Dot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondDot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamond

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Dot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamond
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Danaé 18K Gold or Whitegold Bracelet w. DiamondsDanaé 18K Gold or Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamonds
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Tiny 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsTiny 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Tiny 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Double Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsDouble Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Double Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
$389.00 USD

Luxurious, alluring, and elegant white gold.

White gold jewelry takes glamour to a whole new level. Personifying elegance and charm, jewelry fashioned in this magical white metal creates a captivating look by seamlessly adapting to every skin tone. Very much in high demand, jewelry handcrafted in this precious metal is always trending and on top of our bestseller list.

Discovered in Germany in the early eighteenth century, it wasn’t until 1920 that white gold became popular in Europe. Initially worn as a substitute for the more expensive platinum, this fine metal is sought after for its fine tones of silver, durability, and strength. Its ethereal hues and subtle shades make it the perfect substitute for silver and platinum jewelry, merging the best qualities of both metals into one.

• What is white gold really gold?
• Styling with white gold
• White gold jewelry designs

Is white gold the same as real gold?

Let’s start with the basics—is white gold real?

Absolutely yes! White gold is definitely real gold, mixed with other metals to make it more durable. And yes, jewelry in white gold is just as precious and valuable as those in yellow gold.

White gold combines pure yellow gold with metals such as silver, nickel, palladium, and zinc, which improves its durability, strength and lightens its colour. The percentage of these metals in the alloy determines its karat (k) or purity. To put it simply, an 18 karat white gold chain combines 75% yellow gold with 25% of the metal alloys.

White gold women's jewelry styling

How do we style white gold jewelry? There is no hard and fast rule, but keep in mind your styling represents who you are. We offer some tips here to help you figure it out for yourself.

A neutral shade with tone variants ranging from white to silver, combined with its glossy shine, makes white gold one of the most exciting metals to style with.

Styling white gold jewelry with your attire

The lustre of white gold magically accentuates attire in stark black, pristine white, neutral shades, or a psychedelic weave of colours. It teams effortlessly with casual, dressy, and formal attire to create an unforgettable look. Paired with plain, printed or a playful mix of both, white gold creates its own bling to set the right tone for your outfit.

Styling white gold jewelry with your jeweller

Style it with an eye on the occasion—the cardinal rule is to not overdo it, so less is more is the mantra if you want a chic, trendy look.

White gold vibes well in combination with the dazzling energy of classic diamonds and multi-hued gemstones. Go for bold, dramatic fashion choices with a pop of colourful gems if you want vibrance along with cool white gold.

White gold jewelry also pairs well with yellow and rose gold. Make a striking and bold statement with layered styles of mixed metalic hues.

Effortless styling with white gold jewelry sets

Contemporary and sleek, white gold jewelry sets make for ice and fire combinations. You can effortlessly pair a white gold necklace with earrings, a ring and a delicate bracelet from the same designer collection to make your own white gold jewelry set.

For a show of hip fashion and glamour, wear two—or even three—coordinated pieces of jewelry in white gold to create your unique style. You will find plenty of white gold jewelry styling options across a range of our designs from top-of-the-line designers.

White gold wedding jewelry sets

Candy for the camera, a radiant bride dressed in white gold jewelry creates everlasting memories. Choosing your wedding jewelry from the same designer collection will help you make coordinated wedding jewelry sets in seconds.

White gold bands, plain or encrusted with glittering diamonds, are always in vogue. Our solitaire rings and gem-embedded showstoppers will encapsulate the love story of your wedding day for years to come. Team your ring with pearl earrings and a handcrafted selection of scintillating necklaces for a truly Wow! bridal look.

White gold fashion jewelry

The 2022 affordable luxury fashion jewelry trends are all about redefining the classics, with a modern rendition of traditional styles. Creative combinations of diamond cuts on a white gold-plated base, cleverly twisted rings with unique designs, pendants with a singular, striking stone, and layered necklaces—this year is all about your own take on conventional designs.

And what’s more, in our collections you can find these super elegant trendy styles in the gold- and rhodium-plated 18 or 22 karat white gold versions as well.

Unique white gold jewelry

In our expertly curated collections you will find trendy and unique hand crafted white gold jewelry. Most designers have elegant white gold versions of bestselling yellow gold jewelry pieces.

Stylish white gold chains

Take your pick from the classic but bold Figaro chain, the luxurious rope chain, the symmetrical cable chain, or the solid rolo chain fashioned in white gold versions.

Cute and personal white gold pendants and charms

Check out our eclectic collection of personalised letters, numbers and zodiac signs in playful designs, glorious pearl drops, or a heavenly collection of spiritual symbols in white-gold finish. For a more neutral look, we offer myriad shapes and discs.

Cool white gold bracelets

Nothing spells elegance as vividly as a beautiful bracelet wrapped around your wrist. Our white gold collections cater to those with a penchant for tasteful tennis bracelets, pieces with knot designs, encircled with glittering gemstones, as well as open bangles that reflect style and grace.

Gorgeous in white gold earrings

Browse through our on-trend collection of white gold studs, huggies, and hoops. Make a popular fashion statement by wearing them in combination.

Stunning white gold rings

Worn as one statement piece on your finger or stacked with multiple rings, this year is fashion lines’ open invitation to play around with a selection of white gold rings and bands. From plain and textured bands, fusion rings combining multiple metals, to solitaires and regal gem-studded pieces, our white gold rings collection speaks the language of love and joy.

So dive in confidently into our lovely white gold jewelry collections. We have ensured that you are getting the real thing, for real, here!

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