Bracelet Size Guide

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Wondering how to find your bracelet size, what size would suit you the best and how to style your bracelets? Allow us to guide you to your perfect match. In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about bracelet and wrist size, styles, and how to measure your wrist to get the right bracelet fit.

Finding the right bracelet size is important

How to measure your wrist for bracelet sizing

Understanding bracelet size charts

The right bracelet size for the right look

Standard Shamballa Bracelet size chart

Finding the correct bracelet size is important

A bracelet is a flexible jewelry made for wrists, crafted in materials like cords, nylon threads or metal chain links. Like necklaces, bracelet designs have flowing lines that capture movement and sound as well as the play of light on lustrous metals and gemstones. As almost all bracelets open and close with size-adjustable clasps, bracelet sizes need not be exact. But for a good fit, it's necessary to make appropriate measurements to find your best bracelet sizes.

Bangles and bracelets are worn on the forearm, anywhere between the widest point of the arm and the wrist bone. Just like the correct bangle size matters, it is good to find the right size for a perfect bracelet fit because how appealing it will look on you depends on a good fit.

Measure yourself for bracelet sizing

To find your bracelet size, you can measure your wrist size or a favourite bracelet that you already have!

You will need…

A flexible tape measurer / a paper strip / a piece of ribbon / string and a straight ruler


A bracelet that fits you well

1. Measure your wrist size

Step 1: Wrap the tape measure around the wrist bone, so that it fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

Step 2: Mark where the tape measure overlaps. This is the exact circumference of your wrist.

Note: You can substitute the measuring tape with a string or ribbon and use a straight ruler to measure the length from the point of overlap to the end.

2. Measure the length of a bracelet that fits well

If you already have a chain bracelet that fits right, this is how to substitute wrist tape measurements with the bracelet chain length:

Step 1: Open your bracelet and place it on the table

Step 2: Using the centimetre/inch edge of a ruler, measure the length of the bracelet cord/chain from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

Note: The flexible tape measurements are the circumference of your bracelet. To convert circumference to diameter, you can divide the millimeter (mm) Circumference measure by 3.14 (D = C/3.14) or use an online converter

Understanding bracelet size charts

We know that bangle size has to be precise because the design is rigid. But most bracelets are manufactured to allow a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes. This is because, unlike bangles, bracelets have clasps that allow the wearer to adjust the size. Here’s some information that will help you buy bracelets as gifts for friends and family.

Industry Standard Sizes

For women, the industry-standard bracelet diameter is 7 inches/17.7cm; for men, the standard is 8 inches/20.32cm.

Standard Bracelet Size Chart Measurements

Note: This chart is not standard for all brands but is only a reference to help you understand sizing

Wrist Measurement (CM) Wrist Measurement (INCHES ”) Suitable for
14-15 cm 5.5-5.9” Teens, slim/petite girls/women
15-16.5 cm 5.9-6.5” Suitable for slim women
16.5-17.5 cm 6.5-6.9” Standard female size for most women, slender men, and teens
17.5-18.5 cm 6.9-7.3” Standard male size, suitable for some women
18.9-19.5+ cm 7.3-7.7+ in Men and women

Find your bracelet size and fit for the best look

In general, we can divide bracelet fits into snug, comfortable and loose. The general rule of thumb to get your best fit is to add the following to your measured wrist size and then choose the next size from the brand’s size chart.

  • If you like to wear your bracelet snug around your wrist, you like it quite tight. Choose the size closest to your wrist measure from the size chart. This is the right size for leather or cord bracelets that are styled to be worn snugly.
  • If you want a comfortable fit with enough room to pass a little finger all around, then you should go for the next bigger size range on the size chart. Best for charm, gemstone or chain bracelets.
  • Bracelet sizes and your perfect size

    Bracelet size charts show the total bracelet circumference lengths measured in either centimetres or inches (1" = 2.5 cm). The first thing to consider is the fit or the tightness of the bracelet. Give some thought to the snugness or looseness you desire. There are two easy ways to measure your wrist to find your bracelet size (total circumference).

    FIT Your wrist measurement (CM) Your wrist measurement (INCHES”)
    Snug Fit + 0.5 - 1cm + 0.25 - 0.5"
    Comfort Fit + 2 - 2.5cm + 0.75 - 1"
    Loose Fit + 3cm + 1.25"

    Standard Shamballa Bracelet size chart for men and women

    All Shamballa bracelets differ slightly from other bracelets, as they are macrame-cord braided with different styles of beads, colour cords, gold and gemstones. When choosing a Shamballa bracelet, match your snug-fit wrist measurement against the Shamballa bracelets size chart here.

    The perfect bracelet size for different styles and looks

    Remember the rule for styling accessories is that there are no rules! The first thing is to have fun and wear who you are. You have our permission to enjoy your daily bracelet with as many wrist companions as you fancy! Based on the vast collection of designer bracelets we carry here at The Jewellery Room, we have put together 3 bracelet styles and bracelet sizing tips for each.

    The classic chain bracelets: This bracelet type is usually in gold, sterling silver, or rhodium or gold plated chains that have a lobster or a T-bar/toggle clasp and are therefore adjustable by a few centimetres. If your wrist size falls in the small range, go for the closest match in the lower range. On the other hand, medium to large wrists should wear the upper limit size.

    Gemstone and charm bracelets are also step-up versions of plain chain bracelets and are therefore adjustable. Some of our adjustable cord bracelets also come with lovely charms and precious gemstones. Choose the upper-size range closest to your wrist's snug-fit size.

    Tennis bracelets: Diamond-studded tennis bracelets are everyone's favourite and here at The Jewellery Room, we have a fine selection of classy tennis bracelets from exceptional designers who work with high-quality materials to create a lasting piece of fine jewelry. Choose the upper-size range closest to your wrist's snug-fit size.

    If you need personal guidance

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