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Elegant and tactile, the Jewel-on the go pouch is an exciting new-release from the House of August Sandgren in collaboration with Us! Yes, The Jewellery Room proudly presents a remarkable creation that is a practical, functional and beautiful jewellery pouch with dedicated parts for necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and earrings including a small removable pocket with room for the most essential if needed. Jewel-on-the-go is a transportable pouch that offers a modern and elegant way to carry your jewelry when on the go. Available in Mint grey and Mist green as a reversible combination, the flexible leather pouch is two sided; nubuck on one side and suede on the other. The leather colours are designed by British designer, Tom Dixon and the leather is from Danish, Sorensen Leather. It is possible to deboss initials, name, monogram or logo on the cover of the flap. Normal price for personalization is 295 DKK, but that is free during the Mother’s Day period.

  • Leather jewellery pouch with discreet blind debosed logo
  • Material: Sørensen nubuck and sued
  • Size: 19.5cm (Pillow:18cm)
  • Personalisation: Possible
  • Colour: Grey

What's great about it

August Sandgren, one of Denmark's most distinctive bookbinders and storage box makers, is the inspiration for this 100-year-old brand that is led by Pia Kirkeskov Andersen today. Endorsed by Sandgren’s family, Pia honours his legacy by maintaining the quality and simplicity of the company’s products, which are exclusive and aesthetically designed storage objects for valued items such as jewellery. Since 2020, the company has used surplus materials sourced from exclusive furniture and fashion brands, making their products genuinely sustainable. The August Sandgren Jewel Box is Danish-minimalist in design and made of fabric or aniline/semi-aniline leather. Available in a range of alluring hues, they are handcrafted in Portugal to be both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Why we love it

If you are an organised person who likes her clutter-free surroundings, you will love August Sandgren’s high-quality, functional, jewellery boxes with an extra dose of Danish minimalist aesthetic appeal. What better way to store your precious jewellery than an August Sandgren jewel box? We love and endorse these sleekly beautiful boxes for every relaxed and feminine modern woman. Since the brand uses only surplus materials, you may find slight imperfections, and colours might vary from batch to batch. Still, we believe these variations only add to the desirability of their products. Please contact us to personalise your jewel box with your initials, logo or monogram debossed on the top of the box's lid.

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