Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated EarringsDaisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Earrings
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Earrings
1.100,00 DKK
Daisy 7 mm. Gold Plated EarringsDaisy 7 mm. Gold Plated Earrings
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 7 mm. Gold Plated Earrings
950,00 DKK
Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalJodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
Sold out
Neo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsNeo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
Fie 14K Goldfilled EarringFie 14K Goldfilled Earring
Sold out


Fie 14K Goldfilled Earring
450,00 DKK
Daisy hook Gold Plated EarringsDaisy hook Gold Plated Earrings
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy hook Gold Plated Earrings
1.400,00 DKK
Drop Baby Blue & White Gold Plated Earrings w. PearlsDrop Baby Blue & White Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearls
Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsSway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls

The Earring Shop

Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
490,00 DKK
Drop Pink & Red Gold Plated EarringsDrop Pink & Red Gold Plated Earrings
Great giftSold out

Eshvi London

Drop Pink & Red Gold Plated Earrings
1.050,00 DKK
Drop Stars White Gold Plated EarringsDrop Stars White Gold Plated Earrings

Eshvi London

Drop Stars White Gold Plated Earrings
1.050,00 DKK
White Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated EarringsWhite Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated Earrings
Great giftSold out
Tassel Charm 18K Gold Plated StudTassel Charm 18K Gold Plated Stud

The Earring Shop

Tassel Charm 18K Gold Plated Stud
160,00 DKK
Green Mini Drop Gold Plated EarringsGreen Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
Sold out

Eshvi London

Green Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
799,00 DKK
Black Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated EarringsBlack Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated Earrings
Great giftSold out

Stylish, affordable, and always in vogue, gold-plated earrings are your answer to glorious gold on a tight budget. Shine on in the glow of gold at a fraction of the price!

Our ultra classy and always-on-trend gold-plated earrings are curated to present unique, fashionable designer jewellery. We are certain that you'll love our diverse, elegant collection of demi-fine studs, drop earrings, earcuffs, huggies, threaders, and danglers at unparalleled prices! Jump on this bandwagon to explore the endless possibilities.

• Learn more about gold-plated earrings
• Real gold or gold plated?
• Types of gold plating
• Affordable luxury styles in gold plated earrings

Best gold-plated earrings you can buy

If your mantra is to follow trends and buy new designer earrings with an eye on fashion toppers every season, then gold-plated earrings are your most viable and cost-effective option.

When shopping for gold plated earrings you want to focus on whether the piece:

• Has high-quality, long lasting gold plating; determined by the plating thickness
• Uses quality base metal like hallmarked sterling silver; is durable? Sustainable? Recycled?
• Showcases fine design and craftsmanship

All of these features will be reflected in gold-plated earrings crafted by master jewellery designers and goldsmiths.

We have years of jewellery expertise that helps us identify and choose demi-fine and plated jewellery from some of the best goldsmiths available today and our collections have some of the most elegant and one-of-a-kind earrings in gold plating that you would be delighted to make your own! All this at a fraction of the price you would pay for solid gold earrings.

Your gold-plating questions answered

What are ‘gold-plated’ earrings? Are they the same as real gold earrings?

Gold-plated earrings are your affordable, budget-friendly versions of their expensive solid gold counterparts. Gold-plated earrings are not real gold earrings, but that doesn’t mean they are fake. The gold plating on the base metal is absolutely real gold!

Gold-plated earrings are plated with a layer of real 22k/18k/14k gold on a base metal, such as silver or brass. A premium quality gold-plated earring will have a gold layer of thickness anywhere between 2 and 3 microns.

How long does gold plating last on earrings?

Gold-plated earrings can easily last up to three years if handled and used with love and care. The following questions will determine the life of your gold plated jewellery.

• How thick is the gold plating? Plating thickness determines that it does not wear off too quickly
• What is the base metal? The choice of a good base metal, such as silver, guarantees that the plating will last longer
• How often do you wear your gold-plated earrings? The more in use, the sooner the gold plating will wear thin. • When and where? You can joyfully wear your gold plated earrings to work, coffee dates and parties! But not in the shower, while washing dishes or working up a sweat at the gym!

Types of gold plated earrings

High-quality gold plated earrings come in hallmarked 14k/18/22k gold plating on sterling silver. Just like solid gold earrings, gold-plated earrings are also available in rose, white and black versions.

Solid silver gold-plated earrings

Precious and durable, gold-plated sterling silver earrings offer the best of both worlds: strength and value of the hallmarked silver metal base and the look of warm glowing gold. The solid silver gold-plated earrings are a piece to be cherished and enjoyed.

22k or 24k gold-plated earrings

Any earring with 22k or sometimes 24k gold plating on solid silver or brass is as close to the real thing as it can get. Being the purest form of gold, earrings plated with this 24k need a little extra care, as 24 karat is soft and sensitive to scratches.

Both 24k and 22k gold plated earrings look like earrings in yellow gold but 22k is more resistant to aberrations.

Rose gold plated earrings

18k-14k gold with a higher percentage of the red-metal copper makes rose gold. When silver or brass is plated with rose gold, we get beautiful and romantic versions of rosy-hued gold-plated earrings! Less expensive than the solid rose gold versions, these demi-fine rose gold earrings are guaranteed eye-grabbers.

White gold plated silver earrings

18k white gold can also be plated on silver or brass to make exquisite earrings in elegant and cool white-gold tones.

Affordable gold-plated earrings you can buy

You will be delighted with eye-catching designer gold-plated earring designs from internationally-reputed design houses in our curated collections.

Gold-plated earring sets

For a coordinated look, our contemporary gold-plated earring sets are irresistible. Affordable, yet reflecting the look of luxurious gold jewellery. Earring sets are your safe route to effortless styling.

You’ll love figuring out your style by browsing gold-plated earring sets from pieces in each designer collection. There is no rule that dictates how you wear earring sets. Try the hip combination of a couple of gold-plated earcuffs with a striking stud or hoop, or snug huggies coordinated with fabulous drop earrings. Each designer offers countless options in versatile designs to help you define your personal style and tell your own story.

Gold-plated stud earrings

Gold-plated stud earrings are fashionable for every occasion. Subtle or flamboyant, smooth or textured, studs are the earrings for all seasons. Paired with evening gowns or teamed with office formals, we showcase a fabulous handcrafted range of plain and gem-encrusted pieces for you to choose from.

Gold-plated drop earrings

Every diva’s top choice for when she wants to glam up, our stunning variety of gold-plated drop earrings certainly won’t disappoint. Not just because each carefully curated piece is exquisite and affordable, but also because you’re seriously going to be spoilt for choice here.

So, what are drop earrings? These charmers hang just below the earlobe, evocative of an extended stud earring. Our gold-plated drop earrings collection offers splendorous designs in umpteenth sizes, allowing you to wear what suits your face shape. The ‘drop’ can be anything that captures your fancy - a gemstone, bead, pearl, or pendant, or a combination of two gemstones supported on a gold-plated silver base.

Gold-plated pearl earrings

Elegant and uber chic, our scintillating collection of gold-plated pearl earrings has a timeless appeal. Once associated with royalty, genuine pearls are perennially popular in simple designs as well as showstopping ear pieces made delightfully attainable by gold-plated earring versions.

From graceful pearl studs for the sophisticated woman to glamorous pearl drop earrings held on gold-plated tassels, or trendy threaders and fancy hoops glowing with lustrous pearls for the fashionista in you, step into the world of classy gold-plated pearl earrings and choose from our designer collections.

Gold-plated gemstone earrings

Precious gemstones, beads and pearls add oomph and sparkle to gold-plated earrings. Zirconia and pearls are, by far, the most sought-after gemstones in gold-plated earrings. Quartz, topaz and moonstone are also great favourites.

For the best gold-plated earrings, buy from known designers that offer quality, affordability and superior artisanship. Browse our gold-plated earring collections for gifts, affordable luxury pieces, and simply to immerse yourself in the warm glow of lustrous gold-plated earrings.

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