Dulong Fine JewelryThera Twist Ring Gold, Green Emerald

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Dulong Fine Jewelry offers you the Thera Twist Ring, wrought in 18 karat yellow gold in a compelling spiral design. This stunning ring from Dulong’s Thera Collection is set with an enchanting green emerald.

  • 18k yellow gold ring
  • 1 green emerald
  • Available sizes: 47-59
  • Colour: Gold, green

What's the story

Jeweller and founder, Marianne Dulong, and designer-stylist, Anja Camilla Alajdi, launched Dulong Fine Jewelry in 2005 and have since become one of Denmark’s most exclusive and sought-after brands. The label offers skilfully crafted jewellery in exquisite designs for the modern, independent woman who places a premium on both fashion and quality. Dulong and Alajdi’s creations are inspired by the power and movement of nature, as is seen in their Thera Collection, which is named after the island of Thera (Santorini) off mainland Greece. The Thera Twist Ring is a fine representation of the brand’s commitment to impeccable quality and peerless artisanship.

What's great about it

Dulong’s Thera Twist Ring in 18 karat yellow gold has an organic form and an interesting conical spiral shape. Crowned with an enticing green emerald, the design of this ring is inspired by the seashells from the waters surrounding the island of Thera. The spirals of the ring reflect light on several different planes, giving it a sharp, graphic expression. Deriving from the conch shell’s symbolism of power and auspicious beginnings, this Thera Twist Ring is an apt accessory for the modern woman who values her independence and carries her femininity with pride.

How to wear it

The alluring combination of gold and emerald in this Thera Twist Ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry makes it a suitable accessory for any apparel you choose to wear it with. The quiet elegance of the design, highlighted by the radiance of the emerald set in it, will complement your confidence without being overpowering. Charming as a solo statement piece, this ring also pairs beautifully with a range of fine pieces of jewellery, not only from the Thera Collection itself but also from Dulong’s other fascinating collections.

Why we love it

Every piece of jewellery from Marianne Dulong and Anja Camilla Alajdi’s atelier glows with an inner light that is hard to resist. We are proud to carry this distinguished brand’s lovingly designed and superbly crafted lines of jewellery for the modern woman, for we know Dulong places a premium on high quality and artisanship. We love the texture and shape of the Thera Twist Ring from Dulong, fashioned in gold and set with an emerald. Here is a piece of jewellery that is sure to bring out the best in you and impart a quiet confidence to your persona.

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