Natural, simple and fun

dainty with lots of classic diamonds

Mumbaistockholm is a fine jewellery studio from Stockholm, founded by Cecilia Kores. It’s chic, feminine and bohemian with a great love for natural gemstones and diamonds. 

The look is dainty and the love for diamonds is obvious as diamonds are a part of almost every design which are made in 100% recycled gold, white gold or rose gold

Mumbaistockholm is all about

Heart, trust and curiosity.

The name Mumbaistockholm, derives from the designer's love for Indian culture and her Swedish native heritage. "it derives from my love of mixing eastern and western cultures, and Mumbaistockholm became a symbol of that" Cecilia says. In fact it started in a hotel room in India in 2014, when the designer fell in love with India, and had to bring some of these treasures to life and take this love with her in her back. 

She launched a brand with a personality and values that are deeply rooted into everything the brand does. Heart,Trust and curiosity is the foundation of Mumbaistockholm.

The heart, because it’s about kindness - kindness to ourselves and the world around us, in all its aspects.
Trust, because it’s extremely important that you as a customer can trust every little part of the process, from the quality of the production to the customer service and the help you receive should something go wrong. 
Curiosity, because the team at Mumbaistockholm and it’s loyal customers are people who enjoy new ways of thinking and wearing jewellery.  They don’t like the traditional and strict rules of how jewellery should be worn, they are curious and open to newness.

Quality conscious and life time investment

Are you Mumbaistockholm fan?

Mumbaistockholm refers to their customers as friends and ambassadors. They are divided into two types and maybe you can relate to one of them? 
The quality conscious customer, which are the most passionate and loyal customers are the woman who buys a power ring, a signature piece for herself to celebrate that she quit her job, got a promotion,  started her own business, got a child, survived a sickness or simply just the  woman who wants to celebrate an important step in her life. 

The other typical customer is the man or woman who secretly wants to surprise or even propose to their partner. They are looking for guidance, help and security in finding a very special ring for a special love occasion. For them it is still a lifelong investment, something that will pass on for generations.

These two customers are completely different but equally lovely. Every time it’s amazing to guide them to their everlasting dream piece.

"I never compromise on the quality of the handcraft nor the gemstones. They should be natural and exquisite!"

Handmade just for you

in a three-generation studio in Stockholm

Mumbaistockholm is sustainable in every aspect. 

They don’t have a pile of jewellery lying in a box waiting to be shipped. They create all their jewelry from scratch in five goldsmithing and stone setting studios in Sweden.

Sleek and elegant rings are the hero items from Mumbaistockholm, and for Cecilia herself it’s difficult to pick a favourite but these are the ones she always returns to The Cecilia Lace Ring, Marquise Ring, The Solitaire, Jade Petite Ring

Sustainable in every aspect

Multitalent and ambitious, Cecilia Kores

Cecilia, is the power woman behind Mumbaistockholm, which is known as a very personal and trustworthy brand. From the very start when Cecilia launched Mumbaistockholm in 2014, she was ambitious and unwilling to compromise with the quality and the ethical practices. From day one she directed the brand with a precise vision of what she wanted to be for her customers, she established a trustworthy and personal brand which is what have made Mumbaistockholm such a coveted Swedish brand. 

From the beginning Cecilia has placed the environment and ethical practices first, instead of what number the bottom line showed! 

In the end it comes down to us as customers - including both brands and the end consumer - and that we are willing to pay a higher price. We could have lowered our production costs by 80% if we produced in a low-cost country  instead of in goldsmith studios in Sweden, and if we are not using sustainable and transparent practices, but I am relentless. I want to know exactly who I work with and what their values are.   

Sustainable, and handmade - no compromises

Why we love it

A thing we absolutely love about Mumbaistockholm is that everything is transparent. Every small gemstone, how the gold is sourced, where the gemstones come from and what treatments they have undergone is informed and nothing is hidden. In our opinion every girl should own a handcrafted Mumbaistcokholm ring. 
Why? because it suits everything and perfectly fits into your wardrobe. Whether you are a “one ring only” kind of woman or a “I-love-to-stack-my-rings” type, then Mumbaistockholm is the perfect choice.

The fact that you will always receive a certificate when you buy a Mumbaistockholm piece with info about every little gemstone, on how the gold is sourced, where the gemstones come from and what treatments they have undergone is just another reason for us loving this designer. You won’t regret investing in one of these investment pieces.

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