3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds
Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsHalf Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
From $114.00 USD
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
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Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
$254.00 USD
North Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

North Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
From $81.00 USD
Mini Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earrings w. DiamondMini Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earrings w. Diamond
Orbit Dot 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsOrbit Dot 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Ro Copenhagen

Orbit Dot 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
$165.00 USD
Unsuspected Violet Silver Stud w. Diamond
Star 18K Whitegold Stud w. DiamondsStar 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamonds
From $118.00 USD
Star 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsStar 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
From $118.00 USD
Ginkgo Leaf 14K Gold Studs w. DiamondsGinkgo Leaf 14K Gold Studs w. Diamonds
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Apples & Figs Jewelry

Ginkgo Leaf 14K Gold Studs w. Diamonds
$871.00 USD
Fryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsFryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Ro Copenhagen

Fryd Large 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
$950.00 USD
Fryd Wave 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondFryd Wave 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond

Ro Copenhagen

Fryd Wave 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
$330.00 USD
Pavé Star Piercing 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
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Triangle Diamond 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Triangle Diamond 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
From $159.00 USD

Diamond stud earrings are a timeless and classic style, known for their exquisite beauty and sparkling shine. Precious diamond stud earrings set in gold are the ultimate expression of luxury and elegance. We have curated a collection of designer diamond studs that are spellbinding. Sourced from favoured Scandinavian design houses and individual designers with exclusive ateliers across Europe and the world, our diamond stud collection is sure to impress you.

• The timeless allure of diamond studs - why they never go out of style!
• What you need to know about diamond earring sizes
• Diamond stud earring styles by shape and setting

The timeless allure of diamond studs

Quite simply, diamond stud earrings never go out of style! They are the most versatile accessory a girl can own, as they are the perfect complement to every kind of outfit and occasion. Diamond stud earrings feature a small cluster of diamonds or a solitaire diamond mounted on an earring post. In some of the latest innovative and clever settings, the stone appears to float on the ear lobe.

Can you wear diamond stud earrings every day?
Yes absolutely! The beauty of diamonds is that they are the hardest gems you can find, so there is no fear of breakage. You can safely wear small to medium-sized diamond ear studs every day.

Diamond earring quality

Diamond quality is determined by what is known as the 4 Cs of cut, clarity (presence or absence of inclusions), carat weight, and colour (hue, tint, intensity). Authentic white (colourless) diamond studs come with grading and certifications. Champagne and cognac diamonds (pale brown hues to darker brown tints) are less expensive than white diamonds as they have more inclusions.

How large a diamond appears depends on all 4 Cs
When it comes to diamond earrings, quality not only affects the price but also impacts visual presence.

♦ Although carat weight gives an excellent idea of how large a diamond is, it isn't the only characteristic that influences how large your diamond studs will look.

♦ Diamond cut, colour, and clarity (absence of inclusions) can also impact how large a diamond appears to the eye. A whiter, more brilliant diamond will have a bigger visual impact. When a diamond is very well-cut, it will be brilliant and look larger, but if poorly cut, it will lack lustre and appear smaller.

Diamond stud earring sizing and measurements

The first thing you need to know about diamond stud earrings is that the diamond value is measured by carat (ct.) weight and not in dimensions (cm/mm). The second important point is that the weight given is usually per pair and not per stud (unless specified). So, when you are shopping for a pair of diamond studs, be aware that they are valued by their total carat weight (ct. TW), which is the total weight of all the diamonds within the studs.

Find out more about stud earring sizes and measurements

What size diamond stud earring is best?

There’s no one size of diamond stud earring that will be perfect for everyone. We all have our own style preferences, so a size that’s perfect for one person could be too big or small for another.

Small diamond studs are 0.25ct. (measuring 0.32cm) to 0.75ct. per pair. These delicate earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

Bigger diamond studs are what you want for special occasions. Diamonds that are 2.00ct. TW (measuring about 0.65cm) would be considered large diamond studs. Whether a large diamond surrounded by smaller ones in a halo setting or a single beautiful diamond in a solitaire setting, 2-carat TW diamond studs are next-level glamour.

The one-carat total weight diamond stud earrings are always the best sellers because of their versatility. It’s right in between medium and small sizes and fits our recommendations for both everyday and special occasion diamond studs, and many people find that this size works beautifully for both purposes.

Diamond stud earrings by shape (cut) and setting

Diamond stud earrings come in a variety of cuts or shapes such as round, princess, pear or teardrop, marquise, emerald (step cut), and many more. You can have stud earrings with diamonds in pavé, prong, halo, or the classic bezel setting. The precious metal used for the setting and post also ranges from gold or rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver to all the varieties of solid gold: rose, white, and yellow, in different purities, from 9k to 18k. The most preferred and durable solid gold settings for diamond earrings are 14k and 18k.

Diamond stud earring styles

A good starting point when selecting your diamond stud earrings is to think about whether you want a single diamond in a solitaire setting or multiple stones set in a halo (circle), pavé (paved) or cluster (different shapes and sizes) settings.

Diamond solitaire stud earrings

When we talk about diamond stud earrings, we most often think of solitaire or single diamond earrings. Single diamond studs are one of the most desired designs and we have a beautiful range of pear, round, oval, and baguette-cut solitaire styles you can choose from. The minimalist design of a solitaire stud earring allows the entire focus to be on the brilliant stone. The larger the diamond and the better its cut, the greater its price.

What is the best cut and setting for solitaire diamond earrings?
Again, cut is an aesthetic choice, a solitaire stud shape that appeals to one person may not agree with another. However, the classic choice for a solitaire diamond stud is still the round brilliant for its maximum brilliance. A stud with an oval cut looks bigger; minimal prong and setting styles also increase visibility and visual appeal. The floating and bare, pierced diamond settings are the latest rage.

Multiple diamond stud earrings

Earrings dressed in tiny sparkling diamonds in pavé, halo, prong, or bezel settings are simply gorgeous. Designers create diamond stud earrings in beautiful natural shapes of flowers, butterflies, palm trees, grapes, the stars and even the moon. Pavé-set arcs, bars, and hearts allow you to style your ear in myriad ways.

Lab-grown diamond stud earrings

Diamonds can not only be created in nature, but today you have lab-grown diamonds also known as eco-conscious diamonds. These are real diamonds and come with grading, authenticity, and traceability certificates. Some of our exquisite diamond brands specialise in traceable, sustainable lab-grown diamond designs that are amazing in brilliance, innovative settings and solitaire styles.

Versatile diamond studs can be paired with long earring pendants, ear cuffs or hoops and Huggies to effortlessly alter your daily look. Diamond studs are super elegant with work wear. We hope you find your best pair or single right here in our beautiful diamond stud collections.

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