Josina is a new Danish jewellery brand that pays tribute to beauty and life in the most sparkling way. All the jewellery is made of 18 carat gold – gold, white gold or rose gold and is embellished with the most beautiful white diamonds.

Fine formed symbols with clean lines and technical precision ready to step up your Scandinavian jewellery game.

About Josina

Josina is a Danish jewellery brand that pays tribute to beauty and life in the most sparkling way. All the jewellery is made of 18 carat gold – gold, white gold or rose gold and is embellished with the most beautiful white diamonds.

In Josina’s collections you will find earrings, ear-jackets, necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants with a fun and humorous tone. Take, for example, a look at the BOO collection, which includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets with small ghost pendants. Or the FLOWER GUN jewellery which depicts a small pistol in gold which shoots with a rain of diamonds. Or the KITE collection where it is a small dragon symbol that shines from your ear or sparkles around your wrist.

If you are looking for a wedding- or engagement- ring, you can also find unique and eye-catching designs at Josina. Josina’s designs embrace a wide range expression and bring a smile on the lips of most people.

Josina – About the Designer

The brand Josina is founded by Josina Bergsøe. Josina designs all the jewellery and all her collections are as colourful as Josina herself. Josina has experienced a bit of everything. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she felt it was time to change her life and got the idea and desire to create jewellery.

As she explains: “Josina is the crystallization of my tribute to life, to love, to friendships and not least to beauty,” and Josina Bergsøe continues: “Beauty comes in many forms and from many places. I always grab the beauty when I see it. Every little bow and every little curve or rounding in my jewellery is an expression of beauty as I have seen it and as I have been inspired by.”

Josina – A designer with a purpose

In Denmark, Josina is best known to the general public for her fundraising in favour of breast cancer research. Due to her own experience of having cancer herself, Josina is very involved in the fight against breast cancer. In addition to being a designer and director of Josina , she also worked as chairman of the board of the A Race Against Breast Cancer Foundation. It was also Josina who got the idea for the “Bald is beautiful” catwalks in 2012, 2013 and 2014, where bald women in chemotherapy walked the catwalk in haute couture dresses and high-fashion.

Josina was also the creator of the subsequent exhibitions and fundraising in favour of breast cancer research. The passionate power woman has a background in branding of design and worked for many years in some of Denmark’s largest companies with the development of company profiling and communication. Skills that she now uses as CEO in her own company with a golden goal: “Everyone has the right to be beautiful. Everyone has the right to shine, sparkle and feel sophisticated, exclusive and 100% on top. This is what I want my jewellery to express and symbolise” Josina explains.

Josina – Why we love it

We love that Josina has the courage to create such a humorous and colourful universe. The sparkling jewellery depicted in the cutest symbols bring smiles and joy every time you wear them.

When you invest in a piece of jewellery from Josina, you can be sure that you are getting a piece of jewellery of the highest quality. All Josina’s jewellery is produced in northern Italy, a region known for its exceptional craftmanship tradition, and made of 18 carat gold, white gold and rose-gold. All diamonds are white (GH) or (VS), which are some of the finest diamonds you can find. Despite that Josina’s universe may seem playful and full of laughter at first glance, the creation of the little happy treasures is very well executed. Josina Bergsøe simply applies an uncompromising approach to the design and creation of her jewellery – a business philosophy we always pay homage to here at The Jewellery Room. Her approach to the design process is a mix between traditional visualization and modern 3D technology. Good design is all about the details and Josina definitely has a really good eye for detail.


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