If you are dreaming of Danish jewellery with an exclusive design, you are in the right place. Carré Jewellery is a well-known Danish jewellery brand that invites on a journey into a world of gemstones. They carry the name “Carré”, which actually is a classic term for a square-cut gemstone.

About Carré

The story of the brand is full of sweeping visions and a love for beautiful precious stones. But it is also an account of unstinting efforts to make dreams come true. They make your dreams come true. The jewellery company was founded back in 1991. And for the past 30 years, Carré Jewellery has used more than 900 gorgeous gemstones in their jewellery designs – gemstones of the highest quality.

Designer, Shiri Rosenzweig, is fascinated by the rich array of colours offered by gemstones and pearls. She believes that jewellery speaks for itself in its own characteristic and individual way. Therefore, she also makes sure to always respect the natural structure of precious stones. Shiri was also the first danish jewellery designer to focus 100% on coloured semi-prescious stones. By visting one of her stores, you will feel like walking into an enticing treasure box full of natural stones and colourfull inspiration from all over the world.

Carré – About the Designer

The story of Carré Jewellery is a true story of great love for the gemstones. But it is also a story with big visions and a steady determination to make a dream come true. The woman who fought for her dream is half Danish/half Israelian. Her name is Shiri Haugbøl, and she founded the jewellery brand back in 1991. The dream that started the brand, was to be able to invite everyone into the world of gemstones as she experiences it. About that Shiri says: “I love gems: the colours are such amazing gifts of nature. Alone, or even better, in combination, they create colourful magic by enhancing and bringing out each other’s shades. This is what I love most about jewellery making.”

There is one facet of gemstones that is extra special to Siri and that is the birthstones. Birthstones are a special assortment of beautiful gemstones, that each represents a particular calendar month of the year. It is unclear if the custom of wearing the gemstone assigned to the month of your birth, originated in Poland or in Germany, but the custom dates back to the 16th century. Over the years the list of birthstones has changed, and they also vary from culture to culture. However, in 1952, the Jewellery Industry Council sponsored a modern list. If you wear a piece of jewellery set with your birthstone, it is said to bring good luck, therefore jewellery with birthstones make a wonderful and personal gift for a loved one or for yourself. If you are intrigued by the tales of the birthstones, we invite you to take a closer look at our fine selection of Carré jewellery.

Carré – A tribute to antique jewellery

Carré Jewellery has an important heritage in the danish jewellery scene and a very strong DNA. You can always recognize a piece of jewellery from Carré, and you will not regret adding it to your jewellery collection – not now, not ever. Among many things,they are known for their gold rings with precious stones.

Furthermore, all the jewellery from Carré also have functions as a tribute to antique jewellery and the traditional techniques that made them possible. That also reflects in their name, which is expressed as” an ever-present inspiration in everything we do.” All Carré Jewellery’s jewellery is made in sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and solid 18kt gold or 9kt gold. Find your next favourite piece in our selection of Carré Jewellery.

Carré – Why we love it

In the pool of Scandinavian jewellery brands, Carré Jewellery is a label hard to overlook. With its nearly thirty years on the market, the brand has been a customer favourite over and over again. Carré’s jewellery collections features spectacular earrings, necklaces, rings, ankle chains and bracelets in silver, gold-plated silver or pure gold ranges from 10 carat to 18 carats. Made with these precious metals every piece of Carré jewellery is produced with most care by hand.

An essential element to Carré’s jewellery design is the delicate settings and wires, which add a light and dainty appearance to the pieces. The design aesthetic is light, feminine and elegant and the jewellery can be worn and combined in many ways. The subtle necklaces with or without pendants and small pearls in different length are perfect for layering and the colourful rings make a wonderful eye-catching impact when stacked. We wish to offer you a wide range of Carré’s beautiful designs so you can have fun and dress up in spectacular gemstones.


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