Dulong Fine JewelrySmall Aura Necklace Gold

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From Dulong Fine Jewelry’s Aura Collection comes this gorgeous Aura Piccolo Necklace. The pendant is made of yellow gold, while the black chain is made of oxidised silver. This small size comes in 47cm chain length.

  • 18k yellow gold pendant and oxidised silver chain
  • Chain length: 47cm
  • Colour: Gold, black

What's the story

Designer and stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi and jeweller Marianne Dulong are the brains behind the Aura Collection. In 2005, they started Dulong Fine Jewelry with a vision to create trendy jewellery pieces, focusing on uncompromising Danish craftsmanship. Inspired by nature's forms and movements, the Aura Collection brings you closer to the magic in the world around us. You can glimpse ruffled feathers, fluttering wings, and falling leaves, beautifully incorporated into the designs of these skilfully crafted pieces. The intricate, textures and smooth curves further add beauty to the natural shapes illustrated in this collection. This Aura Piccolo Gold Necklace is also available in silver.

What's great about it

This 18 karat gold necklace features an elegant pendant that resembles the cascading feathers of a bird’s wing. This pendant is in yellow gold, and the delicate oxidised silver chain gives the necklace an antique look. The chain contrasts beautifully with the brightness of the yellow gold pendant. This necklace is an idyllic charm you’re sure to fall in love with once you set your eyes on it. The pendant's sparkle combines with the classic look of the chain to add a touch of understated glamour to your appearance.

How to wear it

The Aura Piccolo Necklace in gold is a charming piece. It can elevate your looks, irrespective of your outfit. When combined with a casual dress, the sway in the pendant’s design will match the flow of your dress beautifully. On a date night, if you choose to wear a formal suit, the gold pendant's soft sparkle will add a touch of elegance to your outfit and charm to your persona.

Why we love it

At The Jewelry Room, we believe that this stylish piece of jewellery is meticulously designed from the finest materials. The Aura Piccolo Necklace in gold is an excellent example of a striking piece of jewellery. Women who love the magic of nature will adore this necklace. You will feel like a blossoming flower whenever this necklace rests alluringly on your neck. Delicate pieces like this exquisite charm make us love the Aura Collection and this necklace in particular. Add this precious necklace to your jewellery collection, and enjoy the beauty of nature!

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