Unda 14K Gold BraceletUnda 14K Gold Bracelet

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Unda 14K Gold Bracelet
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Asym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Red BeadsAsym Gold Plated Bracelet w. Red Beads
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Iris Light Gold Plated Bracelet w. Mixed coloured BeadsIris Light Gold Plated Bracelet w. Mixed coloured Beads
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Summer Treasure Gold Plated BraceletSummer Treasure Gold Plated Bracelet
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Soho Gold Plated Bracelet w. Green BeadsSoho Gold Plated Bracelet w. Green Beads
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As we know them today, bracelets are delicate pieces of jewelry specially crafted for wrists. Flexible in the form of a loop or chain, bracelets are designed in many kinds of materials such as precious metals, gemstones, bone, glass beads, shell, pearls, leather, cord, and gold-plated metal. Among our collections, we have put together the best bracelet designs and fine-jewellery bracelets fashioned by the most gifted designers and heritage brands in Europe.

Why are bracelets so popular?

Bracelets have decorated our wrists for centuries and have stood the test of time as style accessories that are always on-trend. Bracelets have evolved from the armbands and wrist cuffs made of stone, bone, leather, and metal to become items of fine bracelet jewelry in the sleek and fashionable designs we see today.

Bracelets are trendy and sought-after accessories today as they hold a universal appeal for men, women, and children. If you are looking to buy a bracelet for yourself or a special someone or simply want bracelet ideas about these versatile and popular style-enhancers, read on!

• Fine bracelet jewelry
• What’s special about designer bracelets?
• Popular bracelet types and styles
• Bracelet ideas

Fine bracelet jewelry

Bracelets have a special place among fine jewelry for women and men. They are designed to hold elegance, add a pop of colour, encapsulate special memories and moments, create a unique identity, present the wearer‘s own view point and to make a fashion statement. Some bracelets are worn as amulets for protection or as reminders of personal and spiritual significance.

We understand that for whatever reason, bracelets are favoured among fine jewelry and loved by men and women everywhere. So we have a thoughtfully curated beautiful collection of high-quality, designer bracelets in simple and elegant minimal styles, or luxury bracelets in gold and diamonds that will knock your socks off and ours too!

What’s special about designer bracelets?

Designer bracelets are handcrafted to present unique gemstones and pearls in interesting textures and precious metal castings. Some of our popular and best-selling designer brands have exclusively beaded bracelets hand-fashioned by indigenous artisans from across the world. They use material sourced thoughtfully, painstakingly and lovingly. We understand the value-based approach our designer friends have towards, quality materials, craftsmanship, sustainable production, slow, long-lasting, jewelry making and so much more. And that's why we are proud to host them.

Popular bracelet types and styles

Bracelets are categorised by their style, the material used to make them, and for whom they are made. While bracelets are available in various materials, we will limit ourselves to bracelets made of silver and gold with or without gems and beads.

Bracelets by style

Chain bracelets are simple and elegant pieces of jewelry. They are made of metal chain links and fastened with a clasp. Whether they are slim or chunky, chain-link bracelets have an ageless charm that can enhance your formal wear as well as they would your jeans and casual shirt/blouse. Chain bracelets look beautiful when stacked with bangle or cuff bracelets.

Tennis bracelets are flexible bracelets with precious, semi-precious, or synthetic stones in a chain setting. The tennis bracelet was made famous when popular tennis player and sports fashion icon Chris Evert dropped her diamond-line bracelet during a match at the1987 US Open. Having captured the attention and hearts of women for so long, tennis bracelets have become a classic, much-favoured style. Tennis bracelets may be set with coloured stones, but the diamond tennis bracelet is the most popular and best-loved version.

Charm or pendant bracelets are usually ladies’ bracelets. They are in the form of a slim chain with charms or small bracelet pendants hanging from the links. There are endless possibilities to personalise your charm bracelet. You could have a charm with your or a loved one’s initials, birthstone, or birth sign. You could also have charms that mark a special memory or are of significance to you.

Bangle bracelets are rigid circles of metal, which you can slip on your wrist. They may be plain or set with stones. A wide or chunky bangle bracelet is a definite showstopper that can hold its own as a single accessory. Slim bangle bracelets are discrete, graceful, and charmingly feminine. The best thing about these slim bangles is that they come in many designs and look stunning when stacked.

Cuff bracelets are rigid like the bangle bracelet but have an opening wide enough to allow you to slip on so it fits around your wrist. Like bangles, cuff bracelets come in different metals, textures, and bracelet designs and are a hot favourite among both men and women bracelet fans. Thin cuff bracelets make great accessories for daily use and can be stacked with chain and bangle bracelets for a varied and exciting look. A broad cuff bracelet is eye-catching and bold and allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Pearl bracelets are every woman’s favourite accessory. They are classic and a must-have in any jewelry lover's cache. Like diamond tennis bracelets, pearl bracelets continue to be trendy. Pearls have an unmatched grace and timeless appeal when they encircle your wrist in the form of a bracelet.

Beaded and braided bracelets are popular accessories favoured by youngsters. Beaded bracelets are composed of facet-cut or round beads, made of glass, gemstones, seed pearls, wood, or metal, in one or more colours. These bracelets may be designed as cheerful, playful accessories, or they could be bracelets with gemstone beads that have spiritual dimensions like healing properties or remove negativity.

Bracelets by material

Silver bracelets are popular items of jewelry. Pristine and timelessly captivating, few things are quite as beautiful as finely crafted sterling silver designer bracelet jewelry. Silver bracelets are just the accessory you are looking for when you have both beauty and budget on your mind. Virtually identical to platinum and white gold, silver bracelets come in an incredible array of designs and styles, often without a heavy price tag shadowing their affordability.

Gold bracelets are trending this year. They make great gifts for loved ones or special treats for yourself. We have curated the best gold bracelets in yellow, white, and rose gold in different styles and purities of 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k, so you can be sure to find one that suits your taste and fits your budget.

Gold-plated bracelets are a great and affordable option when you are shopping on a budget. We have an ample selection of designer rhodium and gold-plated sterling silver bracelets for you to choose from because we know customers have varied tastes and budgets and want to offer you beautiful bracelets at prices that will delight you. These bracelets are plated with 18k to 24k gold and are so beautifully made that it would be hard to tell they are plated and not solid gold. Also available are a few pieces of silver-plated jewelry.

Hand corded bracelets or braided bracelets have braided cords and ornamental macrame braiding with or without added gemstones and beads. Beautiful and in multiple hues, these bracelets can be playful or double up as spiritual amulet bracelets.

Bracelets for Her and for Him

Bracelets are accessories worn by both men and women. While women tend to favour delicate, ornate or classic styles like tennis bracelets, bangle bracelets, and pearl bracelets, men invariably choose beaded or braided bracelets, cuff bracelets and chunky chain-link bracelets. Today, there are no hard and fast rules about what men or women can wear; it is all a matter of personal preference. Several bracelets come in unisex designs and styles that appeal to both men and women.

If you are unsure about bracelet sizes, please do check out our size guides for bracelets and bangles to decide on what would suit you best. And do explore our selection of beautiful designer bracelets and bangles with diamonds, pearls, gemstones, letters or even personal hidden messages. Happy browsing!

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