Metzinger Gold Plated HoopsMetzinger Gold Plated Hoops
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Hasla Jewelry

Metzinger Gold Plated Hoops
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Banana Earring Gold Plated, Yellow Beads
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Fruit Salad Hoop Gold Plated, Mixed coloured Beads
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Mini Smiley Earring Gold Plated, Yellow and Black Beads
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Mini Cherry Earring Gold Plated, Mixed coloured Beads
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Mini Strawberry Earring Gold Plated, Red Beads
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Mini Grape Earring Gold Plated, Red and Purple Beads
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Mini Oranges Earring Gold Plated, Orange and Green Beads
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Mini Pineapple Earring Gold Plated, Mixed coloured Beads
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Mini Banana Earring Gold Plated, Yellow Beads
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Pink Banana Earring Gold Plated, Pink and White Beads
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Mandarina Earring Gold Plated, Orange and Green BeadsMandarina Earring Gold Plated, Orange and Green Beads
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Mini Pale Lemon Earring Gold Plated, Yellow Beads
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Gold Banana Earring Gold Plated, Yellow Beads
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IX Double Hoops Gold Plated HoopsIX Double Hoops Gold Plated Hoops
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IX Studios

IX Double Hoops Gold Plated Hoops
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Artemis Gold Plated Hoops

Deborah Blyth

Artemis Gold Plated Hoops
1.360,00 DKK
Curb Small Gold Plated HoopsCurb Small Gold Plated Hoops
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CbyC Jewelry

Curb Small Gold Plated Hoops
920,00 DKK
Curb Small Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconia
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Curb Medium Gold Plated HoopsCurb Medium Gold Plated Hoops
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CbyC Jewelry

Curb Medium Gold Plated Hoops
990,00 DKK
Curb Large Gold Plated Hoops
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CbyC Jewelry

Curb Large Gold Plated Hoops
1.050,00 DKK

Delightfully charming gold-plated hoops are affordable and as fun to wear as they are stylish. Gold-plated hoop earrings are your budget-friendly alternative to pure gold hoops. Keeping in mind everything beautiful doesn’t always have to be expensive, we’ve handpicked a selection of gold-plated hoops for you. Designed by the finest independent designers and crafted with impeccable artisanship, these gold-plated hoop earrings are set to be favourites in your jewellery box.

• All you want to know about gold-plated hoop earrings
• Why buy gold-plated hoop earrings
• Styles in gold-plated hoop earrings
• Caring for gold-plated hoops

Are gold-plated hoops real gold?

Gold-plated hoop earrings are not the same as solid gold hoops. But hey, they aren’t fake either! In fact, the base material chosen is usually premium-quality sterling silver, brass or copper.

The hoop earring is handcrafted in beautiful designs using any of these metals and then electroplated with 0.5 to 3 microns of 24k, 22k, 18k or 14k gold. The thicker the coating, the longer it will last.

Gold plating lasts 2 to 3 years, or even longer if you take good care of it. After that, you may need to take the hoops need for replating.

Just like the solid gold hoop earrings, gold-plated hoop earrings have variations in their gold tone: warm yellow, elegant white, and romantic rose gold.

3 reasons to buy gold-plated hoop earrings

♥ Want to radiate the glitz and glam of the gold tone without wiping out your bank balance? Gold-plated hoops help you keep up with ever-changing trends because you can buy plenty more hoops at super-affordable prices.
♥ Wear it all day, every day. Change it as often during the day as you want to fit different occasions.
♥ You’ll find some of the edgiest, experimental designs in the latest gold-plated hoop styles

Styling tips for gold-plated hoops

Fashions come and go but savvy women understand how refreshing it is to wear the latest in hoop earring styles.

Whether you want to make a statement in large hoops, look stylish in medium-sized ones, or reflect a chic, modern vibe with mini hoops, gold-plated hoop earrings offer an incredible variety, each with a different diameter.

Worn single or as a pair, stylish gold-plated hoop earrings add that must-have detail to spruce up your look.

Types of gold-plated hoops

There are endless options for gold-plated hoops, and can grow to become your favourite piece of jewellery! You may want a simple, polished pair of hoops to let your soul shine through. Or opt for a hoop with a textured surface to reflect patterns like tree barks or needle stripes. Or get fascinated with hoops set with orbs and extensions to add to your collection.

For those who like a bit of oomph, there are several hoop styles featuring symmetric twists that add an edgy detail to your gold-plated hoops. Whatever style rocks for you, we got you covered!

Gold-plated hoops with…

These are usually a go-to choice if you’re looking for a bit of colour and shimmer. The hoop can be of large or small diameter, pavé-set with gemstones covering the surface, or set with single or multiple gemstones. Gold-plated hoops are usually set in semi-precious stones like zirconia, turquoise, agate, quartz, tiger eye, opals and freshwater pearls.

Sculptural and organic hoop shapes
Closest to natural forms, sculptural earrings are unique, each one unlike the other. That’s one reason sculptural hoop pairs can never be identical.

Gold plated hoop earrings with pendants
For a dash of cheerful chic, go for hoops that sport mini pendants. From dainty alphabets to flower designs, timeless pearl drops, and nature-inspired diamond pendants, there’s almost nothing we have not included in our earring-pendant collections suitable for hoop earrings.

Square hoop designs
Sounds contradictory, right? That’s why it’s so unique! Contemporary and bold, square hoops are a modern take on traditional hoops. The square is designed to gently curve around the edges to soften the harsh corners of a typical square.

Double loops
As the name suggests, these attractive hoops give the impression of two separate ones in one ear piercing but are actually single hoops.

Caring for gold-plated hoop earrings

The dos...
♥ It is important to buy gold-plated jewellery from a reputed, trusted jewellery brand because this ensures premium quality gold-plating, along with a guarantee that the layer of gold will not wear off quickly with a little TLC.
♥ After removing your gold-plated hoops, wipe them with a clean jewellery cloth to get rid of any dirt or moisture.
♥ Always place the hoops in a dry place. Wrap them in a soft pouch to secure them from scratches, before placing them in your jewellery box.

… and the don’ts
♥ Avoid wearing your gold-plated jewellery in the shower, swimming pools, sauna and gym.
♥ Exposure to perfume, hair products, cosmetics, oils and lotions reduces the life of gold-plated jewellery.

If you fancy the latest in earring fashion and want to keep buying new hoop styles without shipping and delivery worries, it’s time to check out our selection of gold-plated hoop earring styles. All it takes is a few clicks on our website, and we will pamper you with your choice of gift-wrapped gold-plated hoops right at your doorstep.

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