Collar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsCollar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Great giftSold out
Fiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsFiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Daisy 18 mm Gold Plated NecklaceDaisy 18 mm Gold Plated Necklace
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 18 mm Gold Plated Necklace
$180.00 USD
Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Great giftSold out
Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated NecklaceDaisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Necklace
Great giftSold out

Georg Jensen

Daisy 11 mm. Gold Plated Necklace
$140.00 USD
Stellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsStellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Great gift
Brisa red 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Coral
Sold out
Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
On sale

Eshvi London

Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
$83.00 USD $104.00 USD
Brisa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Turquoise
Sold out
Classic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlClassic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
Great gift
Marilia 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Sold out
Ivrea Three 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. ZirconiasIvrea Three 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Zirconias
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Whisper chain 18K Gold Plated NecklaceWhisper chain 18K Gold Plated Necklace
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Carré Jewelry

Whisper chain 18K Gold Plated Necklace
From $63.00 USD
Chunky Chain 24K Gold Plated NecklaceChunky Chain 24K Gold Plated Necklace
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Garland chain 18K Gold Plated NecklaceGarland chain 18K Gold Plated Necklace

Carré Jewelry

Garland chain 18K Gold Plated Necklace
From $70.00 USD
Moon Gold Plated NecklaceMoon Gold Plated Necklace

Polar Jewelry

Moon Gold Plated Necklace
$193.00 USD
Daisy 7mm. Gold Plated NecklaceDaisy 7mm. Gold Plated Necklace
Great giftSold out

Georg Jensen

Daisy 7mm. Gold Plated Necklace
$125.00 USD
Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. CoralShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Coral
Great giftSold out

Gold-plated necklaces are the answer when you want more items for less! Nothing can match the timeless elegance and glamour of gold necklaces, but buying several solid gold necklaces can be expensive. Instead, we buy beautifully crafted gold-plated ones. Dive into our curated selection of stunning gold-plated necklaces and pendants. From charming gold pendants that are statement enough to be worn solo to delicate gold necklaces that are ideal for creating a layered look, these necklaces are perfect for gifting.

• Understand gold plating and quality finishes
• Discover how gold plating can last longer
• Super styles in gold-plated necklaces
• Gift gold-plated necklaces and chains

Gold-plated necklace: A smart choice for you

A gold-plated necklace is the perfect choice for the serious bling lover. If you love to keep up with the latest styles in designer necklaces and chains, then the gold-plated ones are what you need to add to your necklace and chain collection. And when you want to give a gift of jewelry to your friends and family for birthdays and special occasions this category will lift your buying power by several notches!

Find the different chain lengths for necklaces and how to choose one.

As for us, we have years of jewelry expertise that helps us curate top-quality demi-fine and gold vermeil jewelry from some of the best designers today. Our up-to-date selection has some of the most stylish and one-of-a-kind necklaces you would be delighted to make your own! All this at a fraction of the price you would pay for the same piece in precious metals!

Are gold-plated necklaces real gold?

Gold-plated necklaces are not solid gold. But they come with a thin top layer of real gold that makes them as pretty as their solid gold counterparts.

Gold-plated necklaces are electroplated with a layer of real 22K/18K/14K or 10K gold on a base metal, like silver or brass. A premium quality gold-plated necklace will have a gold layer of thickness anywhere between 2 and 3 microns.

How long does gold plating last on a necklace?

Both 24K and 22K yellow gold-plated necklaces look alike, but it is good to note that the lower karat gold coating is more durable and can remain shiny for at least three years if used with care and stored carefully. Answers to the following questions will determine the life of your gold-plated jewelry.

Is the gold plating thick? The thicker (2-3 microns) the electroplating, the longer-lasting will be the golden glow of your necklace.

What is the base metal? The use of good base metal, such as sterling silver, guarantees that the necklace plating will last longer.

How often do you wear your it? You can wear your gold-plated necklace as frequently as you want to. To work, coffee dates and parties!

Only take care to keep them moisture free and away from perfumes and soap. It pays to wipe down your gold-plated necklace after every use and hang it on a necklace stand or store it separately in a soft necklace case.

Types of necklaces available with gold-plating

Gold-plated necklaces have a stunning finish in all popular gold tones like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and even black tones. The price is so attractive, you don't have to be limited by a tight budget.

Hypoallergic and high-quality gold-plated sterling silver necklaces

At the heart of a premium quality gold-plated necklace is a sterling silver base. Precious and durable, gold-plated sterling silver necklaces offer the best of both worlds: the strength and value of this base metal and the quiet sophistication of gold. We have here some stunning gold vermeil, (18K plated) necklaces that are waiting to be grabbed. Steady bestsellers, 18K gold-plated silver necklaces are great for daily styling and as a gift.

Romantic rose gold-toned plated necklaces

Rose gold necklaces are in high demand among modern trendsetters. Now you can have the same gorgeous rose-gold magic at prices that are pocket-friendly, thanks to rose gold-plated necklaces! These beauties are crafted by electroplating a silver or brass base with real 14K/18K rose gold. Choose from stunning designs, carefully curated to help you slay in style.

Rhodium-plated necklaces for a white gold finish

Love white gold necklaces but not the heavy price tags? Rhodium-plated silver necklaces are here to the rescue. Rhodium is not gold, but similar to platinum and it is the top coating given to both solid white gold and silver jewelry. This is just what you need when you crave affordable white gold necklaces.

Sensational styles in gold-plated necklaces

Gold-plated necklaces are game-changers when it comes to shifting fashion trends. These make it easy to stay on top of the latest styles by getting the most talked-about designs without burning holes in your pockets. Read on for the bestsellers in gold necklaces today.

Gold-plated chain necklaces

Gold-plated chain necklaces are available in beautiful styles. Gorgeous link chain necklaces come in all sizes and textures that truly wow. Gold-plated chain necklaces come in multiple styles and lengths. From link chain necklaces and t-bar chain necklaces to rope chain necklaces and curb chain necklaces, there’s so much choice.

Find out about necklace chain lengths and measurements here.

Gold-plated pendant necklaces

Gold-plated pendant necklaces are stunning as part of a modest yet chic daily look. Encompassing symbols of love, luck and prosperity, you’re sure to find a charm to match your mood.

Gold-plated initial and letter necklaces

Designer gold-plated letter necklaces are a delightful way to make your jewelry truly about you! Imagine the joy of wearing a lovely necklace with your initial pendant paired with a stylish chain. This is what makes gold-plated letter necklaces an excellent gift as well.

Gold-plated necklaces with semi-precious stones

Gold-plated gemstone necklaces are simply mesmerising. Lovely gemstones like pearl, rose quartz, labradorite and more look enchanting on a gold-plated necklace, adding colour and elegance to any outfit.

Gold-plated cubic zirconia necklace

A perfect diamond simulant, high-quality cubic zirconia necklaces can be glamorous. Coloured cubic zirconia on a gold-plated necklace makes it the perfect affordable luxury item for your jewelry box. The range of vibrant colours on glowing gold makes every piece stand out.

Gold-plated bead necklaces

Gold-plated necklaces with glass beads in the form of cute fruits, flowers and berries are stunningly beautiful. These offer a fun way to incorporate colour and unique style into your look. Large beads with interesting textures in a gold-plated necklace is great for statement styles.

The perfect affordable gift for everyone

Affordability is the hallmark of gold-plated jewelry. When you want to tell someone how much they mean to you, a necklace can qualify as a splendid gift. You can buy several pendants and chains in stunning designs and themes as gifts for friends, Valentines, mothers and just-because-gifts for yourself.

Coordinate your gold necklaces with other jewelry

Affordable with the look of luxurious gold jewelry, gold-plated chains allow effortless styling. You can mix and match items to create your unique necklace styles. In styling, small details make all the difference!

♥ Gold-plated chunky chain necklaces make a lasting impression with their statement looks.
♥ Shorter styles like chokers are just what you need to look chic at parties and night celebrations. Wear these solo or with longer slim chains for some creative self-expression.
♥ Gold-plated letter charms can create words that are significant to you. You can wear them layered with other letters and number necklaces, too.

Choose a gold-plated necklace from reputed designers who offer quality, affordability and superior artisanship. Browse our selection of gold-plated necklace collections for the perfect gift for loved ones or to treasure in your own jewelry collection.

If you have any questions regarding size and fit, we are available for a quick chat on any business day. Just click on the Chat icon. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have a special request like personalisation options, gift wrapping, or questions regarding your order or the delivery date of a product. We want to help you make the best purchase.

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