Glowing moonstones

Reminiscent of the hues of the sky, the pretty moonstone typically comes in pale blue to white colour with iridescence. According to ancient lore, it was associated with lunar deities and the result of solidified rays radiating from the moon. The term ‘moonstone’ was coined to signify the glow of the moon when seen through a thin cloud cover.

A popular gem in jewellery making, the moonstone belongs to the feldspar family and has a pearly, opalescent effect. It is composed of two minerals—orthoclase and albitean. Apart from authenticity, a moonstone is evaluated for its colour, shape, cut, and clarity to determine its value. To accentuate its gleam, moonstone is usually cabochon cut—typically oval, tapered and angular—when used for jewellery making.

It’s clear-ly blue!

The finest quality moonstone has perfect clarity and is colourless with no trace of yellow, brown or green hues. It is semi-transparent to transparent, with vivid blue adularescence, and should be free of inclusions as these interfere with its sheen.

Also referred to as hecatolite, prime quality moonstone is mainly found in Sri Lanka and India, and in some areas of Madagascar, Myanmar, the USA, Australia, and Brazil. While mining in these countries yields the white moonstone, the ones in blue hue are from India and Sri Lanka.

Rainbow moonstones, also referred to as a transparent version of labradorites, have a sheen in many colours, including pink, honey, purple and blue. These are mined in India and Madagascar. Fairly recently discovered in Southern India, the bright green—or parrot green—moonstone’s adularescence is seen within this hue. Peach is another popular colour and encompasses shades between orange and yellow. Moonstones can also be gray and brown. The white, peach and grey moonstones are more abundant in India.

Moonstone facts and figures

Revered in many cultures as a talisman associated with protection, luck, love and fertility, this gemstone is also believed to bring stability, calmness, and more accepting of changes in life. Keeping a blue moonstone under the pillow helps to alleviate sleep problems. Moonstones are the birthstones for June and are attributed to the Cancer zodiac sign.

This gemstone is symbolic of the 3rd wedding anniversary and makes a great gift on the occasion. Moonstones measure 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and require gentle handling to avoid scratches. Visit our website for a charming collection of jewellery set in moonstone.