Core Bracelet 001Core Bracelet 001
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Juuls & Karats

Core Bracelet 001
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Absolutely Knot 18K Rosegold BangleAbsolutely Knot 18K Rosegold Bangle


Absolutely Knot 18K Rosegold Bangle
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Love Small 18K Gold & Rosegold BraceletLove Small 18K Gold & Rosegold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Love Small 18K Gold & Rosegold Bracelet
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Torun 18K Rosegold Bangle w. Diamonds 0.08 ctTorun 18K Rosegold Bangle w. Diamonds 0.08 ct
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6 mm Non-braided Bracelet
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Shamballa Jewels

6 mm Non-braided Bracelet
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10 mm Lock Bracelet
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Shamballa Jewels

10 mm Lock Bracelet
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6 mm Lock Bracelet
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Shamballa Jewels

6 mm Lock Bracelet
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10 mm Braided Bracelet
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Shamballa Jewels

10 mm Braided Bracelet
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Radiant 18K Rosegold BraceletRadiant 18K Rosegold Bracelet
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Marie Mas

Radiant 18K Rosegold Bracelet
$2,386.00 USD

“I am always wearing a bracelet, a necklace and a watch…” ∽ Grogor Dimitrov

Rose gold bracelets are romantic, charming and full of feminine grace. A softer variant of the classic gold shades, bracelets in rose gold are a fusion of style and durability. Richly imbibed with Scandinavian ethos and handcrafted to perfection by master artisans, rose gold bracelets from our curated collection bring you a unique, vibrant and elegant selection.

• What is rose gold
• Is rose gold as valuable as yellow and white gold?
• Rose gold bracelets for women
• Popular styles in rose gold

What makes rose gold bracelets for women so special?

Immersed in romantic hue and elegance, rose gold bracelets fulfil both purposes: durability and beauty. Solid rose gold bracelets are delightfully fashionable and just as valuable as yellow and white gold of the same karatage.

The soft, rosy colour of rose gold bracelets comes from the higher percentage of copper. Rose gold in 18k gold is a mix of 75% gold combined with 25% red metals like copper. Rose gold is also available in 9k-14k purities.

Our rose gold bracelets are a popular choice for bridesmaid jewelry, birthday gifts, and everyday jewelry. Bracelets in rose gold will suit any attire and looks attractive and chic on most skin tones.

Radiate in the beauty of rose gold bracelet styles

Rose gold bracelets can be worn on their own or stacked with watches, thick or thin bracelets and bangles. Rose gold’s soft tones make it easy to combine with jewelry in other colours of gold too. Here we walk you through the most trending styles of rose gold bracelets available today.

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Rose gold tennis bracelet

Rose gold tennis bracelets are contemporary in design and highly valued. Typically studded with small-sized diamonds or gemstones linked together with a rose gold chain, this exquisite circle of sparkle and colour will look incredibly glamorous on the wrist. You won't need to wear layers of jewelry to make an impression on special occasions - simply one stylish tennis bracelet in rose gold is enough.

Rose gold charm bracelet

The special charms on rose gold pendants can encapsulate precious moments and special memories. Rose gold charm bracelets can feature pearls or diamond pendants shaped as hearts, stars, knots, nature-inspired designs, numbers or zodiac signs. To make it precious for the wearer, bracelet charms in plain rose gold can also be engraved with a name, initials, date or a visual message.

Rose gold bangle bracelet

Rose gold bangle bracelets are chic and uber stylish. Handcrafted in captivating styles and alluring designs, our collection of rose gold bracelets feature eye-catching, luxuriant pieces. These bracelets form a rigid circle of rose gold around the wrist, and can be slipped on or have an open or closed design for ease of wear. Sculptural, smooth, engraved or textured, the rose gold bangle can also be set with a centrepiece or colourful gemstones.

Rose gold infinity bracelet

A promise of eternal love and devotion, the rose gold infinity bracelet is the perfect gift for special occasions. The infinity design embodies a commitment to everlasting affection for the precious one in your life and can be gifted to a friend, partner or a family member.

Rose gold pearl bracelet

Rose gold elevates the beauty of cultured pearls in bracelets. Freshwater pearls in soulful white or rich ivory, shades of pink, greens, and lavender, make a scintillating style statement of elegance and sophistication when set in rose gold bracelets.

Graceful and stylish rose gold pearl bracelets have pearls interspersed along the length of the chain or on sweet little rose gold bracelet charms.

Rose gold-plated bracelets

Seeking the beauty of precious rose gold but stuck with a limited budget? That’s not a problem at all! In our collections of gold-plated bracelets, you will find beautifully crafted rose gold plated pieces.

Rose gold plated bracelets are handcrafted in a metal like silver and plated with a layer of rose gold. With care, the gold plating can easily last for two years or longer.

We are certain that you’ll delight in the chunky, playful and chic rose gold bracelet designs in our collections. With extra large links, or set with gemstones and nature-inspired charms, bracelets designed masterfully in rose gold are a joy to possess.

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