Small Mercy Silver RingSmall Mercy Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Small Mercy Silver Ring
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Large Mercy Silver RingLarge Mercy Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Large Mercy Silver Ring
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Moonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver RingMoonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver Ring
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Small Moonlight Grapes Silver RingSmall Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Small Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
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Medium Moonlight Grapes Silver RingMedium Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Medium Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
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Curve 20,5 mm. Silver RingCurve 20,5 mm. Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Curve 20,5 mm. Silver Ring
$313.00 USD
Curve 5,8 mm. Silver RingCurve 5,8 mm. Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Curve 5,8 mm. Silver Ring
$132.00 USD
Mini Moonlight Grapes Silver RingMini Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Mini Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
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Seafire Gold & Silver Ring w. Diamond, 0.04 ctSeafire Gold & Silver Ring w. Diamond, 0.04 ct
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Large Moonlight Grapes Silver RingLarge Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Large Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
$451.00 USD
Vega Silver RingVega Silver Ring
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Silver Ring
$140.00 USD
Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring w. Silver beadsMoonlight Grapes Silver Ring w. Silver beads
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Essential Lines Silver RingEssential Lines Silver Ring

Maren Jewelry

Essential Lines Silver Ring
$196.00 USD
Capri Tre Silver Ring w. White ZirconiasCapri Tre Silver Ring w. White Zirconias

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Capri Tre Silver Ring w. White Zirconias
$195.00 USD
Ellera Silver Ring w. Black Zirconias

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Ellera Silver Ring w. Black Zirconias
$63.00 USD
Viper Ring SilverViper Ring Silver

Ninna York Jewelry

Viper Ring Silver
$103.00 USD
Viper Cryx Ring SilverViper Cryx Ring Silver

Ninna York Jewelry

Viper Cryx Ring Silver
$180.00 USD
Moonlight Grapes open Silver RingMoonlight Grapes open Silver Ring
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Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes open Silver Ring
$210.00 USD
Black Champagne Silver RingBlack Champagne Silver Ring

Nord By Thomsen

Black Champagne Silver Ring
$275.00 USD
Mercy Double Silver RingMercy Double Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Mercy Double Silver Ring
$271.00 USD
Puka Silver RingPuka Silver Ring

AKVA Jewelry

Puka Silver Ring
$148.00 USD

How about wearing a bit of moonbeam twisted around your finger? That’s a silver ring for you! Romantic, chic and utterly stunning, silver rings have captured hearts from time immemorial. From statement rings to simple everyday designs, silver rings are available in dazzling varieties of styles. To spice up your style with a dash of silver, we have curated an incredibly interesting collection of the most uniquely crafted silver rings in polished/matt/dark finishes for you to fall in love with.

• Silver jewelry hallmarking
• Sterling silver rings
• Latest trends in designer silver rings for women

Breathtaking sterling silver rings

Beautiful with their pristine vibe, sterling silver rings have been coveted for their incredible cool elegance wrapped in an affordable yet precious metal. It also helps that sterling silver rings are relatively moreresistant to tranishing than pure silver. Now let’s talk silver!

Silver in jewelry

Pure silver, hallmarked as 999 (99.9% pure) is a precious metal and buying silver jewelry is a good investment. It is however, too soft to create long-lasting silver jewelry. Therefore silver alloys are prefered for fine silver jewelry making. Furthermore, among jewelry pieces, rings experience the hardest knocks and scratches. Therefore silver rings are best crafted in silver alloys hallmarked as British 925 sterling silver, German 835 or Scandinavian 720.

Silver jewelry hallmarking

Hallmarking indicates the purity of silver in your jewelry. It is a stamp often tucked away discreetly within the inner curves of your silver ring. If it is a sterling silver ring, it would be hallmarked 925/92.5 or even "SS". The number indicates the percentage of pure silver in 100g used.

Is sterling silver real silver?

Yes, indeed! Most fine silver jewelry is made in sterling silver. Hallmarked as 925 silver, sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver mixed with metals such as copper or zinc.

Choosing a sterling silver ring

Rings in sterling silver retain all the visual glory of pure silver and are more durable and resistant to damage. Although they may mildly tarnish with time, they are also easy to care for.

The good news with silver rings is that you can buy more than one because they are affordable! Choosing one is simply a matter of taste. You go for the ones you fall in love with.

That said, it is good to figure out the perfect ring size before you choose your silver ring.

Watch a ring sizing video or read about measuring for rings in our Ring size guide.

Sterling silver and diamond rings for women

When the icy fire of diamonds teams up with the cool moonlight tones of sterling silver, it is... magical. Affordability of silver is also the keyword here. Is it no wonder why diamond rings in sterling silver are such a rage?

There are plenty of designs in silver and diamond rings to choose from. Sterling silver diamond eternity bands, gorgeous creations of wearable art, gold-plated sterling silver rings studded with diamonds have a steady following.

Solitaire diamond rings in solid silver are especially popular as engagement rings. Certification of the diamonds used and silver hallmarking assure you of the quality of your chosen piece.

Gold-plated sterling silver rings

Gold-plated rings in sterling silver are impressive for all the right reasons. Customers love gold-plated rings in sterling silver as they are a fine alternative for solid gold jewelry.

These rings have sterling silver as the base metal and a top layer of 24k-10k gold, rendering the piece quite indistinguishable from real gold. High-quality gold-plating with a thickness of approximately 1.0-2.5 microns ensures your jewelry will shine bright and last long. The gold-plating on sterling silver can be in yellow, white or rose gold making your rings spectacular and romatic.

Gold vermeil rings

Gold vermeil rings will have a thick layer of 18k gold (at least 2.5 microns thick) over sterling silver. It is a good choice for wedding and diamond engagement rings that translates to luxury for less.

Latest trends in designer silver rings for women

Ever desired a piece of pure luxury, exquisitely handcrafted and genuinely exclusive? That’s exactly what designer silver rings are all about! Sterling silver designer rings have been cherished by women from every generation for their easy charm and impeccable beauty. Although fashions have always changed with the times, designer silver rings for women have always kept up with the trend.

Designers draw inspiration from a myriad of sources to create their collections of silver rings in various themes and styles. These are stunningly original and therefore stand apart from the ordinary. You will find 925 sterling silver rings for both men and women in our daily wear collections that can mix and match to create unique styles. There are also vintage styles in classic designs that are great for the occasional pop of splendour.

Now, let's look at the contemporary trending favourites in sterling silver rings.

Silver signet rings for women

Silver signet rings, once worn exclusively by royalty, are a current favourite among women who love powerful statement jewelry. These large rings come in sterling silver, embellished with sizable single gemstones or paved with smaller ones. Classic signet ring styles are engravable as well.

Designer silver stacking rings

Why settle for one when more is definitely the merrier? A style creed that is increasingly being pursued across the globe, silver stacking rings are all you need for a distinct look. These rings are sometimes sold as a set or you could create your unique stack by combining slim bands, eternity bands and sculpted rings in sterling silver.

Designer chunky silver rings

Oversized, beautifully sculpted silver rings for the maximalist in you, these are showstoppers in more ways than one. Some chunky ring styles are so exquisitely crafted that they make striking silver cocktail rings, perfect for parties. The use of gemstones adds sparkle and colour to the already attention-grabbing chunky silver rings.

Silver rings are matchless in their unique expression of pure chic. Wondering where to get the best designer silver rings? We are delighted to offer you the best of stunning designer silver rings from exemplary brands and designers, all carefully curated especially for your pleasure. Wear them at the workplace, wear them at parties, wear them every day!

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