Explore a new side of yourself with sustainable jewellery embellished with Mpingo diamonds from sustainable WWF-protected forests.

Kinraden was created with a passion for excellent design and a unique style based on sustainable and respectful interactions. Your Jewellery destination for wearing a precious yet sustainable change.

About Kinraden

“We are truly one” – the sustainable Danish jewellery brand KINRADEN was born out of this belief. The brand was created with a passion for excellent design and a unique style based on sustainable and respectful interactions. All the brand’s materials are certified according to strict sustainability standards and purchased with careful respect for both people and nature.

Kinraden – The signature Mpingo diamond

Kinraden creates exclusive handmade jewellery of certified and purified recycled gold and sterling silver. Many of the designs are embellished Kinraden’s signature diamond – the black Mpingo diamonds which are harvested from sustainable WWF-protected forests. Mpingo heartwood is one of the hardest, most expensive and most durable, growing materials available. The Mpingo diamonds that Kinraden uses in its designs have been cut by hand by skilled diamond cutters – the result is a raw diamond with a radiant, velvety lustre that will grow more beautiful when worn over time. The Mpingo tree is harvested in the thriving, certified forests of Tanzania.

Kinraden creates sculptural jewellery that almost looks like small pieces of art. The Stilos Collection, for example, is inspired by the pillars noticeable in the ancient Greece architecture. The collection has been created in collaboration with fashion designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan. The designs are simple, bold and very sculptural. They exude aesthetic variations according to composition, rhythm and purpose.

Kinraden – About the Designer

Sarah Müllertz is the woman behind Kinraden. Sarah has a master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and is a former partner and global head of the interior, product and graphic design department at the international architectural firm Henning Larsen. In her jewellery design, Sarah works at crossroads between architecture, design and art. She is greatly inspired by the Japanese design tradition, avant-garde art and fashion as well as classic Danish architecture and furniture design. Her aesthetic expression is exploratory, but also stems from traditional themes such as her diamond-cut signature series.

Sarah loves to play with materials and combines the obvious with the unexpected. She creates timeless jewellery, which is especially driven by her passion for a sustainable lifestyle and wishes to build a Kinraden universe based on honest interactions between humans and nature. “I believe that design must have a justification. In its expression, quality and in the way it is produced. And that it must always spring from necessity, the need for function and examination of the world.” Emily Dickinson’s romantic yet melancholic poetry is an endless source of inspiration for Sarah, and all the names on Kinraden’s jewellery collections are based on Dickinson’s universe.

The name Kinraden stems from the old English form of the word “kindred” from the 13th century – which can also be interpreted as “blood ties”. Sarah chose this name for her passionate project, because it speaks to the mind as well as the heart. The name also includes the concept of “unitedness” – that we are all one. And that together, individually, we share this one, magical planet. In this way, Kinraden’s belief of ​​how we each live our daily lives, what we do, and which habits we have all have a profound effect on the lives of others, is present in the name.

Kinraden – Why we love it

Each stage of Kinraden’s production process has a purpose and serves a specific goal – that is the brand’s basic business philosophy – “Everyone should be able to build a business and make a living from their work. Our goal is to push back against illegal businesses exploiting people, nature and the future of our planet.”

Kinraden’s philosophy is thus based on the belief that everything we do inevitably affects the lives of others; as a result, the company’s business model is strictly circular. Kinraden even has a manifest that emphasizes how important it is that we all change the way we act. This perspective is especially relevant in the fashion industry’s current focus on sustainability and how the industry must become more sustainable in the future. According to Kinraden “We must change our ways and walk ahead with a gentler step.”

An approach and a manifest we would very much like to support at The Jewellery Room. We are proud to offer you a wide selection of Kinraden’s unique and sustainable designs in our webshop.


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