3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds
Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsHalf Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
From $120.00 USD
Star 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsStar 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
From $124.00 USD
North Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

North Star 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
From $85.00 USD
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
Sold out


Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
$254.00 USD
Triangle Diamond 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Triangle Diamond 18K Gold Stud w. Diamond
From $167.00 USD
Mini Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earrings w. DiamondMini Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earrings w. Diamond
Horizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - SingleHorizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - Single
Sold out
Triangle Diamond 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Triangle Diamond 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamond
From $167.00 USD
Star 18K Whitegold Stud w. DiamondsStar 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Whitegold Stud w. Diamonds
From $124.00 USD

Everyone everywhere loves diamond earrings. This is because diamonds are precious and forever. Diamonds represent your inner sparkle and strength and are symbols of everlasting love. A chic and sparkling diamond earring enhances your sense of worth. If you are here, you are likely interested in diamond earrings. Whether you want a single diamond earring or a pair, we offer you an exquisite collection of diamond earrings for women and men in different sizes, shapes, and styles from some of Europe’s best and most talented designers.

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• Diamond earring shapes, settings and styles
• Diamond earring care

What’s special about a diamond earring?

Diamond earrings—stud earrings, hoop earrings, drop earrings, danglers and hoops—are the favourite accessories everyone aspires to own and wear because they are beautiful, elegant, stylish, and versatile. Most of all diamonds speak of everlasting value, being the hardest substance known. Gifting a pair of diamond earrings will always communicate value and admiration to the receiver.

Diamond earrings are valuable and long-lasting

Authentic diamond earrings come with diamond grading and a certificate. In our times, diamonds are not only natural but can also be lab-created. Such diamonds are known as lab-grown diamonds and even eco-conscious diamonds. Both natural diamonds and lab-grown ones come with grading, authenticity and traceability certificates.

Read about the 4 Cs of Diamond grading in this Diamond Buying Guide.

A diamond earring effortlessly adds class, elegance and glamour to your look

Diamonds pair well with any outfit. Go for brilliant white diamond danglers with your evening gown or small huggie rings with solitaire diamond studs to work. A pair of diamond earrings can accentuate your eyes and bone structure, drawing attention to your hair and the curve of your neck. Wearing chunky statement pieces or delicate everyday diamond earrings can be a pleasure.

Different shapes, settings and styles of diamond earrings

Diamond earrings come in various shapes and cuts, such as round brilliant, princess cut, pear-shaped, marquee cut, etc. You can have diamond earrings in pavé, prong, halo or the classic bezel setting. Diamonds in earrings also come in mixed colours with accent stones like emerald, ruby, peridot, amethyst, tourmaline, pearl and more. Pearl and diamond earrings are stunning and luxurious.

Diamond earrings set in gold

Jewelry designers across the globe love to mix diamonds with precious metals to create fine diamond jewelry. Diamond earrings set in gold are classic and have an everlasting charm. The same design can be made with these precious sparkling gems set in white, rose, or yellow gold.

Solitaire diamond stud earrings

A diamond earring staple, solitaire diamond earrings have a single diamond. It is minimalist and elegant in design, focusing on a single gemstone. Any earring set with a single diamond can be called a solitaire earring, The larger the diamond and the better its cut, the greater its price.

What is the best size and cut for solitaire diamond stud earrings?
While you can wear big and small diamond solitaire earrings, a diamond that weighs between 0.25 carat and 1.00 carat is ideal for a pair of solitaire diamond earrings. Round brilliant cuts are the most preferred for classic solitaire diamond earrings for women.

Diamond hoops

Hoop earrings are classic and timeless accessories which have always been popular and on-trend. When combined with diamonds, hoop earrings become beautiful fashion statements you can comfortably wear with any attire. Some hoop styles are closed while others are open. Hoop sizes range from small to extra large. Depending on how bold and adventurous you feel you can wear a hoop of any size.

Diamond huggies, as the name suggests, are small hoops that hug your ear lobe. They may be set with a solitaire diamond or multiple lines of small diamonds.

We have a helpful Hoop Size Guide that you can read to understand hoop sizes.

Diamond stud earrings

Classic diamond stud earrings may have solitaire or smaller diamonds arranged in any shape. Studs are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and gold-plated silver. Stud earring sizes range from small to large and are the most easy-to-wear and versatile earring styles. Both men and women favour studs that work very well with multiple piercings. You can pair diamond stud earrings with pendant earrings, huggies, and hoops.

Read our Earrings Size Guide to decide on the diamond earrings that will best suit the shape of your face.

Diamond cuff earrings

Diamond cuff earrings are perfect if you like the multiple piercings look or wish to wear earrings that give the pierced look without being permanent. Diamond cuff earrings come in several sizes starting at 0.8cm c-shaped rings that hold your ear helix or large statement ear jewels that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Diamond drop earrings

This style of diamond earrings is designed with a drop pendant that falls from the earlobe. Drop earrings are simple and stylish and come in beautiful designs.

Can you wear diamond earrings every day?

In a word, yes!

Diamonds are the hardest gems you can find, so there is no fear of chipping. You can safely wear small to medium-sized diamond ear studs daily in 14K to 22K gold settings.

Tip: We recommend cleaning your everyday diamond earrings at least twice a week in a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with water to keep them free of oil and grime buildup.

Do you want earrings with diamonds for everyday use or a special occasion? Are you looking for chunky statement earrings set with diamonds, a long, swaying pair of diamond “shoulder duster” earrings, or delicate diamond earrings? You will find something for your jewelry box in our curated collection that will make you say, “Ah, this is it!”

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding size and fit, we are available for a quick chat on any business day. Just click on the Chat icon. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have a special request like personalisation options, gift wrapping, or questions regarding your order or the delivery date of a product. We want to help you make the best purchase.

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