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Ruby Ocean Tide 18K Rosegold Earring w. RubiesRuby Ocean Tide 18K Rosegold Earring w. Rubies
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Romantic, luxurious, and gorgeous

The soft pink hues of rose gold jewelry exude a lustre and warmth that is classically feminine and elegant. Distinctive, yet subtle, rose gold offers a beautiful colour alternative to yellow and white gold, complementing a variety of skin tones and gemstones. Its versatility and quality allow designers and craftsmen to combine exclusive materials in the creation of their masterpieces, ranging from bold and sophisticated to pretty and whimsical. We love jewelry in rose gold and have a lovely selection ranging from traditional Scandinavian minimal styles to colourful fusion designs.

• Rose gold jewelry and its origins
• Is rose gold jewelry the same as solid gold?
• Rose gold women’s jewelry styling tips
• Rose gold designer jewelry

The story behind rose gold

First used in early 19th century Russia, rose gold became popular after jeweller Carl Faberge used the metal in his famed Faberge Eggs. Thus, this pretty alloy of gold became known as “Russian Gold” in the 1920s and skyrocketed in jewelry trends around the world.

French watchmaker and jeweller Cartier created a line of dazzling rose gold jewelry paired with diamonds and various types of gemstones. The famed “Trinity Ring” by Cartier was a beautiful yet simple gold band in three tones – one in yellow gold, one in white gold and one in rose gold.

Is rose gold jewelelry the same as solid gold?

Yes! Rose gold is real solid gold and just as valuable. Rose gold jewelry will last forever because it’s gold all the way. Rose gold is also more durable than pure 24 karat gold and more resistant to scratching or damage.

Like white gold, rose gold is an alloy of pure gold

Rose gold jewelry is crafted from a blend of 24 karat gold, copper, and silver. Pure, 24 karat, gold is too soft for use in wearable jewelry and is therefore blended with other metals to create harder, more durable alloys.

Copper and silver give the pure metal, the strength and durability required for jewelry, adding a different hue to the yellow metal. The most common alloy of pure gold that makes up 18k rose gold is 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper. The deeper the rose gold colour, the more copper has been used, with 14 karat rose gold being a reddish-gold colour, while 18 karat rose gold is a soft champagne pink.

Our designer collections have rose gold jewelry that has various combinations of alloys ranging from 14k to 22k.

Rose gold women’s jewelry styling tips

The distinct rosy blush of rose gold has given it a trendy expression in contrast to the traditional yellow gold. Much sought after by the contemporary diva, rose gold jewelry, both plain and gemstone-studded, has gained in popularity. Likewise, rose gold has found its place in distinctive workplace jewelry that shines with understated, yet timeless, luxury.

Layering rose gold jewelry with different hues of yellow gold

Rose gold jewelry can easily be styled with other metals to add a varied colour dimension to everyday looks. Including another colour dimension to the standard yellow and white gold, rose gold provides designers with the opportunity to craft beautiful fusion pieces, with interlocking yellow, white, and rose gold bands.

Stacking rose gold with gemstone studded vibrant jewelry

Stacked slim bands in varied hues of golds, bejewelled with pretty pastel-coloured stones or vivid, bright gems, are a popular choice. Other irresistible designs include fluid organic shapes in matt or polished rose gold, evoking the beauty and spirit of nature.

Silver and rose gold jewelry

Silver and rose gold jewelry blend beautifully. Stack sterling silver rings with rose gold bands for an eclectic look. Bracelets and bangles in silver and rose gold are a great way to mix it up and layered necklaces in silver and rose gold create depth and visual interest. Our designers also fuse different coloured metals in sleek minimalist and unisex fusion rings for contrast and impact.

Effortless styling with rose gold jewelry sets

Combine Rose gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings from a designer collection to effortlessly style your look. Each piece is designed to complement other items in the range, creating maximum impact with minimum effort. The warmth of rose gold as a setting in earrings, from hoops to huggies, is enhanced when paired with a matching necklace and bracelet from the same collection.

Rose gold wedding jewelry sets

As delicate as the blush on a bride, the pretty pink tone of rose gold makes it an undeniably romantic choice for wedding jewelry sets, including engagement and wedding bands. ‘His and hers’ rose gold fusion wedding bands are symbolic of unity, commitment, and eternal love.

Embodying the spirit of beauty, strength, and love, fine rose gold jewelry is the perfect complement to bridal wear.

Rose gold wedding jewelry sets, comprising a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and even a ring from the same designer collection, are a beautiful way to accessorise a wedding dress. Individual pieces with a shared design theme create an elegant wedding day look.

Choose from organic, fluid designs or classic rose gold and pearls. Dial up the glamour factor with diamonds and other fine gemstones, such as pink sapphires in a rose gold setting. Rose gold and solitaire-set diamonds are an exquisite combination in necklaces and rings, with a range to choose from in our designer collections.

Rose gold sets for bridesmaids

Rose gold bridesmaid jewelry is popular for its versatility, complementing most skin tones and dress shades. Rose gold jewelry sets for bridesmaids include earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Together with the bride, the rose gold setting of all the jewelry pieces creates a stunning thread that ties the bridal party together and photographs beautifully.

Beautiful rose gold designer jewelry

Jewelry designers choose to craft their pieces in rose gold because of its timeless appeal, creating bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings to last for generations to come. While rose gold jewelry has come to be associated with the quintessential woman: beautiful, romantic, and feminine, it also embodies strength, classic elegance, and refinement, featured in the sleek, modern designs of men’s jewelry.

Handmade designer jewelry in versatile rose gold complements the sparkle of diamonds, the dazzlingly bright colours of precious rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and the infinitely varied shades of semiprecious stones.

Made popular by iconic designers in the lavish 1920s, fine rose gold jewelry is enjoying a return to fashion prominence and is featured in many of our exclusive handcrafted designs.

Minimalist, playful, sculptural, or simply traditional, our rose gold designer collections cater to a wide range of preferences.

So, if you love the rosy hue don't hesitate to go for rose gold jewelry. You are getting your money's worth and the piece you choose will stay with you forever.

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