Daisy 18 mm.  Gold Plated RingDaisy 18 mm.  Gold Plated Ring
Great giftOn sale

Georg Jensen

Daisy 18 mm. Gold Plated Ring
$162.00 USD $203.00 USD
Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated RingDaisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Ring
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Ring
$168.00 USD
Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Black Zirconias
On sale

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Black Zirconias
$61.00 USD $76.00 USD
Cassiopeia Ring Gold Plated, White ZirconiaCassiopeia Ring Gold Plated, White Zirconia
MAIA White Gold Plated RingMAIA White Gold Plated Ring


MAIA White Gold Plated Ring
$217.00 USD
Lips Red Ring Gold PlatedLips Red Ring Gold Plated

Eshvi London

Lips Red Ring Gold Plated
$97.00 USD
Viper Ring Gold Plated

Ninna York Jewelry

Viper Ring Gold Plated
$142.00 USD
Moon Ring Gold Plated, Blue MoonstoneMoon Ring Gold Plated, Blue Moonstone
Sold out

Hak the label

Moon Ring Gold Plated, Blue Moonstone
$114.00 USD
Roccanova 18K Gold Plated Ring w. ZirconiasRoccanova 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Zirconias
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Roccanova 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Zirconias
$126.00 USD
Unicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. PearlUnicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
New in

Carré Jewelry

Unicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
$74.00 USD
18K Gold Plated Ring w. Rutile Quartz18K Gold Plated Ring w. Rutile Quartz

Carré Jewelry

18K Gold Plated Ring w. Rutile Quartz
$99.00 USD
Chain collection 14K Gold Plated RingChain collection 14K Gold Plated Ring
New in
Capri Tre Gold Plated Ring w. White ZirconiasCapri Tre Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Capri Tre Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias
$208.00 USD

Stylish and affordable, gold-plated rings are your answer to glorious bling on a tight budget. Shine on in the glow of gold at a fraction of the price! Our ultra classy and always-on-trend gold-plated rings are curated to present unique, fashionable designer jewelry. These designer gold-plated rings are simply irresistible at unparalleled prices! Jump on this bandwagon to explore the endless possibilities.

• Learn more about gold-plated rings
• Types of gold-plated rings
• Trending luxury styles in gold-plated rings

Best gold-plated rings you can buy

If your mantra is to follow trends and buy the latest in designer jewelry, then gold-plated rings are your most viable and cost-effective option.

We have years of jewelry expertise that helps us identify and choose top-quality demi-fine and electroplated jewelry from some of the best designers today and our collections have some of the most elegant and one-of-a-kind gold-plated rings that you would be delighted to make your own! All this at a fraction of the price you would pay for solid gold rings.

Your gold-plating questions answered

What are ‘gold-plated’ rings? Are they the same as real gold rings?

Gold-plated rings are not solid gold rings, but that doesn’t mean they are fake. The gold plating on the base metal is absolutely real gold!
Gold-plated rings are electroplated with a layer of real 22k/18k/14k gold on a base metal, such as silver or brass. A premium quality gold-plated ring will have a gold layer of thickness anywhere between 2 and 3 microns.

How long does gold plating last on rings?

Gold-plated rings can easily last up to three years if handled properly and used with care. The following points will determine the life of your gold-plated jewelry.

• Is the gold plating thick? The thicker the electroplating, the longer-lasting will be the golden glow of your ring.
• What is the base metal? The use of a good base metal, such as sterling silver, guarantees that the plating will last longer
• How often do you wear your gold-plated rings? You can happily wear your gold-plated rings frequently to work, coffee dates and parties! But preferably not in the shower, while washing dishes or working up a sweat at the gym!

Types of gold plating in rings

High-quality gold-plated rings come with hallmarked 14k/18k/22k gold plating on sterling silver. Just like solid gold rings, gold-plated rings are also available in rose, white and black tones.

Solid silver gold-plated rings

Precious and durable, gold-plated sterling silver rings offer the best of both worlds: strength and value of the hallmarked silver base and the warmth of glowing gold. When the plating is done in 18k gold, silver goldplated rings are also known as gold vermeil. It is a premium quality gold plating which has 925 sterling silver as base.

22k or 24k gold-plated rings

A ring with 22k or sometimes 24k gold plating on solid silver or brass is as close to the real thing as it can get visually. Both 24k and 22k gold-plated rings look indistinguishable but the 22k variant is more resistant and durable.

18k gold-plated rings

Very popular, the 18k gold-plated rings are great for daily styling. These offer the magic of gold at extremely affordable rates and are widely used for daily styling as well as gifting. Rings in 18k gold plating come in all available tones of gold.

Rose gold-plated rings
When silver or brass is plated with 14k/18k rose gold, we get the beautiful and romantic versions of rosy-hued gold-plated rings! Less expensive than the solid rose gold versions, these demi-fine rose gold rings are guaranteed eye-grabbers.

White gold-plated silver rings
White gold is a huge trend and gold-plated rings in the pristine tones of white gold are equally popular. Loved for their elegant, neutral sheen, these can easily be incorporated into every kind of look.

Trending gold-plated rings for you

Here are some of the latest favourites among gold-plated rings.

Gold-plated ring sets

Affordable, yet reflecting the look of luxurious gold jewelry, gold-plated ring sets pave a fun route to effortless styling. Wear them stacked or on different fingers for some creative self-expression.

Gold-plated band rings

Gold-plated band rings are great as couple rings. These elegant bands can also be part of a modest yet chic daily look. Plain ring band designs can be engraved for a personal touch!

Gold-plated gemstone rings

Gemstones are gorgeous with gold. They mesmerise and inspire with their infinite colours and add a vibrant dimension to your look. Gold-plated gemstone rings, being elegant and affordable, are a great way to bring variety and fun to your daily styles.

Gold-plated signet rings

Scintillatingly regal, signet rings have a timeless appeal. Substantial in size and impression, these are now delightfully attainable through beautifully designed gold-plated versions.

For the best gold-plated rings, buy from known designers that offer quality, affordability and superior artisanship. Browse our gold-plated ring collections for gifts, affordable luxury pieces, and simply to immerse yourself in the warm glow of lustrous gold-plated rings.

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