Emerald Diamond Huggie 0.075 - Single
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Trio Emerald Stud 0.09 in 14K Gold - SingleTrio Emerald Stud 0.09 in 14K Gold - Single
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Jabbar 18K Gold Earrings w. EmeraldsJabbar 18K Gold Earrings w. Emeralds
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Floating Emerald 18K Gold Earring w. EmeraldFloating Emerald 18K Gold Earring w. Emerald
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Gold Emerald Orbit 18K Gold Earring w. EmeraldGold Emerald Orbit 18K Gold Earring w. Emerald
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Emerald Ear Jacket 18K Gold Earring w. EmeraldEmerald Ear Jacket 18K Gold Earring w. Emerald
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Seafire 18K & 22K Gold Earring w. Emerald & DiamondsSeafire 18K & 22K Gold Earring w. Emerald & Diamonds
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Emerald Drop Diamond Earring 0.21 - Single
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18K Simple Gold Studs w. Green Emerald18K Simple Gold Studs w. Green Emerald
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Wouters & Hendrix

18K Simple Gold Studs w. Green Emerald
$586.00 USD
18K Gold Hoops w. Green Emerald18K Gold Hoops w. Green Emerald
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Wouters & Hendrix

18K Gold Hoops w. Green Emerald
$818.00 USD

Emerald earrings are stunning, serene and precious. In the world of precious gemstones, emeralds are nothing less than spellbinding in their enchanting shades of green. And to wear them in the form of emerald earrings will surely set you apart in the most elegant manner. Now, finding the perfect emerald earring is pure joy and totally hassle-free because we have curated a scintillating collection of the finest emerald earrings from the best design houses across Europe, just for you!

• Emerald earrings and why they are must-haves
• Latest in emerald earring trends
• Choosing the perfect emerald earrings

The magic of emerald earrings

Emerald earrings are just what you need to satiate that intense craving for jewelry that’s both precious and impressive. Breathtaking and magical, emeralds have wooed and won hearts since time immemorial. The legendary Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt, had a life-long craze for her marvellous emeralds. And it is really no wonder why!

Emerald earrings are tangible bits of raw magic. The green gemstone presents a magnificent range of green shades—the bright and deep green being the most valuable of emerald colours. Set in earrings of gold or silver, these gorgeous stones sparkle away in your ears, making you feel no lesser than a queen.

Emeralds stand for hope, romance and regeneration as witnessed by the beautiful green season of spring. You can gift a pair of emerald earrings to someone born in May as emeralds are the birthstones for the month of May.

Emeralds are hardy gemstones, being quite scratch-resistant with a rating of 7.5-8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means that emerald earrings are very suitable for everyday wear!

Emerald earrings can come in any of the popular gemstone cuts including cushion, round, emerald, and princess. The emerald cut or the step cut is the oldest and one of the most favoured cuts for emeralds, displaying its beautiful green hue.

What are the trending styles in emerald earrings for women?

Emerald earrings command a special place when it comes to fine jewelry. Romantic and infinitely stunning, emerald earrings are favoured by those with an eye for cool glamour that transcends the ordinary. It is also a great option for those looking to incorporate colours into their jewelry, especially for lovers of green. Choose from emerald studs, emerald danglers, emerald hoops and drops in precious materials like gold and silver to elevate your personal style from ordinary to truly regal. Read on for some of the best and latest in emerald earring trends.

Emerald and gold earrings

Emerald earrings crafted in solid gold are a fine addition to your treasure chest. Studs, danglers, hoops—you can find emerald and gold earrings in a lot of irresistible designs. Wear them night or day with both matching and contrasting colour palettes in outfits for a vibe of royal elegance.

Emerald and silver earrings

Emerald earrings are stunning, elegant and ethereal in silver settings. The moonlight glow of silver brings out the magic of the beautiful green emerald. Watch out for iconic designs among designer emerald earrings for some easy everyday emerald and silver sophistication.

Gold-plated emerald earrings

Gold-plated emerald earrings bring together the best of both worlds—the peerless glory of emeralds and the budget-friendly durability of quality gold-plating. These are perfect for those seeking to sport the magical allure of emeralds in a relatively inexpensive way. Simple daily-wear designs, as well as super-stylish creations, can be found at affordable rates and you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Emerald and diamond earrings

Emeralds and diamonds are a celestial match. The cool green of emeralds beautifully offsets the fiery glitter of diamonds, especially against precious metals like 18k white gold or sterling silver.

Emerald stud earrings

Emerald studs are forever classics. Ranging from simple emerald studs with gold or silver prongs to elaborate affairs, you will find a variety of emerald studs in the most interesting shapes to delight your inner fashionista.

Choose a pair of gold emerald studs in stylish designs for a dose of irresistible class. Great for daily wear, both for casual outings and for the workplace, emerald studs in small to medium sizes can add easy elegance to every look.

Emerald hoops and huggies

Nothing quite beats the playful beauty of pavé-set emerald hoops. Emerald hoop earrings can be found with both solid gold and silver bases for that extra-strong dose of the oomph factor. These are available in many different sizes and shapes as well.

Small huggie hoop earrings flush-set with emeralds are delightful. These cute emerald earrings “hug” your earlobes, imparting a fresh glow of beautiful green. They are minimalist in spirit and a fit for all occasions.

Emerald drops and danglers

Emerald drops and emerald dangler earrings are just what you need for an instant luxury upgrade. Hanging just below your lobe or long and fluid, these versatile emerald earring styles complement almost every outfit type with their relaxed glamour.

Which emerald earring style should I choose?

Apart from the elementary maxim of wearing what your heart chooses, here are some simple pointers for selecting the perfect emerald earrings every time.
Pick emerald earrings to complement your features
Always wear an emerald earring style that accentuates your features to the best effect. The colour and length of your emerald earring can change the appearance of your facial silhouette. Keep in mind your hairstyle and length as well as your colouring while choosing the perfect emerald earrings.

Use our easy earring guide to find the right-sized earrings in no time.

Showcase your unique charisma through emerald earrings

Choose your emerald earrings to match your singular style preferences.

♥ The minimalist will love sleek designs in petite sizes
♥ The sophisticated woman will dig emerald earrings in contemporary refined luxury styles.
♥ Flamboyant ones with unbridled aesthetic passions love to express themselves in unconventional ways. They love a brilliant mix of cuts and colours in asymmetric raw and edgy earring settings with artfully mismatched pairs that showcase their atypical sense of fashion.

Emerald earrings add a pop of colour and refined elegance like nothing else to even the simplest outfits. So, go on and get yourself emerald earrings available in every shape and hue of green imaginable. Head over and check out our stylish designer collections of emerald earrings featuring exquisitely handcrafted creations that will have you spellbound from first sight.

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