For more than fifty years, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has created extraordinary jewellery infused with creativity and incomparable craftsmanship. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is Danish heritage at its finest. It is luxury jewellery with a stylish, playfull and a feminine appeal that exude luxury and sublime quality.

About Ole Lynggaard

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is one of the most exclusive, sought-after Danish jewellery brands in Scandinavia. Discover a world of Danish design and exquisite jewellery art from the Danish brand. It’s a family driven brand in which third generation, the granddaughter of the founder Ole Lynggaard, is now training to become the next design talent from the coveted brand.

In the heart of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is an energetic and loving family who lives for creativity. The Lynggaard family represents the passion, playfulness and sense of quality that characterize our Scandinavian lifestyle.

Ole Lynggaard – Luxurious craftsmanship

The exclusive jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is strongly rooted with a passion for unique jewellery design and sublime quality. Every piece is designed by daughter Charlotte or father Ole Lynggaard. The jewellery is primarily made in 18 karat gold. With Ole and Charlotte’s sketches as a reference, each piece of jewellery is casted and then carefully completed by the 40 jewellers who work in the house’s own workshops.

Each design is unique with surfaces that are either brushed, hammered or polished. Some offer a matte, bohemian-style contrast to colourful gemstones while others are polished so that the shiny surface beautifully highlights a sparkling diamond. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s goldsmiths create natural movements in their playful pieces depicting animals and fine details in flowers, leaves and twigs. The brand only uses the best jewellery experts, which ensures that the house of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen always delivers sublime jewellery craftsmanship. The brand is furthermore a proud supplier to the Danish Royal Court.

Ole Lynggaard – About the Designers

In 1963, Ole Lynggaard rented his first workshop. This turned out to be the foundation of one of Denmark’s most prominent jewellery brands. Since then, the company has developed into a family business and a shared passion for the whole family. The fervour and perfectionism that is so deeply rooted in the brand was thus created by Ole Lynggaard, who finally founded the brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen in 1983. A large part of the brand’s success is due to the family members’ dedication, inspiration and innovative thinking. Ole Lynggaard still creates collections for the brand and the daughter Charlotte Lynggaard is passing on the brand’s heritage with her stylish and feminine designs that exude rock’n roll combined with a delicate luxury bohemian style.

In particular, the word passion is a key value in the Lynggaard family’s business philosophy. Making a living from creating exclusive jewellery is so much about passion, but the Lynggaard family has also created a number of other values ​​that guide them and their employees in everything they do. In addition to passion, these include: joy of life – uniqueness – quality – efficiency and trust. Every single initiative and every single design, aim to share the house’s passion for jewellery and to give them strong wings that can carry them further out into the world.

Much has changed since 1963, but the ambition to design and promote exclusive, Danish jewellery is still exactly the same. Today, Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard’s collections are retailed in more than 275 global stores and in the brand’s six own flagship boutiques.

Ole Lynggaard – Why we love it

The brand exudes extravagance and luxury without ever being pretentious. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s collections are nothing short of brilliant and executed with a detail that testifies to a craft that only a few masters. The collections are extremely beautiful, playful and with an exquisite sense of class. It is with great pride that we offer you jewellery from one of our absolute favourite brands.


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