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“Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control.” ∽ Donatella Versace

Signet rings are consummately regal in look, style and powerful elegance. In high antiquity, signet rings were worn exclusively by royalty or by king’s men. But now these rings are back as a trending unisex ring style sported by both genders. We have carefully curated a fine collection of impressive signet rings, exclusively designed and exquisitely crafted by the best jewelry houses across Europe. Come on now, get on your royal style!

• What is a signet ring?
• Signet ring styles for women
• How do I choose a signet ring?
• Which finger should I wear a signet ring on?

What is a signet ring?

Signet rings were once a mark of status, adorning the fingers of the noble and powerful potentates. These majestic rings engraved with stately crests and monograms were essentially in lieu of signatures, adding validity and authenticity to written missives. In the last century, signet rings became fraternity symbols, indicating one’s membership in lauded clubs and inner circles. Today, the signet ring is an ambassador of your personal taste and style loved by the fashionable ladies of style.

Signet rings are generally substantial in size and bearing with a wide bezel which is the focal point and a thick ring shank or band. The signet ring bezel may be round, oval, sof-cornered square (cushion), rectangular, hexagonal and so on. Made of gold or other precious metals, often plain or featuring gemstones for that extra dose of grandeur signet rings are head turners. Plain bezel designs are engravable with room for personalisation. Signet rings instantly raise the bar for style whenever you wear one.

Whatever style you choose, don’t forget to get the ring size right! Finding the comfortable fit for your signet ring is important because they are often larger and wider than regular rings.

Find your signet ring size

Stylish and irresistible signet ring styles for women

Once an exclusive domain of men, the signet ring is now also celebrated by bold and distinguished women as a cherished piece of jewelry. They mark a powerful and sophisticated personality who is profoundly cognizant of her worth and individuality.

Gold signet rings

Gold signet rings are classy and retain all the glory of their historic counterparts as a mark of the elite. These rings come in different sizes, shapes and colours, including white gold and rose gold, to match your personal preference.

Solid gold signet rings

Solid gold signet rings in 18k, 14k and 9k are much sought after for their peerless splendour and investment value. These can easily go on to become beloved family heirlooms. When you shop for solid gold signet rings, do look for hallmarking to ensure gold standards in quality and purity.

Gold-plated signet rings

Ideal for the budget-conscious who dare not compromise on style and love a generous selection of ring styles to choose from, gold-plated signet rings are truly game-changers. Premium quality gold-plated pieces from reputed designers assure you of beauty and durability at affordable rates.

Gold vermeil signet rings have 18k gold plating over sterling silver and offer the best of both worlds—the luxury of gold’s glory at comparatively inexpensive rates.

Silver signet rings

Silver signet rings are imbued with a unique loveliness that transcends the ordinary. Pristine and precious, sterling silver signet rings are especially sought after by those who are enchanted by the romantic appeal and easy elegance of the moonlight metal. These are relatively affordable, yet just as impressive as their white gold counterparts.

Diamond signet rings

Royal as it can get, the diamond signet ring is a symbol of status like nothing else. Some feature gorgeous solitaires while others are exquisitely studded with smaller diamonds. Either way, the diamond signet ring is a classy affair, with scores of celebrities flaunting these on the red carpet and at elite events.

Precious and semi-precious gemstone signet rings

Signet rings featuring gemstones, especially a single sizable stone, have been trending for a long long time with no sign of slowing down. Precious rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls are forerunners in this category. Opals, amethysts, agates and garnets follow close behind. Even lesser-known yet exotic natural stones such as larimar, charoite, and rhodochrosite make interesting signet rings with their unique colours and patterns. Apart from their striking beauty, gemstone signet rings are chosen for the unique spiritual properties of the stones used.

Engraved signet rings

Engraved signet rings are incredibly eye-catching as well as expressive. These are often deeply personal, bearing a symbol, design or text that is significant to the wearer. Evocative of memories and values that one holds dear, engraved signet rings are super special.

You can engrave plain gold or silver Signet rings for a luxurious appeal and also for durability. Great as intimate keepsakes or memorable gifts, engraved signet rings are treasured possessions.

How do I choose my signet ring?

Although once important for completely different reasons, signet rings nowadays stand for fashion and self-expression. Choose your signet ring depending entirely on your own sense of aesthetics. That’s just what signet rings are all about—you!

Gold signet rings with diamonds are crowd pleasers! They arm you with a certain irresistible sophisticated elegance that is hard to ignore.

Silver signet rings seem more practical for the daily hustle being classy yet unpretentious. They are effortlessly charming with their easy grace and cool tones.

Birthstones in signet rings are a stylish way to incorporate colour and meaning into your jewelry. Gemstone signet rings are also believed to be beneficial to balance energies, contributing to overall wellbeing as well, depending on the featured stones.

Signet rings with text in beautiful cursive script or monograms are very popular and look exquisitely elite.

Which finger is right for a signet ring?

The pinky finger

The most popular answer for the above question, according to traditional trends, is the pinkie finger for all genders. A signet ring on the pinkie or the little finger makes a modest yet notable impression.

The index or middle fingers

Nevertheless, modern signet rings happily grace the index and middle fingers as well. The bulkier signet rings sit better on these fingers than the delicate pinkie.

The thumb

Signet rings on thumbs aren’t unheard of either! Some even prefer to wear signet rings on the ring finger!. To each his/her own!

On every finger!

If you are dauntless about wearing more than one signet ring at a time, know that all ten of your fingers are at your service as acceptable repositories for your style choices.

Signet rings are statement pieces through and through. Wear them with passion, fully absorbing their powerful spirit, allowing yourself to be inspired by the same day after day. Enjoy the attention they bring to you, being consistent conversation starters. Also know that you never need to stop at one. You will not quite be able to, what with our dashing collections of the most posh signet rings, all beautifully designed and flawlessly crafted to perfection. So why wait any longer? Let’s go shopping!
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