Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0
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Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0
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Fryd 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond & PearlFryd 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond & Pearl
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Love Small 18K Gold & Rosegold BraceletLove Small 18K Gold & Rosegold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Love Small 18K Gold & Rosegold Bracelet
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Unda 14K Gold BraceletUnda 14K Gold Bracelet

AKVA Jewellery

Unda 14K Gold Bracelet
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La fête des bêtes 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondLa fête des bêtes 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond
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Purity 14K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond
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Julie Sandlau

Purity 14K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond
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Precious gold bracelets are day brighteners and best of all they last forever! A classic adornment for the wrist that is expressive, unisex, and versatile, gold bracelets are what we all want in our personal jewellery collections! We are proud to offer outstanding bracelet styles in classic yellow gold, romantic rose gold and elegant white gold designed by independent designers whose commitment to uncompromising quality, originality and artistry speaks for itself.

• Bracelets made of gold
• Trending bracelet styles in gold
• Styling tips

What kind of gold bracelet do you want?

Designer gold bracelets come in simple and elegant styles or with a touch of luxury by including diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. There is no mood that a gold bracelet cannot express. They help you to effortlessly express your personality and mood for the day/week/season of life!

Expert Bracelet-Buying Tip: Bracelets are fluid versions of rigid styles like bangles and wrist cuffs. The bracelet chains and cord lengths are usually adjustable within a 5 cm range. However, for a comfortable fit, we recommend you measure your wrist size before you buy bracelets.

Read more on "How to Measure" in our handy Bracelet Size Guide.

Solid gold?

24 karat (K) gold is the purest form of gold, it is rarely used in jewellery making because it is too soft and will scratch and dent easily. To make pieces that last and endure knocks and scratches, designers prefer to use real/solid gold in lesser purities like 18K and lesser to design some of the most beautiful bracelets. Conscious designers go a step further and use recycled gold to make the piece worth every penny you spend.

How can you know it's solid gold?
You can determine if a bracelet is made from solid gold by its hallmarking. Look for gold hallmarking stamps and gold hallmark certificates. For instance, 18K will be stamped on the piece in a discreet way.

Among our fine gold selections, you will find solid gold bracelets that come in 9K (37.5% or 375), 10K (41.7% or 417), 12K (50% or 500), 14K (58.7% or 587) and 18K (75% or 750) purity hallmarking. Bracelets in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all versions of solid gold starting at 18K and lower.

Affordable yet durable?

Lower karat solid gold jewellery is more affordable and resilient to scratches, holding its shape well even with daily use. 9K to 14K solid gold bracelets are more affordable and suitable for daily wear for these reasons.

Gold-plated bracelets
Trend-setting women are drawn to the more affordable bracelets. Gold-plated bracelets only have a top layer of gold, a couple of microns thick, which translates to attractive prices! These come in a variety of finishes, including white gold, rose gold and yellow gold bracelets. You can add as many styles to your own collection and gift your friends and family too!

Exclusive fine gold bracelets

Special occasion jewellery call for exclusive bracelets. These are heirloom pieces and are valued for their sentimental value as much as the materials used in the design. Solid gold bracelets in exclusive designs cost more. 18K gold is the preferred material for exclusive white gold and rose gold bracelets, set with diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones.

Trending gold bracelet styles

There is a gold bracelet for everyone, every outfit and for every occasion. You will find a variety of gold bracelet styles here.

Colours and finishes
From glossy or polished gold, hand-filed or satin-feel finishes to classic tennis bracelet styles with diamonds, cubic zirconia or crystal stones and gemstones in rainbow colours. You will find several that please your aesthetic preferences. Some summery styles even have beautiful enamel colours in neon to spice up your look.

Unisex designs
The feminine charm of a gold bracelet is unmatched. However, gold bracelets are also for men. Chunky unisex styles in chain links and stylish macrame-corded bracelets with embossed gold charms and round or flat gemstone beads are guaranteed to draw a second look for all genders.

Gold charms

You will find here delightful charms in yellow, white or rose gold in cute designs that delight every age and gender. Mood-defining emojis, numbers, diamond letters, crystal or birthstones and constellation charms on gold chains, leather or hand-braided cords in every colour imaginable.... playful golden word charms and so many more.

Gold chain bracelet

A more classic style is the gold chains in thickness ranging from slim to chunky. These chain bracelets are versatile and can be styled in myriad ways. Chain bracelets may include mixed, vibrant-coloured gemstones, delicate gold seashells, or sparkles and twinkle with little diamond-encrusted hearts and stars.

Gold bangles

No discussion about bracelets is complete without mentioning bangles. Bangles are rigid and circular in shape. You can slip them on and they fit loosely around your wrist. Multiple bangles accentuate every gesture with their cheerful jingling sounds. Gold bangle bracelets are usually closed circles or ellipses but modern beautiful bangle designs present all manner of shapes, such as open or hinged and oval ones too.

Gold tennis bracelet

Known as the ‘little black dress’ of diamond jewellery, the tennis bracelet features perfectly matched diamonds, claw-set in a flawless line on white, yellow or rose gold to create a rivulet of twinkling light on your wrist. This is a classic design that will never go out of style so you should get one of these. When you browse, you will also find more affordable gold- or rhodium-plated Tennis styles with colourless cubic zirconia to rival the solid gold and diamond versions in this category.

Gold cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets are versatile and unisex, the perfect dressy accessory to wear when you want to stand out. Cuffs are open at one end so you can comfortably slide them on. Plain or textured cuffs in recycled gold are valuable jewellery items that are easy to make a bold statement with.

Gold clasps, closures and signature bracelet pendants

Gold bracelets feature a variety of adjustable clasps, like spring rings, toggles, and lobster clasps. These clasps are securely fastened onto rings incorporated into the design to allow for size adjustment. Delicate and sweet designer signature tags in gold leave a sweet detail on these beautiful creations.

Styling tips

Bracelets suit any outfit. We recommend layering your gold bracelets with other favourites. Add a bracelet charm or two for added interest or sentimental value.

Office wear: A diamond bracelet with matching solitaire earrings will add a dash of understated glamour to formal wear.

On a date: Wear a gold and pearl bracelet to add a touch of femininity, the sculptural cuff to make a bold statement or layered slim or chunky chains will do all the talking

Casual: Go for beaded bracelets with gold vermile (18K gold-plated sterling silver) clasps and charms.

When you take a quick view of this page you will find those bracelets come in so many styles, themes and material options. The best way to find the one you want is to browse by material (gold, diamond, pearl), theme (handcrafted, sculptural) or designer brands. Or you can search for a specific style and browse the results. Happy bracelet shopping!

Feel free to talk to us if you need help finding a specific look or style. We'd love to help you choose one based on your preferences.

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