ColorUp Indian (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp Indian (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate
$64.00 USD
Asym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Ecru BeadsAsym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Ecru Beads
Sold out
Asym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Peach BeadsAsym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Peach Beads
Sold out
Asym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Rose BeadsAsym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Rose Beads
Sold out
Iris Light Gold Plated Bracelet w. Mixed coloured BeadsIris Light Gold Plated Bracelet w. Mixed coloured Beads
Great giftSold out
ColorUp Bamboo (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp Bamboo (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate
$64.00 USD
ColorUp (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Tourmaline

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Tourmaline
$64.00 USD
ColorUp (8mm) Silver Bracelet w. Bead

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp (8mm) Silver Bracelet w. Bead
$77.00 USD
Dangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsDangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
New in

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
$198.00 USD
Pearly Gold Plated Bracelet w. PearlPearly Gold Plated Bracelet w. Pearl
Sold out
Gold Plated Bracelet w. Pearls - Exclusive for The Jewellery RoomGold Plated Bracelet w. Pearls - Exclusive for The Jewellery Room
Limited EditionSold out

Gemstone bracelets will always have a special significance in your jewelry collection. Radiating positive energy and vibrations, these pretty bracelets are statements of your personal style. Colourful gemstone bracelets are also worn for emotional and physical well-being. Our curated selection of gemstone bracelets is handcrafted to perfection in beautiful designs to be gorgeous keepers for life.

• You can make more than just a fashion statement with a gemstone bracelet
• Get a headstart on your healing journey with healing crystal bracelets
• How to wear a gemstone bracelet

Fashionable gemstone bracelets

There is so much more to gemstone bracelets than just their sparkle and beauty. Gemstone jewelry is an extension of your vibrant personality. A bracelet on your wrist in a rhapsody of brilliant colours has a soul-stirring impact. Your gemstone bracelet can be fashioned in precious metals like gold or silver with handpicked gemstones and crystals to make beautiful beaded designs for your summer styles, beach wear, and tropical holiday vibes.

Bracelets in gold and gemstones

Gemstone bracelets are best designed in 10-karat to 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold. Gold is the best metal for bracelets because of its value and strength. Bracelet styles with gemstones are glamorous and trendy, full of lively play of light and colours offset beautifully by the durable sheen of durable gold.

Sterling silver gemstone bracelets

Another precious metal favoured for gemstone bracelets is sterling silver. Affordable and sophisticated, gemstone bracelets crafted in silver are a great option if you want the fusion of cool-toned precious metal with colourful stones. Silver used in designer bracelets is rhodium plated to give it an extra coating of durability and a white-gold-like finish.

Black oxidised silver gemstone bracelets

Black is the new gold for many jewelry lovers out there. And we have here several black-toned oxidised silver bracelet creations with black Tahitian pearls, mysterious moonstones, and lovely coloured crystal gemstones. Pick an affordable oxidised silver bracelet for your favourite girl and watch her glow with pleasure.

Gold-plated gemstone bracelets

If you are searching for reasonably priced gemstone bracelets that are as good (looking) as gold, in our fine selections, you will find high-quality gold vermeil (18-karat gold-plated sterling silver) or gold-plated brass bracelets.

Are the crystal stones used in gemstone bracelets real?

There are fake stones and colours out there. The price of each crystal will depend on its quality and colour. When you buy gemstones or crystal jewelry, buy from reputable jewellers who stand for fair trade and authentic gemstone sourcing practices. From amethysts and onyx to jade and clear quartz, every gemstone can be cleverly duplicated in glass, or plastic or colours changed by heating crystals to alter their original hue.

How do gemstone bracelets work?

Colours and crystals stimulate the chakras or energy centres of the body. Coloured gemstone and crystal vibrations impart healing energy that helps your mind and body perform at their optimal level, radiating healing waves, which can raise or lower your life force or energy. Wearing gemstone bracelets next to your skin is one way to improve your vitality and sense of well-being.

Top healing and spiritual crystals for bracelets

This purple-hued quartz crystal's deep, mesmerising tones are pretty and feminine and are believed to heal the mind, body, and soul. Wearing an amethyst enhances clarity of mind, improves critical thinking, and enables the wearer to resolve problems better and overcome difficulties.

Symbolising the happy, joyful patterns of a positive lifestyle, the warm, intense tones of the yellow to orange-hued quartz crystal are hard to miss. Believed to create a path to wealth and success, sunny citrine has plenty of healing energies that stabilise mental and physical-chemical imbalances and help reverse several degenerative diseases.

The enchanting pale blue aquamarine is known for reducing stressful moods and improving clarity in thinking. Considered a protective crystal that brings tranquillity to the wearer, this pretty gemstone also facilitates intuition and determination.

Rose quartz
Just as its name suggests, the rose quartz comes in a soft pink colour. Women love its soft pink hue for it is a well-known relationship stone that brings balance and stability to emotions in relationships.

Who can miss the creative energy that oozes from this chalcedony mineral, recognised by its fiery red-orange glow. Raising energy levels and imparting a wealth of confidence and empowerment to the wearer, the breathtaking carnelian is a great fashion statement too.

Tiger Eye
Often called the stone of courage, the tiger eye is good for motivation and strength and for boosting confidence. It is best known for relieving anxiety and stress.

How to care for gemstone bracelets

♥ Take care to keep the stone bracelets away from abrasive substances, chemicals and cleaners

♥ Always wipe them dry with a jewelry polishing cloth and put your bracelet in a separate compartment or jewelry pouch before storing

♥ Wear them last and take them off first thing

Bracelets make exceptional gifts for friends and family. We hope you will find a style that will capture your heart and make you smile more. We invite you to browse our special selection of handmade gemstone bracelets in gold or silver.

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