Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalJodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Laura 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalLaura 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Nada 14K Goldfilled Chain Earring w. OpalNada 14K Goldfilled Chain Earring w. Opal
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Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Bon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink OpalBon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink Opal

Carré Jewelry

Bon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink Opal
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Elma 14K Goldfilled Stud w. OpalElma 14K Goldfilled Stud w. Opal
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Katia 14K Goldfilled Ear Hook w. OpalKatia 14K Goldfilled Ear Hook w. Opal
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Spiral 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds & OpalsSpiral 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds & Opals
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Bergsoe Jewelry

Spiral 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds & Opals
$785.00 USD

Opal jewelry is in a class apart due to its mesmerising flashes of colour and light. Opal jewelry appeals to those who look for jewelry that reflects their individuality and sense of style and want beautiful and distinctive pieces. We’ve put together a collection of fine jewelry pieces set with opals in alluring designs by the best international designers and brands. We are certain that you will find the opal that captures your fancy right here.

• What’s so special about opal jewelry?
• How can you tell if an opal is “real”?
• Kinds of opal jewelry
• Caring for opal jewelry

Magical opal jewelry

Opal jewelry have an enchanting beauty that’s hard to resist. Loved and admired for its iridescence, the opal is a seductive stone associated with loyalty and faithfulness, believed to lower inhibition and intensify desire. Opal jewelry, as Victoria Finlay put it, “flickers with a unique fire” with flashes of colour that are a sight to behold.

♦ Opals in jewelry are set as cut and polished cabochons
♦ Quality opals set in jewelry display an optical effect with flashes of coloured light called the “play of colour”. The range of colours and the vividity of the play of colours determine the value of an opal. Therefore, an opal with a more vivid play of colour in a broader spectrum of the rainbow will command a higher price.
♦ The most sought-after opal jewelry is set with black, white, fire, or boulder opals

Know your opals

♦ Natural or “real” opals are mined from the earth and usually have bumpy curved surfaces, whereas synthetic opals are lab-made and flat
♦ Real opals are more fragile and break easily as compared to synthetic opals
♦ Opals are treated to alter their colour, clarity and durability
♦ Manufactured opals have the same chemical composition as natural opals and are not considered fake

Colours of opals in jewelry

Opal jewelry is mainly set in gold or sterling silver and is available as earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Black opal jewelry is the most sought-after because of the beautiful rainbow colours that stand out better than white and lighter coloured opals.
Blue opal jewelry is also popular and great for everyday use and special occasions. Blue opals come in every shade of blue.
Fire opal jewelry stands out because of the unique background colour, which ranges from yellow to orange and red

Caring for your opal jewelry

♥ Clean your opal jewelry with a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent and wipe dry.
♥ Do not soak your opal jewelry in water.
♥ When choosing opal jewelry, look for the “play of colour” and ensure the setting is secure.
♥ Store your opal jewelry carefully to avoid damage and scratches, as genuine opals are fragile and measure only 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

We hope you enjoy browsing our opal jewelry collection and find the perfect piece. Please contact us if you want clarifications about the quality or care of opals or delivery time. Until then, happy shopping!

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