Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
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Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
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Floating Emerald Ring 0.05Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
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Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
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Emerald Ring 0.06Emerald Ring 0.06


Emerald Ring 0.06
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Emerald Spiral Ring 0.05Emerald Spiral Ring 0.05
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Emerald Spiral Ring 0.05
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Varnaya Vana 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphires, Emerald & DiamondVarnaya Vana 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphires, Emerald & Diamond
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Double Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K GoldDouble Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K Gold
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Malene 3.5 Green 14K Gold Ring w. EmeraldMalene 3.5 Green 14K Gold Ring w. Emerald
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Anpé Atelier cph

Malene 3.5 Green 14K Gold Ring w. Emerald
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Twisted 18K Gold Ring w. EmeraldTwisted 18K Gold Ring w. Emerald
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Wouters & Hendrix

Twisted 18K Gold Ring w. Emerald
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Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & EmeraldChain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald
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Wouters & Hendrix

Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald
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Emerald Stacking Ring 0.06
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Emerald Stacking Ring 0.06
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Emerald Split Bar Ring 0.28Emerald Split Bar Ring 0.28


Emerald Split Bar Ring 0.28
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Emerald Diamond Ring 0.30Emerald Diamond Ring 0.30


Emerald Diamond Ring 0.30
$967.00 USD
Emerald Ring 0.25


Emerald Ring 0.25
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Peya Marakata 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & EmeraldPeya Marakata 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Emerald
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Sonia Wave Ring - Emeralds and Diamonds
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GFG Jewelry

Sonia Wave Ring - Emeralds and Diamonds
$2,506.00 USD
Mara Rainbow Ring - K
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GFG Jewelry

Mara Rainbow Ring - K
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Lara Double Twist Emerald Ring - KLara Double Twist Emerald Ring - K
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GFG Jewelry

Lara Double Twist Emerald Ring - K
$1,365.00 USD
Eline Ring - Emerald and Diamond - KEline Ring - Emerald and Diamond - K
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Eline Ring - Emerald and Diamond - K
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Floating Emerald Diamond Spiral Ring 0.17Floating Emerald Diamond Spiral Ring 0.17
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Diamond Emerald Ring 0.12Diamond Emerald Ring 0.12
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Diamond Emerald Ring 0.12
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Annie 14K Gold Ring w. Green EmeraldAnnie 14K Gold Ring w. Green Emerald


Annie 14K Gold Ring w. Green Emerald
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Dancing Open 18K Rosegold Ring w. Emeralds & DiamondsDancing Open 18K Rosegold Ring w. Emeralds & Diamonds
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Artisia Open Ring - KArtisia Open Ring - K
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GFG Jewelry

Artisia Open Ring - K
$3,619.00 USD

“An emerald shines even if its worth is not spoken of.” —Marcus Aurelius

Emerald rings are feminine and cherished for their rarity, hue and cut styles. Magically vibrant, enchanting, and incredibly glamorous, the refreshing green colour, with its sparkle brings instant cheer as much as it wows. Always cherished for being one of the rarest of precious gemstones, rings set with the emerald go a step beyond being pretty, rather they make a bold, dramatic statement for the fashion-aware women.

We have here a scintillating sellection of emerald rings for you to choose from. Handcrafted for women who love a flash of colour in elegant statement pieces as well as delightfully dainty charmers, these rings are designed by top-of-the-line European designers for their exclusive luxury brands.

• Emeralds and emerald rings
• Emerald fun facts
• Emerald ring styles
• All you need to know about emerald cut rings

Emerald ring: classy choice for the stylish diva

Emeralds are the rarest of the four precious gemstones and this makes the rings ultra-special. Associated with positive tidings such as spring, growth and rejuvenation, emerald rings are also valued for its healing properties. Emeralds symbolise true love and loyalty and emerald rings hold a special meaning for women who desire their ring to remind them of commitment and fidelity.

Find your emerald ring size

Things you want to know about emeralds

♦ Are all emeralds green? Oh yes! Though the shade can vary from the intense shade of deep jade to yellow green, the spectrum remains green.
♦ Though judged by the 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat weight – it is colour that is considered most important for judging an emerald. So, what is the best hue? A vibrant, vivid green and blueish-green are the most popular colours, along with an even saturation.

Two things you will love owning a real emerald ring for

♦ Emeralds are durable and sturdy gemstones. They figure on top of the Moh’s hardness scale next to diamonds and rubies. So go ahead and flaunt your emerald everyday!
♦ Cleopatra, a woman noted for her fine taste, also loved emeralds! Legend has it that her palace was flooded with emerald-encrusted jewelry.

Are emerald rings valuable?

Absolutely! Let this sink in: emerald rings can be more valuable than diamond rings of the same caratage if they are of premium quality; and more so when, real emeralds are set in solid gold rings.

Transparent emeralds with green that is neither too dark nor light are the most valuable. Unlike most other precious gemstones, it’s the imperfections, called inclusions – little cracks within the gemstone – that make the emerald more alluring and valuable. Colombian emeralds, with their vivid hues and light complexions, are the most valuable and of the finest quality. -

Emerald rings vs. emerald cut rings

Emerald cut is a popular gemstone cut that makes it appear larger in size than it is.
Emerald-cut diamond rings are not to be confused with emerald rings. They may sport any gemstone, including emeralds or diamonds. This sensational gemstone cut attained new heights of popularity when Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Amal Clooney chose to wear and flaunt its bold, dramatic version.

How do you recognise an emerald cut? Typically, an emerald cut is the rectangular step-cut with gently clipped corners. Because of the large surface and deep clarity, emerald-cut gemstones reflect light brilliantly.

Emerald rings women love: the glamour of gorgeous green

There’s a whole range of eye-catching head-turner emerald rings we offer, no matter what size of emerald you choose: a slim band with a petite diamond placed elegantly atop, a stream of glittering emeralds sitting delicately on open rings, diamonds and emeralds complementing each other, or striking chunky rings studded with emeralds.

Gold emerald rings

The green emerald looks incredibly attractive on a gold band. Choose from a scintillating variety of 14k and 18k gold and rose gold solitaire emerald rings, open rings, spiral rings, chunky gold bands, and double rings, all radiating with the refreshing glow of this precious gem.

Emerald and diamond ring

Emeralds and diamonds make a spectacular combination. Amongst the most sought-after emerald and diamond rings is the magnificent halo ring, oozing with sheer loveliness. It offers two captivating options: a large emerald forming the centrepiece, encircled by a stream of diamonds, or a diamond surrounded by small emeralds.

Emerald eternity ring

Imagine the richness of a ring encircled by an array of glittering emeralds! And not just for its wow factor but for what this beautiful band symbolises. The emerald ring epitomises love and commitment, but when you wear it as an eternity band representing the circle of life, it becomes all the more precious. No wonder then, we find new ways to express love and endearment – from engagements to anniversaries and new birth, the elegant appeal of the emerald eternity ring befits the celebration gift

Emerald engagement ring

Made famous by celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry, the emerald engagement rings are a token of deep commitment. Both rings are one-of-a-kind and feature a unique combination of emeralds and diamonds. Though a typical emerald engagement has a large emerald as its centrepiece combined with diamonds to accentuate its glory, a simple and classic solitaire emerald is also a classic engagement ring.

Go ahead and browse through our collections for the perfect emerald ring for you or someone special. We hope you find a keeper in our emerald ring collection. Happy enchantment!

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