Opal rings are delightful and iridescent, immersed in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. A refreshing choice for women who set trends with their distinct style choices, the opal ring carries itself with enchanting grace. In our opal ring collections we have a diverse selection of natural opals in fabulous designs. Carefully curated for some of the finest international designers, our glorious opal rings are a celebration of style and colour.

• How to know if the opal in your ring is genuine
• How valuable is your opal ring?
• Opal ring styles and trends for women
• Selecting the right opal colour for your ring

Gorgeous opal rings

Colour play, or a splash of spectral colours reflected from the gemstone when exposed to light, is one of the most exciting features of a natural opal ring. If you are enchanted by opal’s vibrance, your tastes are in line with queens—Cleopatra, Josephine of France, and Victoria loved this semi-precious gemstone.

Find your opal ring size

3 interesting nuggets about your favourite opal gemstone ring

♦ Opal is the birthstone for October
♦ Opal stones symbolise love and hope and are worn for unique healing powers
♦ Opal is also the 14th wedding anniversary gemstone

Are opal rings valuable?

Iridescent, genuine opal rings are not just breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also a good investment.

The value of opal stones is determined by the overall carat size, colour (ranging from intense black to white), alongside shape, inclusion, body type, and colour brilliance.

♦ Darker the opal in your ring, the more valuable it is. Lighter coloured translucent opals are beautiful but less valued
♦ Rings set with luminous red opals are rare and more valuable
♦ Uniquely defined patterns on the body of the opal will make an opal ring more valuable. The mosaic-like Harlequin pattern is the rarest and most sought after. Flagstone, straw, Chinese writing and floral patterns are among some of the valuable patterns.

Best cuts, shapes and settings for opal rings

Rings set with real opals usually have a smooth, polished cabochon cut. In cabochon designs, opals have a flat base and a domed top. Cabochon opal rings may sport opals in oval, round, pear or marquise shapes.

Opals are medium-soft stones measuring 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. So a classic bezel-setting offers the best protection for opals set in daily-wear rings.

Types of real opals used in rings

Precious opals are unique in that the opal surface reflects a cheerful flash of colours—also called play of colour—when seen at different angles or when revolved under a light source. Their worth is measured primarily by the colour intensity and pattern definition.

Fire opals are exactly that—a fiery vibrance of red, orange or yellow. The fire opal’s clarity ranges from transparent to translucent, and its value is measured by the intensity and depth of colour.

Common opals are easily available but not defined by either a play of colour or dazzling tones. Their value lies in attractive colours, a good cut and a fine, polished finish.

Do opals make good engagement rings?

Oh yes! After all, not everyone wants a diamond engagement ring. Some of us want colour and rainbow magic to immerse ourselves in. Unique and eye-catching with their snazzy colours and reflective surfaces, the magnificent opal rings are a fabulous option to pop the question. The rare and natural ‘boulder’ opals are the most popular for designing opal engagement rings.

Set in classic gold or elegant silver, a striking iridescent opal along with diamonds, or any preferred gemstones perched on both sides, is incredibly attractive. Or you can opt for one of the glamorous halo engagement ring styles with glittering gemstones encircling an opal centrepiece, making it one of the most on-trend opal engagement rings.

Designer opal ring styles women love

Searching for the perfect opal ring that combines beauty, verve and sheer style? An opal ring makes a powerful statement of confidence and upbeat energy.

Designer opal gold rings

The rainbow stone or opal holds a special charm when set on 14 and 18 karat yellow, rose and white gold tones. Sturdy and durable, designer opal gold rings set with opals carry an old-world charm. Blue and green opals on white gold resonate with cool freshness. Red opals sit fabulously on yellow gold, resplendent in its bright, fiery tones. White opals are a statement in grace on any metal, but these reflect a warm, gentle rainbow glow when set on gorgeous rose gold.

Luxuriant opal and diamond rings

The classic combination to create a look of effortless luxury, opals and diamonds are huge favourites when it comes to opal rings. Fashioned on gold rings, opals set as centrestone with a pavé-set diamond band, or pear-shaped opals flanked by diamonds on both sides are most attractive. Experiment with an opal centrepiece on gold, elegantly framed by a pavé ring of sparkling diamonds, or why not go for the unique hexagonal halo that gives the ring a unique geometric twist.

Opal eternity rings

Traditionally gifted on the first wedding anniversary to reiterate vows of love, opal eternity bands are symbolic of precious bonds. Elegantly set in precious metals with pavé-set opals encircling the band or a combination of opals with other gemstones, eternity rings are great for stacking with wedding or engagement rings.

We are often asked if opal eternity rings are easy to wear. Yes, they can be, depending on the ring design, especially in bezel settings, as this protects the opal from scratches.

The best coloured opal rings

Opal rings are richly imbued with an incredible variety of shades and tones of colours. Let’s walk you through the most popular ones here.

Black opal ring

Real black opal rings are rare. The opal can be dark grey, black or green-black shade. What makes black opal rings stand out is the vibrant play of rainbow colour flashes that are accentuated on the dark tone of the opal. Reflections of gorgeous blues, greens, reds and oranges make it a mesmerising show of colours on a gold or silver ring band. The black opal ring is a spectacular keeper and one to pass on to the next generation.

Red, orange and yellow opal rings

Also known as fire opal rings, these are distinguished by the intense colours of the opal used in the ring. Transparent to translucent fiery red, orange and yellow opals radiate a warm, incendiary glow.

Blue opal ring

Blue opal rings feature translucent to opaque cabochon-cut gemstones, admired for their shades of blues—from light grey to aqua, turquoise and a deep, intense blue. The gemstone has visible streaks in earthy and orange tones.

White opal ring

The most affordable and easily available amongst opal rings, white opal rings are sometimes called milky rings. The gemstone is a cool-toned white or off white, and can have spectral colours that reflect softly from its surface.

If you are now ready to be mesmerised by the scintillating charm of opal rings, browse our website to find the one that resonates best with you!

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