Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - SingleTiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
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Tiny Diamond Stud 0.02 in 14K Gold - Single
$79.00 USD $98.00 USD
Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - SingleFloating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
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Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
$116.00 USD $144.00 USD
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
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Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
$253.00 USD
3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds
Horizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - SingleHorizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - Single
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Diamond Huggie 0.18 - SingleDiamond Huggie 0.18 - Single


Diamond Huggie 0.18 - Single
$521.00 USD
Vertical Diamond Spiral Earring  0.13 - SingleVertical Diamond Spiral Earring  0.13 - Single
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Emerald Diamond Huggie 0.075 - Single
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Our Lips Silver Earring w. DiamondOur Lips Silver Earring w. Diamond
Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring-pendant w. DiamondsShooting Stars 18K Gold Earring-pendant w. Diamonds
Iconic Piece

Women and men everywhere love diamond earrings. And we know that. We offer you a sparkling range of diamond earrings in different sizes, shapes, and styles from some of Europe’s best and most talented designers. Whether you want a single diamond earring or a pair, we have an array to offer you. Or are you looking for chunky statement earrings set with diamonds, a long, swaying pair of diamond “shoulder duster” earrings, or a pair of delicate diamond earrings? You will find something in our curated collections that will make you say, “Ah, this is it!”

What’s special about diamond earrings?

Diamonds are precious and forever. Diamonds represent your inner sparkle, strength and are symbols of everlasting love. And, among all diamond jewelry, diamond earrings steal the show. A diamond earring hugging your ear whispers sweet nothings while you enjoy your sense of worth.

Diamond earrings are valuable and long-lasting

Authentic diamond jewelry comes with diamond grading and a certificate. Diamonds can not only be created only in nature; you have lab-grown diamonds too, so they are called eco-conscious diamonds. These are real diamonds too and come with grading, authenticity and traceability certificates.

Diamonds in jewelry are graded on the 4 Cs—clarity, cut, colour, and carat, which determine the diamond's price. The higher the four Cs, the more precious and costly the diamond. And it is perhaps these four Cs that enhance the allure of the diamonds. The various combinations of these four criteria create diamonds of different hues in a rainbow of colours.

Diamond earrings effortlessly add class, elegance and glamour

Diamonds pair well with any outfit. Go for brilliant white diamond danglers with your evening gown. Opt for a black diamond huggie with a solitaire stud with your white power suit. How about yellow or grey diamonds to go with your pastel-hued dresses? You could also test your adventurous spirit with green, pink, and other fancy coloured diamonds.

A pair of diamond earrings can accentuate your eyes and bone structure, drawing attention to your hair and the curve of your neck. Wearing chunky statement pieces or delicate everyday diamond earrings can be a pleasure.

What are the different shapes, settings and styles of diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings come in a variety of shapes such as round, princess, pear-shaped, marquee, and so on. You can have earrings with diamonds in pavé, prong, halo or the classic bezel setting.

Diamond earrings styles are so many that you will be spoilt for choice. Let's categorise them according to the metal used to set the diamonds, the size of the diamonds, their shape and the number of diamonds used, and the style of the earrings.

Diamond earrings set in gold

Jewelry designers across the globe love to mix diamonds with precious metals to create exquisite fine diamond jewelry.

Among all diamond jewelry, diamond earrings steal the show. You can have gold diamond earrings in a multitude of styles and settings.

Diamond earrings set in gold are classic and have an everlasting charm. The same design can be made with these precious sparkling gems set in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. While there are silver earrings set with diamonds, gold in various hues is the preferred metal for these precious gemstones. White gold, rose gold and black gold earrings could be set with one or with many diamonds for an icy finish.

Diamond solitaire earrings

A diamond earring staple, solitaire diamond earrings have a single diamond. It is minimalist and elegant in design, with the entire focus on the single gemstone. Any earring set with a single diamond can be called a solitaire earring, but the cost increases with the size of the diamond. The larger the diamond and the better its cut, the greater its price. Solitaire diamond earrings are treasured items of jewelry, something you would invest thought and consideration into before buying.

What is the best size and cut for solitaire diamond earrings?

While you can wear big and small diamond solitaire earrings, a diamond that weighs between 0.25 and 1.00 carat is ideal for a pair of solitaire diamond earrings. Round brilliant cuts are the most preferred cuts for classic solitaire earrings.

Diamond Hoops

Hoop earrings are classic and timeless accessories, which have always been popular and on-trend. When combined with diamonds, hoop earrings become beautiful fashion statements that you can comfortably wear with your power suit, evening dress, or casual attire.

Diamond hoops are of three main types:

Traditional diamond hoops are set with diamonds and closes with a prong. This style has a gap between the hoop and the bottom of the ear lobe.

Diamond J-hoops curve under the earlobe and are held in place with a screw or push-back behind the ear lobe.

Diamond huggies, as the name suggests, hug your ear lobe. They are small in size and sit close to the earlobe. They may be set with a solitaire diamond or multiple small diamonds.

If you wonder what kind or size of diamond hoops would suit you, we have a helpful hoop size guide that gives you all the information and advice you will need.

Round diamond earrings

Round diamond earrings are classic ear studs that may have solitaire diamonds or smaller diamonds arranged in a round formation. They are relatively small in size and are the most easy-to-wear earrings. This versatile style will suit you if you have multiple piercings. You can pair them with diamond pendant earrings, diamond huggies, and diamond hoops.

Check out our earrings size guide to decide on the diamond earrings that will best suit the shape of your face.

Diamond cuff earrings

A simple solution for the luxurious multi-piercing look, diamond cuff earrings are small (starting at 0.8cm) c-shaped rings that hold your ear helix like a “cuff”. The diamond ear cuff stays on your ear when you clamp or press tightly on the ring. Diamond cuff earrings are perfect if you like the multiple piercings look or wish to wear earrings that give the pierced look without being permanent.

Dancing diamonds earrings

A dancing diamond is a relatively new concept that originated in Japan. The dancing diamond has a unique setting that makes it appear as if it were vibrating or “dancing” in tune with the wearer’s movements. Dancing diamond earrings have diamonds without prongs or bezels and do not touch the wearer’s ear. They are set so that they are flexible and not rigidly positioned. The fascinating way the dancing diamond catches the light and reflects it is eye-catching and breathtaking in its quivering beauty.

Floating diamond earring

In a floating diamond earring, the diamond is set to give the illusion of the diamond “floating” on the ear instead of being held in position by prongs. The floating diamond is quite a new concept; it is a truly minimalist style of setting that focuses on the diamond without the distraction of prongs and channels.

Can you wear diamond earrings every day?

In a word, yes!
Diamonds are the hardest gems you can find, so there is no fear of breakage. You can safely wear small to medium-sized diamond ear studs every day in 14-karat to 22-karat gold open-back settings. Diamond earrings are so versatile that they go well with outfits. However, we recommend that you clean your everyday diamond earrings at least twice a week in a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with water to keep them free of oil and grime build-up.

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