Letter L 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
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Letter L 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
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A letter necklace is an intimate and personal item of jewelry that reflects a unique expression of the wearer’s personality, identity, and style. The beauty of a letter necklace lies in its special meaning as well as the endless styling options that it presents. You can spell out a word or a name, join the initials of partners and friends, and even combine with other charms such as a heart, a significant number, date, or star sign. We have curated a magnificent range of letter necklaces and pendants from the best independent designers in both fine and demi-fine necklace categories. We present beautifully handcrafted letter necklace styles that are simply irresistible!

• Letter necklace as personal jewelry
• Letter necklace designs
• A letter necklace: The perfect gift

What makes letter necklaces special

Letter necklaces are often linked to personal history and therefore are most popular and trending today. Also called initial necklaces, these allow you to "be your own brand". It’s a beautiful and fashionable declaration of who you are, both in name and style.

Initial necklace pendants are often loaded with hidden meaning in plain sight! Who can forget Meghan Markle’s gold ‘M’ and ‘H’ initials on a delicate chain, subtly confirming her relationship with Prince Harry for the world press?

A variety of letter necklace styles and designs

A letter necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that combines an exquisitely handcrafted letter pendant with the perfect anchor chain. They can be of two kinds depending on the initial pendant attachment.

♦ A complete letter necklace, comprising a chain with an attached letter pendant, allows you to enjoy a unified design, as envisaged by the jewelry designer.
♦ Threadable letter pendants on letter necklace chains, allow multiple styling options by simply changing the anchor chain. This allows you to vary chain designs, length and material to create different looks for every occasion.

Letter necklace chains

Common to all the letter necklaces is that they are perfect to wear alone or beautiful to layer with other necklace chains of different lengths.

Letter necklace chain lengths come in lengths of 42–47cm, which is the short or princess length, or 45–55cm, which fits into the medium or matinee length. The short length hangs perfectly below the base of the neck, resting around the collar bone and suits petite slim women while the medium necklace sits beautifully on your chest pointing gracefully towards your cleavage and suits women of moderate height with a fuller figure.

Our handy necklace size guide has more tips on choosing the perfect necklace length

Letter/alphabet/initial pendant shapes and fonts

Whether it's a letter J, C, A, or E necklace, we’ve got you covered with collections that span the entire range of the English alphabet and are suitable for every gender, style, occasion, and age.

♦ Letter necklaces are available in classic and stylised fonts or with a more romantic and feminine expression
♦ Letters are also found as crooked chunky shapes that hang slightly at an angle and give a fun twist
♦ Organic sculpted letters with unique gemstone-set varieties are also in our latest letter necklace designs
♦ Some letter pendants are beautifully embellished with diamonds or pearls
♦ Organic textured letters in gold and gold plated little letter charms in circus font contrast with delicate cursive fonts or solid simple styles

Letter necklaces materials

Our letter pendants are handcrafted in gold, white gold or sterling silver, and in budget-friendly gold-plated or gold vermeil versions. No matter which precious metal you are into, the letters are beautiful and personal.

Gold letter necklace
Gold letter necklaces are available in 10k, 14k, and 18k solid gold or white gold. Our range of gold plated letter pendants is created from 100% recycled gold plated 925 sterling silver. They are a stunning and affordable designer luxury option. This high-grade gold plating is durable when treated with appropriate care.

Silver letter necklace
Sterling silver necklaces are an affordable, high-quality and beautiful alternative to white gold for those looking for that silvery-white colour tone. The 925 sterling silver letter options include a fine and delightfully delicate font as well as a more solid chunky design to appeal to all tastes.

Diamond letter necklace
When you want to add a touch of luxe to your look, a diamond letter necklace ticks all the right boxes. Choose an eye-catching 18 karat polished gold letter pendant, set with brilliant-cut white diamonds on a slender 18 karat gold link chain; also available in white gold and varying length of chains. If clean lines and minimalism are key, we have a range of stylishly simple gold letter pendants with a subtle touch of glamour; a hidden sparkling diamond flush-set on the side of the letter!

Pearl letter necklace
Letter pendants have a beautifully feminine expression when set with sustainably sourced, hand-picked freshwater pearls. Some have an interesting crumpled texture with a lovely white pearl offsetting the warm gold. The overall impression is one of organic elegance.

Letter necklace charms

Browse our vast array of letter necklace charms, crafted with exquisitely ornate designs or minimalist clean lines. Necklace letter charms are smaller-sized than the more solid letter pendants.

5 reasons why letter necklaces make the perfect gift!

Letter necklaces make personal and versatile gifts suitable for everyone and any occasion. Be it a gift for a lover, friend, mother, confirmation gift, graduation gift or gift for a newborn.

♥ Letter pendant necklaces have a personal meaning and as a gift, they are intimate and meaningful because they are worn close to our person
♥ Letter necklace gifts are almost never returned or exchanged because the letter is not only elegant and unforgettable but also undoubtedly always matches the taste and liking of the recipient
♥ They suit all budgets
♥ Letter pendants can be worn on a variety of chains, other than the one you bought with the pendant
♥ They are fun gifts! You can combine with other letters to create different meanings with words or spell out your mood.

To champion your own personal brand or to treasure priceless memories of cherished loved ones, wear your confidence and love with a letter necklace that symbolises all of that and more.

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