designs transformed from paper drawings into tangible pieces of fine jewellery by expert goldsmiths. Her jewellery collection comprises high-quality gemstones and 18 karat gold. All materials are ethically sourced, and diamonds are of the GIA EFG scale, equivalent to River and Top Wesselton. The Petit Ingrid Ring has a classic design with clean lines of the step cut rectangular tourmaline stone. This cut is best to show-off the stone’s colour and clarity, enhancing the stone size and making the gemstone the centre of attention. The half-round thin band is attached at one end of the rectangular stone to make it easy to stack with other rings in the collection.

What's great about it

The Petit Ingrid Ring is mystically beautiful. The pink tourmaline stone gleams ethereally on the yellow 18 karat gold band. The minimalist, classic design is elegant and stylish. The ring embodies lovely feminine qualities of strength, elegance, and refinement. The use of tourmaline as the central gemstone alludes to the protective nature of women. Just as women are protectors of family values, so is tourmaline associated with symbolising the heart's protection and instilling qualities of compassion, confidence, and wisdom in the wearer.

How to wear it

The Petit Ingrid Ring, with the stone attached perpendicularly to the band on one side, allows for most of the stone to rest luxuriously on your finger. It also allows the flexibility of wearing it on its own or as a part of a stack. The beauty of the pink tourmaline stone is so exceptional that wearing it on its own will produce that retro-classic look. However, if you prefer a more modern style, mix and match it with other rings from the Libelula ring collection for a sublime result.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves Libelula’s upbeat, sparkly, and feminine jewellery universe. The pieces are beautiful and easy to wear. Camilla, the collection designer, has an exceptional eye for detail, and her pieces are imbued with traditional values but have that extra modern edge. The Libelula’s rings bring out the beauty of the oversized precious stones through unusual cuts and settings. Camilla has the rare ability to maximise the best attributes from the precious materials she works with and turn them into a fabulously desirable jewellery collection.

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