GFG Jewellery

Elegant and classic

"GFG" is short for Gifts from the Goods. The designs from GFG Jewellery are elegant and classic and often with a colorful touch. easily wearable from day to night with a vision to form a part of a woman’s daily outfit ritual

GFG Jewellery

About GFG Jewellery

GFG Jewellery is a London-based contemporary fine jewellery brand with a vision to design jewellery that can be worn for every occasion.

GFG is short for “Gift from the Goods” and this is exactly what founder Nilufer Kizilkaya wants the women who wear her jewellery to feel. She hopes that her designs give women the feeling that they have been embraced with a special gift from above. To Nilufer jewellery is so much more than just stones and metal. Jewellery is rooted in the earth, it’s nature's beauty. This is also why she’s keen on only using gemstones from fair trade and responsibly sourcing miners.

GFG Jewellery

All day every day

Jewellery is not meant to be stashed away and to be forgotten in a jewellery box or safe somewhere, it’s meant to be worn”, says Nilufer. This is one of the reasons that Nilufer never deviates from designing high-end jewellery in precious metals. All day every day is the perception from which Nilufer designs new pieces for her collections.

"Jewellery is not meant to be stashed away and to be forgotten in a jewellery box or safe somewhere, it’s meant to be worn - Nilufer"

GFG Jewellery

Sustainability, fair trade and responsible jewellery

Giving back is an important matter to the designer behind GFG, who only uses gemstones and diamonds, which are sourced from fair trade and responsibly sourcing miners.
Sustainability is a core value of the brand and recycled gold grains are used whenever possible. Giving back to communities should be in the essence of all core responsibilities, according to Nilufer.

GFG Jewellery

Why we love it

We love the colourfulness of the GFG it’s the perfect match of classic and elegant with a modern colourful twist. The must have jewellery from GFG is definitively the Claire hoops. you will find a variety of different colour combinations with several gemstones and they are great even as stacking pieces for your additional piercings. It is great way of adding colour and brightening up your day.

Another thing we like about the brand is their take on sustainability. The are responsible and they know where their gemstones are being sourced from.

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