Bangle Size Guide

Are you shopping for trendy bangles?

In this guide, we hope to tell you all you need to know about bangle sizes, types, and how to measure your wrist to get the right bangle fit. When buying a bangle, it is important to find the right size to get the look you want and to wear it comfortably. You should also note that the bangle's width often affects size. Wider bangles tend to fit more snugly than thin ones.

Types of bangles and finding the right size

How to measure for the desired bangle size

Types of bangles and finding the right size

A bangle is essentially an inflexible or rigid bracelet that needs to slide over your hand every time you put it on or take it off. Below are the three basic bangle types that you will come across.

Open bangles come with a gap in its circumference which allows you to easily slip them on. Some open styles are also semi-adjustable. Choose the size closest to your hand size.

Hinged bangles open up on a hinge allowing you to wear them easily. It is then closed to fit comfortably. For an average fit, you should add 2.5cm (1”) to your wrist measurement to get your bangle size; for a loose fit, you could add up to 3cm (1.25”).

Closed bangles are best selected based on your hand size for an average fit. For a looser fit, you can choose a bangle one size larger.

How to measure for the desired bangle size

Our bangle size charts show the total bangle circumference measured in either inches or centimeters (1" = 2.5 cm). To get the right-sized bangle, it is important for the wearer to measure their wrist and hand circumference.

1. Measuring your wrist

Step 1: To measure wrist size, use a flexible tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist, so that it fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

Step 2: Mark where the tape measure overlaps: this is the wrist size.

A piece of string and straight ruler can also be used if a tape measure is unavailable.

2. Measuring your Hand

Step 1: To measure the hand, position it as though putting on a bangle, with the thumb and fingertips together in a pinch.

Step 2: Wrap the measuring tape around the knuckles including the thumb knuckle.

The measurement where the tape measure overlaps is your hand/bangle size.

Things to consider

Choose from an array of different bangle styles to suit your mood and the occasion:

Large statement cuffs make a bold impression worn clasped snugly to your forearm. Cuffs are an easy to wear, one size adjustable fit.

Create a casual layered look by stacking slim closed bangles in multiple colours that slide over the hand and move loosely on your arm. Ensure a comfortable fit by measuring your hand for your closed bangle size.

Gem-studded bangles are usually hinged with a clasp or lock to allow your precious bangle to be worn securely. The hinge allows the bangle to be opened and closed when putting on or removing so that when closed, the fit is perfect. Measure your wrist for a comfortable fit.

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