EngelbertPetit Sign Gemini Necklace Whitegold, White Diamonds

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The Petit Sign Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Necklace from Engelbert Stockholm is an attractive piece made of 18 karat white gold with a zodiac sign pendant, embellished with white, brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.07 carat.

  • 18k white gold chain and a pendant shaped in the Gemini zodiac sign
  • 0.07ct. TW.VS brilliant cut, white diamonds
  • Adjustable chain length of 40+4cm
  • Colour: Silver (white gold) and white
  • .

What's the story

Envisaged by Engelbert’s master designer, Thomas Carlsson, the Petit Sign Collection offers an entire range of Sun signs crafted in gold and diamonds. The uncluttered, fuss-free jewellery designs are typical of Engelbert Stockholm, a family-run enterprise with a legacy of one hundred years. This Petit Sign Gemini Necklace, in 18 karat white gold and consisting of a chain and pendant, has a timeless aesthetic which is a distinctive feature of Engelbert’s designs. The pendant is set with brilliant cut white diamonds weighing 0.07 carat. Resembling the Roman numeral for the number two, the pendant is designed as a symbol for the Sun sign, Gemini. The two arms of the pendant represent the Gemini twins.

What's great about it

Gemini is an Air sign that is characterised by its dual personality and that, in itself, is the Gemini woman’s strength. She can adapt and adjust to any situation she faces and knows how to live in the moment. If this is your Sun sign, the Engelbert Petit Sign Gemini necklace will certainly add oomph to your personality. With its stunningly simple design, this necklace underscores your constant pursuit of change and zest for learning new things.

How to wear it

The Petit Sign Gemini Necklace, like your personality, can be adapted for different occasions. You can wear it to the office with a white gold wristwatch to bring out your vibrant nature. Or, sport it solo for a walk on the moonlit beach and notice the diamonds gently twinkle.

Why we love it

We, at the Jewellery Room, believe that every woman born between May 21 and June 20 (the Gemini phase) should be a proud owner of this beautiful Engelbert Petit Sign Gemini Necklace. For the others out there, if you have a special lady or dear friend who is a Gemini, this necklace will gladden her heart and make the perfect gift for her. Engelbert ornaments are collectors’ pieces of the promised quality with diamonds that are sourced with due consideration of their provenance. The jewellery has an eternal quality to them and are beyond trend constraints. An Engelbert piece of jewellery is undoubtedly a lifetime investment and an heirloom item.

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