Wrap No 01 18K Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Bracelet
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Velvet Life 18K Gold BraceletVelvet Life 18K Gold Bracelet
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Ole Lynggaard

Velvet Life 18K Gold Bracelet
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Vega Silver Bangle

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Silver Bangle
$244.00 USD
Vega Relief 18K Gold BraceletVega Relief 18K Gold Bracelet

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Relief 18K Gold Bracelet
From $2,421.00 USD
Vega 18K Gold BangleVega 18K Gold Bangle

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega 18K Gold Bangle
$3,701.00 USD
Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Yellow ZirconiasValiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Yellow Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Yellow Zirconias
$127.00 USD
Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Red ZirconiasValiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Red Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Red Zirconias
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Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Pink ZirconiasValiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Pink Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Pink Zirconias
$127.00 USD
Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Blue ZirconiasValiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Blue Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Valiano Gold Plated Bangle w. Blue Zirconias
$127.00 USD
Under The Sea Triple 18K Gold Bangle
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Ole Lynggaard

Under The Sea Triple 18K Gold Bangle
$14,623.00 USD
Under The Sea 18K Gold BangleUnder The Sea 18K Gold Bangle
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Ole Lynggaard

Under The Sea 18K Gold Bangle
$8,333.00 USD
Twin Flame Cuff 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Twin Flame Cuff 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
$850.00 USD
Tubini 9K Gold Plated BraceletTubini 9K Gold Plated Bracelet
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Bea Bongiasca

Tubini 9K Gold Plated Bracelet
$674.00 USD

Timeless and elegant, classic bracelets will always remain in style. They are beautiful, stylish and versatile. Of course, you love them! We totally get you here. This is exactly why we have curated a fine selection of classic bracelets and bangles in true Scandinavian minimal styles, just for you. These designer bracelets are beautifully crafted by the best jewelry houses from across Europe and the world. Come take a look and we assure you, you will be smitten!

• What are classic bracelets?
• Why do you love classic bracelets?
• Evergreen classic bracelet styles

What are classic bracelets?

By definition, when a design or piece of jewelry shines bright in terms of style and popularity even beyond the era of its origin, then it is described as a classic item or design. Classic bracelets or bangles are those that have transcended time to remain in vogue even ages after their initial entry into the world of jewelry.

Classic designs are immune to trends

Classic bracelets feature smart design elements that are immune to trends. Inspired by nature, art and architecture of their age, jewelry lovers just cannot get enough of these classy pieces. Perfect for every season, many of these iconic designs attain vintage status effortlessly when generation after generation falls in love with them. Jewelry designers often refresh classic designs with a lovely makeover; new colour palettes and components.

Classic bracelets, bangles or cuffs?

Although we sometimes refer to all wrist jewelry as bracelets, there are differences between bracelets, bangles and wrist cuffs or cuff bracelets. While bracelets are fluid and designed like chains worn loose around your wrist, bangles are closed circles and have a rigid form while cuff bracelets are open-ended and rigid like bangles and designed to fit snugly around the narrowest part of your wrist.

What are classic designer bracelets made of?

Classic bracelets are often crafted in solid precious metals like gold and silver, or in affordable gold- or rhodium-plated silver or brass.

Gold classic bracelets
Classic bracelets in gold come in multiple purities of 18k-10k. There is a choice in terms of colour as well --- yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Gold-plated bracelets in classic designs may be plated with 22k-10k gold.

♦ Yellow gold has always been traditionally the most popular pick for gold bracelets in classic styles.
♦ Feminine with a dash of romance, rose gold bracelets are loved for their charming grace.
♦ White gold bracelets in classic styles are always on bestseller lists with their understated luxury in combination with white diamonds.
♦ Gold vermeil has a thick coating of gold on a base of 925 sterling silver. This delivers high-quality classic bracelets that are as durable as they are charmingly affordable.

Classic bracelets in sterling silver
Always stunning, sterling silver or 925 silver is ideal for classic bracelets you would want to wear daily. Although relatively inexpensive, classic bracelets in sterling silver are at par with their gold counterparts in beauty and popularity.

Classic gemstone bracelets
Luxurious gemstones like diamonds, rubies or emeralds or the more affordable cubic zirconia add colour and sparkle to the classic bracelet styles. Sometimes, a classic bracelet may be made with macrame knot threads. Enamel-coated lock beads and dainty charms featuring a rice pearl or semiprecious gemstone bead are simple additions that create exclusive looks in classic bracelet designs.

Why choose a classic bracelet?

♥ Being timeless, classic bracelets ensure that your style is always on point.
♥ You just can't go wrong with bracelet styles that are classics. Wear them day or night and on any occasion, you can think of, be it summer weddings, a spring party, or a Christmas dinner.
♥ You can wear them all your life and even pass them on to the ones you love to enjoy.
♥ Plus they simplify the whole process of putting together your OOTD (aka outfit of the day). All you need to spice up that casual or formal look is to add a classic bracelet and you are all sorted out in terms of tasteful exclusivity.

Evergreen classic bracelet styles to inspire you

Classic bracelets come in a variety of charming designs. From delicate chic pieces to those radiating grand vintage-inspired luxury, you will find plenty of styles here to suit your style preferences.

Classy everyday styles
Classic bangles and bracelets in gold and sterling silver offer fine pieces that you can easily wear all year round, no matter the season or reason. With smooth contours that do not pose a snagging hazard, these beauties are available in both minimalist as well as prominently eye-catching styles, with a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Exclusive styles for special occasions
Iconic designs from exclusive designer brands are on point for those special occasions in life. These timeless designer bracelets are sure to be noted as a testament to your fine taste and elegance. They may be a classic diamond tennis bracelet or its reinvented version bearing different gemstones.

Exotic designs in classic bracelets
For those who adore novelty, there is a whole world of unconventional designs in classic bracelets to explore. Super-talented designers are quite adventurous in their craft. They do not always use traditional gold and silver to create their handmade designs. Instead, they look to colourful glass beads, threads, cords and strings to imbue classic designs with an extraordinary vibe of refreshing charm.

We have noted that classic styles are here to stay and easy to love. With so many stunning classic bracelet collections, all you really need to do is add your favourites to the cart and check out. We promise to deliver all of your purchases safely and quickly, along with our assurance of top quality and authenticity of make and materials for every piece.

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