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How to Steal Hearts at Christmas

Have you wondered what could be on the best jewelry gifts list this Christmas? This selection is the very best and most beautiful Christmas gift suggestion for her. The stop-ten here is selected for design, quality and popularity as jewelry gifts. This list of 10 is high on our customers' dream lists and are perfect gift if you want to get it right.

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1) Tiny hoop earrings in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold

Small hoops and tiny huggies in solid 10K-18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold or gold-plated sterling silver (also called gold vermeil) are the perfect gift for all jewelry lovers. The go-to hoop size in every jewelry collection is, not too big, not too small—it's just the perfect size for an everyday piece. Many small hoop styles have earring pendants that make them stand out.

♥ Small hoops can be studded with lovely semi-precious gemstones and cubic zirconia stones or luxuriously set with real diamonds

♥ Handcrafted hoop earring jewelry gifts with hand-filed surfaces or twisted designs that reflect light with every movement

Gold-plated silver hoop jewelry gifts are beautiful, cool and affordable.

♥ Hoop earring pendants add a unique look and can be worn as a pair or as singles. These work amazingly with other piercing styles like studs and threader chains as well.

Find out about Hoop and Huggie sizes in our top-rated size guide here

2) Initial necklace pendants, earring pendants and jewelry gifts for Christmas

Personalised jewelry gifts have no rival when it comes to the best jewelry gifts! Just the thought and effort that went into finding meaningful birthstone jewelry, initial pendants or bracelets with a special symbol or secret number charms that only the giver and receiver can understand are a great gift that leaves a heart feeling warm and loved. All of these allow you to even make your own jewelry set for gifting this Christmas.

♥ Gold or gold-plated letter, number or initial necklace pendants with diamonds, pearls or gemstones

Constellation (star-sign) jewelry gift

♥ Birthstone jewelry gift sets

Earring pendants

3) Chain necklaces

A Chain necklace is always a welcome gift because there is no limit to the number of chains a girl can have. With or without pendants chains can be styled with other necklaces of varying lengths and thicknesses. Chainlink designs can be round, square or elongated for a stylish twist.

Read our Necklace Guide to understand Chain necklace lengths and styles

Stacking jewelry buying Tip: You don't have to buy her just one! If you are looking for affordable chain necklace jewelry gifts, some designers have stellar designs in sterling silver, oxidised silver and gold vermeil that rival gold and diamond versions.

4) That diamond bracelet she craves for

A sleek diamond bracelet is every girl's newest crush. The casual understated designs make it a match for most people who like diamonds but want their jewelry to match their everyday wear outfits as well as special occasion dazzlers. Delicate diamond bracelets fit all budgets from affordable 10K gold designs to luxurious tennis bracelets in 18K gold.

Bracelet buying tip: Looking for more than one bracelet gift for your best friend, sister, or girlfriend? Try the diamond simulant super stone, cubic zirconia and gold-plated bracelets from renowned designers who know the sweet spot where class meets the price.

Bracelet gifts are the easiest to get the best fit, as it is adjustable to a snug fit or a loose casual look. Nevertheless, if you want some insight into how to measure bracelet size, take a look at our popular Bracelet Size Guide here.

5) Small stud earrings

Stud earrings are special occasion gifts women treasure forever. That is why there are so many varieties of studs available in materials that spark delight in the wearer's heart and suit every lover's budget. Earring studs in gold are almost always available in romantic rose gold, stylish white gold or sterling silver. Stud designs in gold or sterling silver are delicate, everlasting and classic in looks and lightweight and hypoallergic as well. Freshwater pearl studs and mother-of-pearl earrings are always cherished gifts for moms at Christmas and Mother's Day.

Earring gift buying Tip: If you want to tell her how precious she is, a diamond solitaire stud, or a cluster of diamonds designed like the twinkling heavens, shooting star themes to speak of fulfilled wishes, are all the inspiration you need. You can find here diamond alphabet pendant earrings as singles that can be worn in multi-piercing styles along with studs and matched with diamond necklaces. Let her wear something very personal and very special this holiday season!

Read this Earring Size Guide to understand stud sizes.

6) Relationship jewelry gifts

A jewelry gift that proudly announces a relationship is super special to the one who wears it. We have some amazingly emotional pieces in our curated selections waiting to adorn a mom, a spouse, a life partner or a best friend.

The knot rings are the ultimate love and commitment rings if Christmas is when you plan to take your relationship to the next level or renew your promise. Designer knot rings are crafted in 18K white gold and are also available in yellow and rose gold. When you buy luxurious pieces set with real diamonds you get an exquisite, flawless finish, and stylish simplicity that is bound to appeal to today's woman who keeps her promises and wears her confidence unabashedly.

Mamma rings and mamma necklaces are the way to warm the hearts of moms this Christmas or on Mother's Day. From subtle symbolic pieces to mamma spelt out in solid gold, gold plated sterling silver or handcrafted gold vermile and natural pearls, we have here some fascinating creations by design houses renowned for emotional wear!

Colourful eternity rings are gemstone-studded slim stackers that are always bestsellers. This is an evergreen Christmas gift idea for all the forever women in your life!

7) Exclusive and extraordinary avant-grade style sculptural jewelry gifts

Exceptionally designed handcrafted pieces are always unique and beautiful gifts for any lucky recipient. You will find the newest additions to the coveted sculptural jewelry collections of some of the most celebrated Scandinavian and Danish designers here that are already highly favoured items amongst our customers. Our Top 10 list would not be complete without these stellar creations. Georg Jensen, Ole Lynggaard, and Josephine Bergsøe are the top three.

Handcrafted rings are best loved for their sculptural organic finish and simple designs. These rings are the ring-stacking diva's absolute delight as they are perfect when worn alone or matched with other rings for a cool stacking look. Try giving her a rose gold ring in a slim stackable design and watch her eyes light up this Christmas!

Ring sizes can vary for different designer brands. This Ring Size Guide will help you understand and measure for the right ring size.

8) Solitaire diamond jewelry gifts

This classic diamond gift to rule them all can be worn with anything. It’s a timeless beauty, with a single flawless diamond on a delicate chain. Solitaires appeal to the cool and fashionable as well as the sophisticated and elegant. We LOVE solitaire diamond necklaces that can be adjusted for a tight choker look or a relaxed princess length! It's always ideal for layering with other favourites in your collection.

9) Colourful beaded jewelry gift sets

Gemstone jewelry sets to make meaningful and personal Christmas gifts that truly capture the season's joyful spirit. Gems and jewels are colourful just like the season of good tidings.

Whether it's a dazzling necklace, elegant earrings, or a delicate bracelet, colourful bead jewelry with natural stones not only adds a touch of joy but also can be a symbol of the recipient's unique identity and style. Gifting hand-beaded jewelry this Christmas allows you to celebrate the individuality and beauty of your loved ones, making Christmas a time for both giving and cherishing the bonds that make the holiday season so special.

10) Jewelry box to keep and carry all her treasured pieces

Here are super Christmas gift ideas that you may not have considered: A jewelry box or travel pouch designed to keep safe while being exceptionally handy. All the boxes of jewelry that come with every purchase can clutter drawers and cupboards. But a thoughtfully designed jewelry box or a travel case will allow her to organize her precious jewelry collection in a single place and keep them safe when she's on the move. You can easily win hugs and kisses and lots of love for just being so thoughtful!

Jewelry designers have an instinct for jewelry storage and we have curated some of the best and thoughtfully designed jewelry boxes in responsibly sourced materials. Some of these can be embossed with monograms and make perfect gifts for mothers, spouses and girlfriends this Christmas!

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