Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondMedium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond

Ole Lynggaard

Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
From $2,574.00 USD
Large Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondsLarge Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamonds

Ole Lynggaard

Large Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamonds
From $8,005.00 USD
10K Gold Heart Pendant w. Aquamarine & Diamond10K Gold Heart Pendant w. Aquamarine & Diamond
Sold out
10K Gold Heart Pendant w. Moonstone & Diamond10K Gold Heart Pendant w. Moonstone & Diamond
Sold out
10K Gold Pendant w. Champagne Quartz10K Gold Pendant w. Champagne Quartz
Sold out

Carré Jewelry

10K Gold Pendant w. Champagne Quartz
$191.00 USD
10K Gold Pendant w. Moonstone10K Gold Pendant w. Moonstone
Sold out

Carré Jewelry

10K Gold Pendant w. Moonstone
$126.00 USD
IX Rustic SquareIX Rustic Square

IX Studios

IX Rustic Square
$127.00 USD
IX N LetterIX N Letter
Great gift

IX Studios

IX N Letter
From $38.00 USD
Heart 18K Gold Clasp for NecklaceHeart 18K Gold Clasp for Necklace

Ole Lynggaard

Heart 18K Gold Clasp for Necklace
$1,281.00 USD
The Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. PearlThe Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Pearl
New in
Heart 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondHeart 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
New in

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Heart 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
$1,658.00 USD
Bon Bon 10K Gold Pendant w. ChrysoprasBon Bon 10K Gold Pendant w. Chrysopras

Carré Jewelry

Bon Bon 10K Gold Pendant w. Chrysopras
$126.00 USD
Rock Cross 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondRock Cross 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond

Ro Copenhagen

Rock Cross 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
$203.00 USD
IX Anker w. MoonstoneIX Anker w. Moonstone

IX Studios

IX Anker w. Moonstone
$89.00 USD
Olalla 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. QuartzOlalla 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Quartz
Sold out
Letter L 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Letter L 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
From $2,043.00 USD
Diamond Letter W 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter W 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
Sold out

Symbolic and intimate, necklace pendants are very special accessories. Adding grace and style, they are that extra bit of jewelry to flatter your look and jazz up your appearance. And what we offer in our designer collections are not merely ordinary pendants – each pendant is a thematic, carefully thought-out design to make it unique.

Funky, smart, contemporary, or classic, you can enjoy wearing pendants you love. Check out ways to wear this fabulous piece of jewelry.

• Learn more about necklace pendants
• What is the difference between necklaces and pendants?
• Which style necklace chains should I choose for my pendants?
• What are the different types of pendants?

Necklace, chains and pendants for women – A fascination worth exploring

To put it in a nutshell, whatever jewelry you wear around the neck is a necklace. It may be a piece of ribbon, string, a simple chain, or elaborately designed, crafted in metal, cloth, wood, beads or stone with or without additional hanging elements.

Pendants are wearable ornaments that can be added to the necklace chain, hanging from a bail or loop. A pendant that’s attached to the necklace is called an integrated pendant.

Happy News Flash

You can sport any number of pendants on your chain at one time! What’s more, you can layer several pendants on chains of varying lengths for a hip look, or just for the pleasure of it!

Best necklace chains suited for pendants

When choosing a chain for a specific pendant style, keep in mind that the chain length and width can compliment or mute the pendant you wear it with.

Looking for a chain with the perfect balance of strength and beauty?

Simple chains such as cable, figaro, curb and box chains look great around your neck while firmly supporting additional pendants. Minimalist in style, yet with a charm of their own, these chains combine well with almost any pendant design.

Pendants on delicate chains?

It isn’t a good idea to suspend pendants on ultra delicate chains like herringbone and snake chains. Though pretty to wear alone, they are not the most robust to carry a pendant.

How long should the necklace with the pendant be?

“A pendant isn’t worth its weight in gold until in full view!” And yes, it needs to be seen bright and sharp to make an impression.

Remember that a pendant will pull a chain downward into a V-shape, creating a visual point of interest where it rests.

To strike it just right, it should end at exactly the right spot on your torso. The simple rule of thumb to find the correct chain length is to begin by adding two or more centimetres (or inches) to your neck size measurement. This will be your comfortable short chain length.

Necklace and chain styling tip:

Wearing the exact size of your neck circumference will make the necklace appear too tight and be uncomfortable to wear.

If you’re still not sure how to get the perfect measurement, check out our necklace size guide.

Trending pendant materials, shapes and styles

Material and texture

With their unique lustre and glow, gold and silver pendants are always bestsellers. Yellow and white gold pendants combine strength, beauty, and durability. Gold-plated sterling silver pendants are affordable while reflecting sophistication and elegance. Plain or studded with pearls or gemstones, each pendant encapsulates a story to appeal to your senses. Our diamond pendant collection is right on top among designer handmade pendant collections.

Texture: If you love the shine of metal, look out for a shimmering variety of pendants polished to perfection. For a more natural look, go for the allure of textured surfaces and sculptural forms.

Pendant shapes

Nature-inspired: A chunk of our pendant collections host designs inspired by the wonders of nature. You’ll fall in love with pendants engraved with delicate natural motifs, elegantly crafted for feminine appeal. Or cute animals and sensuous earthy shapes that reflect the designers’ love of native elements around us.

Symbols and emojis: What could better express romantic sentiments and emotions than a pendant shape to subtly reflect your feelings? Pick a heart to declare your love, a gemstone studded circle pendant to convey endless love and infinite possibilities, or an oblong pendant that reflects serenity. Bask in the strength and solidity of a square or rectangle, or a key pendant to unlock the secrets of your heart.

Personalised pendants

Personalised pendants convey intimate messages. It could be the letter of your name, a combination of initials, or a set of letters to reflect the union of two souls.

Zodiac pendants: Get mesmerised by our curated collection’s breathtaking range of zodiac sign pendants in attention-grabbing designs,precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

Words and letter pendants: Express yourself with pendants spelling out messages of love, wisdom, affection, and friendship.

Number pendants: Delve into the mysterious world of numbers to cherish special moments – birthday dates, graduation and special anniversaries.

Jewelry pendants women love to wear

Pendants don’t just beautify necklaces, apart from the bling factor, they add grace, novelty and playfulness to all types of jewelry including earrings, bracelets and anklets. That’s reason enough for women to love jewelry pendants.

Bracelet and anklet pendants or charms

Often called charms, the dainty pendants hanging on anklets and bracelets are loved for their cuteness factor.

Earring pendants

A fusion of glamour and fashion, earring pendants are the new happening style to make the plainest of jewelry a charismatic piece. Get ready to fall in love with earring pendants (popularly worn asymetrically) suspended from hoop earrings or post earrings. Walk in grace with a lustrous pearl or twinkling gemstone pendant suspended by a chain.

Styling with pendant sets

Now that we’ve updated you with all that information about pendants, let’s get you dressed up too. Pendant and earring sets from the same designer collection make styling a simple exercise creating effortless harmony amongst the pieces you wear. Where your necklace pendant makes a gentle statement along with matching earrings, bracelet and anklet charms to combine into a set and effortlessly transform you into a style diva.

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