Neo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsNeo Trois 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - SingleTiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
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Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
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Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White PearlsSway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls

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Sway 18K Gold Plated Stud w. White Pearls
$63.00 USD
Drop Pink, Red Earrings Gold PlatedDrop Pink, Red Earrings Gold Plated
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Eshvi London

Drop Pink, Red Earrings Gold Plated
$135.00 USD
Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalJodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Mini Pearl Drop Earrings Gold Plated, White PearlsMini Pearl Drop Earrings Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Drop pearl Gold Plated Earring w. PearlsDrop pearl Gold Plated Earring w. Pearls
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Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - SingleFloating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
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Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
$116.00 USD $144.00 USD
Cordelia Drop Gold Plated Earrings w. PearlsCordelia Drop Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearls

Deborah Blyth

Cordelia Drop Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearls
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The Star Earcrawler Gold Plated, White ZirconiaThe Star Earcrawler Gold Plated, White Zirconia
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Drop Blue, White Earrings Gold PlatedDrop Blue, White Earrings Gold Plated
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Eshvi London

Drop Blue, White Earrings Gold Plated
$135.00 USD
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
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Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
$253.00 USD

Gemstone earrings are simply stunning in their vibrant raw magic. Each piece is naturally unique because every natural gemstone used is quite like no other. We have curated a gorgeous collection of beautiful gemstone earrings, exclusively handcrafted by talented designers across Europe. Every gemstone earring you see here is carefully handpicked and quality-checked by us.

• All about gemstone earrings
• Trending styles in gemstone earrings
• Gold and silver gemstone earrings
• Colours in gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings women love

Designed for all-year styling, and available in every shape, size and colour, gemstone earrings are jewelry essentials that you just can’t do without. Such is the allure and fire hidden within these stunning resplendent stones that nature has so beautifully fashioned, that we want to make them a part of us; as earrings or earring-pendants framing our face, or even gaze at them on our fingers and wrists. To top off our delight, now there are also lab-grown gemstones that are flawless as well as eco-gentle, for the woman who is environmentally conscious and loves gemstone jewelry.

Why are gemstone earrings so special?

Gemstone earrings hold remarkable significance in many cultures across the world. Each gemstone is believed to carry its own singular power to bring about positive changes in emotions and promote healing. This is a reason why gemstone earrings are so popular, in addition to their magical colours that can easily add vibrance and mood to any outfit.

Gemstone earring styles

Wondering about what styles are currently in vogue in the splendid realm of gemstone earrings? Read on to discover the latest trends and steady bestsellers among our stylish collections of the most beautiful gemstone earrings. There are so many designs, colours and vibes to choose from that you would want them all. And why shouldn’t you have them all?

The size of the earrings holds a lot of sway on the final effect. So we recommend that you find the right earring and hoops and huggies size before choosing the style of earring.

Gemstone hoops
Hoop earrings with gemstones are fantastic accessories that fit in well with a range of styles. Pick out stunning hoops studded with diamonds, pearls or zirconia in shades of vibrant blue, fiery orange, black, grey, brown or sparkling white, for easy everyday glamour.

These pretty gemstone hoops come in different sizes. Adorable gemstone huggie hoops set in gold and silver with colourful enamel are super cute and perfect for that demure quirky look. Huggies and hoops with gemstone drops of malachite, turquoise, coral or rutile quartz are yet another trend for you to check out.

Gemstone studs
Our stunning collection of gemstone studs is sure to capture your heart instantly. These beauties crafted from gold and silver, feature an engaging palette of colours for all seasons. From single stone studs to beautiful arrangements of bright gemstones, these are relatively small, comfortable to wear and provide versatile styling options. Wear them as singles or pairs, creating your own unique medley of colours and designs as per the number of ear piercings available.

Gemstone drops
Drop earrings studded with exquisite tourmalines, tsavorites and many other beautiful gemstones are simply breathtaking in their allure. Wear these anytime for a quick style upgrade. You are sure to love flaunting these all year round with both casual and formal ensembles.

Gemstone ear cuffs
Stylish and edgy, gemstone ear cuffs are trending wildly. These gem-studded cuties offer a world of choices to lace every outfit with an extra-strong dose of urban chic. Check out our best-selling gemstone ear cuffs in a fine range of vibrant hues and designs to spice up your daily styling.

Gorgeous colours in gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings are available in lovely colours and shades that are sure to have you crushing hard. Read on to find options from every colour family of gemstone earrings you may desire to fit all budgets.

Gemstone earring settings
When gemstones are set in precious materials like gold and silver, the earrings are literally divine in expression.

Gold gemstone earrings are classics. Often crafted from 18k or 14k gold, they offer luxurious tones of gold, strikingly offset by the vibrant colours of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more.

Sterling silver gemstone earrings are incredible in their elegance and relative affordability. These can easily be your new favourites for daily styling.

Do check for hallmarking in your gemstone earrings made of gold and silver to be assured of quality and purity.

Red gemstone earrings
Rubies with their deep reds are the reigning favourites here. A pair of fiery ruby earrings are literally all you need to create a grand impression. Orangey-red corals are also much in demand for their vibrant shades. More pink than red, rose quartz, pink tourmalines and spinels look great in earrings.

Blue gemstone earrings
Blue sapphires are royal in their expression. Lapis lazuli, blue topaz, aquamarine and turquoise earrings offer beautiful azure shades that are fresh and energetic. Leaning towards violet and purple, we have the gorgeous amethyst that is believed to have calming properties. Classy and cool, blue stone studs and drop earrings set in gold and silver are a truly regal addition to your personal collection.

Yellow gemstone earrings
Ever bright and beautiful, yellow gemstone earrings are summer favourites. The warm tones of yellow sapphires, lemon quartz, and citrines in your earrings can really uplift your look and spirits.

Green gemstone earrings
Emerald earrings are eternal classics and come in many shades of green. Rare and durable, emerald earrings can go on to be cherished heirlooms to be passed down through generations. Malachite earrings offer a dark green colour, often with unique and interesting banding patterns inherent to the gemstone. Green and gorgeous, jade is a beautiful option for green gemstone earrings. Green gemstone earrings in gold and silver look spectacular and should definitely be on your shopping list.

White gemstone earrings
White diamond earrings are global bestsellers, peerless in their fiery brilliance. Silky pearl earrings with their lustrous beauty are also equally in demand. For more economical options in white gemstone earrings, check out moonstones, opals and white cubic zirconia earrings, hoops, ear cuffs and earring pendants.

Black gemstone earrings
Black gemstone earrings are much sought after for their versatility. Black diamonds, onyx, and black zirconia make gorgeous earrings that are beautiful as well as affordable. Gold and silver earrings with black gemstones are the epitome of muted elegance and are perfect for all occasions.

Multicoloured gemstone earrings
Gorgeous and affordable, earrings with cubic zirconia, spinels and labradorites feature every imaginable hue under the sun. Earrings set with cultured pearls, although comparatively expensive, are also found in fabulous shades that are sure to steal your heart.

Gemstone earrings open up a whole new dimension of beauty to jewelry lovers. Come right over and browse through our unique collections of top-quality designer gemstone earrings to pick out your favourites that delight and inspire, day after day.

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