Diamond Huggie 0.18 - SingleDiamond Huggie 0.18 - Single


Diamond Huggie 0.18 - Single
3.480,00 DKK
Huggie 0.00 in 14K Gold - SingleHuggie 0.00 in 14K Gold - Single


Huggie 0.00 in 14K Gold - Single
1.135,00 DKK
Triple Diamond Huggie - ClassicTriple Diamond Huggie - Classic
Sold out

By Pariah

Triple Diamond Huggie - Classic
4.130,00 DKK
Large Huggie 0.00 - SingleLarge Huggie 0.00 - Single


Large Huggie 0.00 - Single
1.525,00 DKK
Diamond Huggie 0.21 - SingleDiamond Huggie 0.21 - Single


Diamond Huggie 0.21 - Single
4.265,00 DKK
Core Huggie 001Core Huggie 001
Sold out

Juuls & Karats

Core Huggie 001
1.530,00 DKK
3 Sparks 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamonds
New in


3 Sparks 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamonds
From 2.810,00 DKK
Small Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. DiamondSmall Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamond
New in


Small Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamond
From 1.505,00 DKK
Triple Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. DiamondsTriple Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamonds
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Triple Tag 18K Gold Huggie w. Diamonds
From 2.540,00 DKK
Wide Huggie 0.00 - Single
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Wide Huggie 0.00 - Single
1.760,00 DKK
Large Wide Huggie 0.00 - Single
New in


Large Wide Huggie 0.00 - Single
2.465,00 DKK
Pear Diamond Huggie 0.10 - Single
New in


Pear Diamond Huggie 0.10 - Single
3.245,00 DKK
Pear Diamond Huggie 0.07 - SinglePear Diamond Huggie 0.07 - Single
New in


Pear Diamond Huggie 0.07 - Single
2.700,00 DKK
Emerald-Cut Diamond Huggie 0.10 - Single
New in

Huggies are dainty little hoops that just touch the edge of your ear, encircling your earlobe like a warm hug - hence the name! They are often thicker than small hoops and are popular daily-wear earrings and second or third piercing champions. We have curated a large collection of gold huggie earrings from the best of the best designers. Available in singles and pairs, gold huggies are a favourite amongst earring designers due to their versatility in styling and class, making them the number one trending item!

• Learn more about gold huggies
• What size gold huggie should I get?
• Which gold huggie style should I choose?
• Real gold or gold plated huggies?

Gold huggie earrings

Gold huggie earrings are very popular because they are valuable, classic, versatile, and super trendy. A gold huggie is a subtle way to add a touch of glamor when set with diamonds and other other gemstones; or go classically elegant with a mini pearl earring-pendant. Opt for multiple huggies or mix with studs and dangling earrings for an edgier look.

What size gold huggies should I get?

Gold huggies are cute small hoops or ring earrings. The essential difference between a hoop and a huggie is their size and the way that a huggie fits snugly around the earlobe in contrast to a hoop which has a more spacious fit.

Tiny, or small, gold huggies are a delight for everyone. You can create just the look you wish for just by varying your huggie earring size or shape. Huggies are generally thicker than hoops and are far less prone to bending or breaking.

Find your best huggie earring size

Small gold huggies

Small gold huggies or mini hoops usually have an inner diameter of 0.8 (8mm) to 3 centimetres (0.25 to1 inch), when you measure from your piercing.

These gold huggie hoops make great companion earrings for your multiple piercing styles including your ear helix and tragus piercings. They are also small enough to wear comfortably to sleep in, without snagging on hair or linen.

When you pair small gold huggies with studs, long earrings or asymmetric pairs, you effortlessly nail the casual-chic look.

Thick gold huggies

Besides the size or diameter you may also want to consider the thread thickness of the gold huggies. The thickness refers to how wide the “thread” or ring is.

Huggies are usually thicker than medium and large hoops. Creole huggie earring styles are wider in the middle and slim at the ends. Gold creole huggies earrings are very popular and trendy.

Thick huggie earrings are also called chunky rings and can add a bold dimension to your outfit. If you want to grab attention, then go for the thick, chunky styles in gold huggies.

Thin gold huggies

Thin gold huggies are dainty in huggie sizes and elegant and sophisticated in medium to large sizes. The thin or slim hoop thread thickness will be less than 0.4 centimetres.

A great way to dress down a bold outfit, thin gold huggies are earring staples to add elegant sophistication and charm to your favourite styles.

Real gold or gold plated huggies?

We find that many people ask us about the different types of gold huggies in terms of karats. And some also refer to gold huggies when they actually mean gold-plated. So we hope to help you understand the difference between the karat variations in solid gold huggies, gold-plated huggie hoops and also why solid gold huggies are more expensive than gold-plated.

Solid gold huggies

Pure, or 24 karat, gold is a soft metal that can be easily scratched, dented, or bent. For jewellery, pure gold is mixed with other metals like silver, copper, or zinc to make gold alloys that are stronger and resistant to dents and scratches. In our collections you will find solid gold huggie earring karatage ranging from 9 karat, 14 karat, and 18 karat and 22 karat gold.

Gold is a valuable metal for its everlasting and hypoallergenic nature and jewellery in solid gold is always prices higher. Even if you choose to buy jewellery in lower karat gold like a 9k gold huggie, it means you have selected a piece made from 37.5% solid gold mixed with strengthening alloys. The gold in this piece will not wear out or wear thin with use and remains valuable.

Gold plated huggies

Designer gold plated huggies are a less expensive than pure gold huggies, but a high-quality alternative option. Made from sterling silver, brass or copper but coated or plated with a layer of 14k, 18k, or 22k gold, they are referred to as gold-plated jewellery. Good quality gold plating is done with a higher grade of thickness in the coating, such as 1.5 to 3 micron plating thickness. Embellished with cubic zirconias, they are a great way to achieve the look of gold and diamonds at a fraction of the price.

Gold plating, however, tends to wear thin with constant use and over time the valuable gold layer will be lost. If it's your favourite piece you can get it re-plated but not every design allows replating.

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