By PariahMay Birthstone Bracelet

530 DKK

Choose your gemstone, representative of an important birth month; or even select a gem based on the traditional meanings and properties attached to that stone. Our May Birthstone is natural, hand-cut Emerald. Whatever the choice made, our Birthstone bracelets provide a medium to speak to the individual needs in each of us. Traditional meanings attached to each Stone can be found in our Birthstone Guide here.Choose between Cream, Beige, Grey, Yellow, Red and Navy String. Beige for Comfort, Taupe for Warmth, Grey for Calm, Yellow for Happiness, Red for Good Luck and Navy for Power.Details: One size fits all. Stones approx. 5mmEach of the ‘Privy Stones’ are carefully cut by hand in Jaipur with cuts chosen to respect and highlight the specific properties of each stone, the sole purpose of which is to enhance the natural beauty of the gem. The result is an ode to mother nature’s gifts, a dedication to the raw materials the earth provides us. An elevated and considered presentation of personalisation in jewellery.  A celebration of  individualism in  nature and a considered way to celebrate the people and moments we want to keep close in life.

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