Moonlight Grapes simple Silver StudsMoonlight Grapes simple Silver Studs
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes simple Silver Studs
$120.00 USD
Neo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsNeo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - SingleTiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
On sale


Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
$79.00 USD $98.00 USD
Moonlight Grapes Silver StudsMoonlight Grapes Silver Studs

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Silver Studs
$222.00 USD
Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsSway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls

The Earring Shop

Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
$63.00 USD
Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - SingleFloating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
On sale


Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
$116.00 USD $144.00 USD
Tassel Charm 18K Gold Plated StudTassel Charm 18K Gold Plated Stud

The Earring Shop

Tassel Charm 18K Gold Plated Stud
$21.00 USD
Mercy Silver StudsMercy Silver Studs
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Mercy Silver Studs
$162.00 USD
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
Sold out


Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
$253.00 USD
Emerald Stud 0.04 - SingleEmerald Stud 0.04 - Single


Emerald Stud 0.04 - Single
$165.00 USD
The Dot Pearl EarringThe Dot Pearl Earring

Les Meres

The Dot Pearl Earring
From $99.00 USD
Silver Stud w. PearlSilver Stud w. Pearl

Carré Jewelry

Silver Stud w. Pearl
$32.00 USD
Baila Small 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsBaila Small 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
Sold out
Deux 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsDeux 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls

The Earring Shop

Deux 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
$45.00 USD
Fryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsFryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Ro Copenhagen

Fryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
$961.00 USD

“Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed." ~ Jennifer Lopez, Singer, Dancer, Actress

Earrings are important! The marvellous Ms. Lopez is spot on with her observation. And of all the earring styles ever created, the studs rule the roost. They are elementary in essence yet so incredibly versatile. Women everywhere love them, no matter what their style creed is. That’s because studs are basics when it comes to jewelry to adorn your ears. Plus, there is not just one but plenty of earring studs to woo every bling-loving soul out there and we have most of them right here in our fabulous earring collections!

• Learn more about earring studs
• Real gold, silver or gold-plated stud earrings?
• What size stud earrings should I get?
• Which earring stud style should I choose?

Versatile earring studs for all

Earring studs are among the staples of jewelry. In essence, an earring stud is a simple earring that is usually worn through a piercing and held in place with a backing element. Bear in mind, some variants do not even need a piercing.

Earring studs for women

Earring studs have added beauty and grace to women for immeasurable ages. Yet they haven’t waned in their attraction, not even by a bit. Every fashionable woman worth her salt is sure to have a treasured collection of earring studs that she turns to whenever indecision strikes in styling choices. She knows the basic stud is her no-fail backup plan.

Earring studs in gold and silver are ever trending. Exclusive designs that range from classic to futuristic are aplenty, what with jewelry designers regularly choosing these precious metals for their craft.

Unisex earring studs

Earring studs aren’t just for women and aren’t always fixedly feminine. There is a literal galaxy of unisex earring studs that are sought after for their gender-neutral expressions. Modern collections lean towards the unisex appeal for its rising popularity and versatility. They go beyond the limits of traditional gold and silver, and use materials like wood, stainless steel and titanium for a fresh wave of style choices that draw the attention of contemporary trendsetters.

Vibrant world of earring studs

Earring studs are no longer limited by conventional patterns or styles. The latest in earring studs draw inspiration from nature, art and all things in between, to dole out incredible designs. These are breathtaking in their originality and artistry, handcrafted in gold, silver and gemstones.

Gold earring studs

Gold earring studs have always been valued for their precious exclusivity. Presenting a marked change from the traditional designs, designers now offer gold earring studs in cutting-edge styles that never cease to wow. From abstract designs to clean-cut contours, gold earring studs are available in countless styles and multiple purities of gold like 22, 18, 14 and 9 karat. White gold and rose gold are also great options when it comes to gold earring studs.

Gold-plated earring studs

The affordable version of gold jewelry and a boon when you prefer to update your fashion equation without frequent heavy investments. Gorgeous gold-plated ear studs are electroplated with gold and are quite indistinguishable from real gold in their appearance. Good quality gold-plated jewelry lasts long with proper care and storage.

Silver earring studs

Silver earring studs are on a par with their gold counterparts when it comes to popularity. They are especially preferred by those who wish to dodge the yellow hues of conventional gold. Ever a hit with young people, silver earring studs add a unique dash of cool chic to everyday styles. More affordable than gold, silver earring studs with their neutral tone and texture may just be what you may be looking for to dial up the style quotient.

Diamond earring studs

Diamond earring studs are the perfect combination of class and exclusivity. Loved for their luxury bling factor, these come in all avatars imaginable. From simple solitaire studs to elaborate stary creations, diamond earring studs are a statement of luxury.

Gemstone studs

Gemstone earring studs have carved out a special niche for themselves. Ideal for those who love colour in their jewelry, these earrings studs set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and multicoloured zirconia are absolutely magical and energetic.

White earring studs with pearls and diamonds are classy to the core. Black earring studs with black zirconia are in demand for their unpretentious yet edgy vibes. Yet another contemporary favourite is the pink earring stud featuring gemstones in glorious shades of rose.

What size stud earrings should I get?

Earring studs may be large and mind-blowing in their size and allure. They may also be minuscule yet endearing. And indeed, they can also be found in every proportion and style in between. Asymmetric pairs with different sizes and designs too are a skyrocketing trend.

Lobes are the traditional place for a piercing but cartilage piercings along the ear helix and on the conch and tragus have also become very popular. Every ear and piercing is different, so not every earring size will fit or look the same for everyone.

Stud earring sizes can vary from 0.25-4cm. In general, a 1cm (0.39") stud may cover or sit on your earlobe comfortably.

Check out our earring size guide to understand ear lobe measurements.

Tiny stud earrings

Tiny stud earrings are all the rage everywhere. These are petite earrings that come in plain metallic or single-stone studded versions. Owing to their diminutive size, these make a demure statement and often leave enough space on your earlobes for multiple pairs as long as there are enough piercings to spare! If not, try ear cuffs!

Small stud earrings

Small stud earrings come in great varieties of colours and patterns. Classic designs such as floral motifs and single-stone/pearl studs are always in vogue. In addition to these, there are now abstract creations that reflect the pristine energy and forms of nature. Great for daily wear, these are typically very comfortable to wear long-term.

Large stud earrings

Substantial in size and expression, the large stud earrings are impossible to disregard. These often take on unusual forms and textures that make bold statements. Some even feature pretty drops and pendants that add to their magic. Choose these glorious large studs for when you need to rise above the usual.

Which piercing style should I choose?

Long gone are the days of single ear piercings. Contemporary styles embrace the dictum of “the more, the merrier”. Multiple ear piercings allow for endless and unique combinations of earrings, including pierced earring studs of varying sizes and styles.

Aside from the conventional ear lobe piercings, there are many popular and highly customisable styles. Daith and tragus piercings are for the inner ear cartilage. The helix style has a piercing anywhere on the upper and outer ear cartilage. Conch piercings are located in the middle part of your ears. Some styles traverse the ear lobe. The mini stud earrings are intended for these piercings.

You dont want more than one piercing? Then we have ear cuffs, ear hooks and ear clips to fulfill your multi-earring dreams!

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