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An austere sideways cross piece, the Cecilia Bracelet is a quiet stunner in 18 karat yellow gold from the fabulous Libelula Jewellery.

  • 18k yellow gold bracelet
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Libelula Jewellery is a Norwegian brand that caters to primal aesthetics through its incredibly beautiful fine jewellery, inspired by the loveliness in nature. Camilla Samuelsen, the creative force behind every Libelula piece, believes in flawless artistry that lives forever, passed down through generations. Passionate about drawing since her childhood, Camilla has always enjoyed sketching such natural themes as leaves, insects, and butterflies. As a designer, it delights her to see her sketches take shape into gorgeous pieces of art in vibrant colours, at the hands of skilled goldsmiths. Spanish for dragonfly, which is Camilla’s favourite winged creature, Libelula stands for the essence of everlasting beauty that is delicately captured in every piece of jewellery from this illustrious brand. The Cecilia Bracelet features a sideways cross on a fine chain, all in 18 karat yellow gold, that holds true to the timeless quality of all Libelula jewellery.

What's great about it

The design creed of Libelula Jewellery is simple—create spellbinding jewellery that transcends time. The delicate Cecilia Bracelet is the perfect emblem of the Libelula motto. This bracelet features a spartan cross linked to a fine gold chain. The necklace speaks of austere elegance that reaches out with a quiet strength and deep sensibility. The simple cross is symbolic of the power within you that is divine and compassionate. The Cecilia Bracelet serves as a mark of what this world could truly benefit from—love, integrity, and kindness.

How to wear it

A fine piece of jewellery with a contemporary twist, this elegant bracelet is a beautiful addition to any outfit, both formal and casual. Subtle enough for the workplace, the Cecilia Bracelet breathes confidence and vitality. The muted glamour of this pretty bracelet is also suited for tasteful casuals. The warm glow of gold complements all colour schemes, and the simple design allows it to be layered with delicate necklaces and earrings to create your unique aura of bold individuality.

Why we love it

Libelula Jewellery features a delightful, handmade collection of glorious pieces that echo the ageless quality of true artistry. Camilla Samuelsen’s passion for her work is reflected in all her designs, where each Libelula piece is a celebration of everlasting beauty.The Jewellery Room loves Libelula Jewellery for the graceful fluidity and sheer elegance that add to the charm of the wearer every single time.

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