Blue Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated EarringsBlue Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated Earrings
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Eshvi London

Blue Mini Pearl Drop Gold Plated Earrings
$83.00 USD $104.00 USD
Blue Spots Mini Drop Gold Plated EarringsBlue Spots Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
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Eshvi London

Blue Spots Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
$83.00 USD $104.00 USD
Green Mini Drop Gold Plated EarringsGreen Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
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Eshvi London

Green Mini Drop Gold Plated Earrings
$83.00 USD $104.00 USD
Small Delphis 18K Gold HoopsSmall Delphis 18K Gold Hoops
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Small Delphis 18K Gold Hoops
$1,823.00 USD
Thera small Silver Earrings

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Thera small Silver Earrings
From $239.00 USD
Thera small 18K Gold EarringsThera small 18K Gold Earrings

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Thera small 18K Gold Earrings
From $937.00 USD
Fatimas Mini Hand 14K Gold PendantFatimas Mini Hand 14K Gold Pendant

Kinz Kanaan

Fatimas Mini Hand 14K Gold Pendant
$279.00 USD
Arabic Love 14K Gold NecklaceArabic Love 14K Gold Necklace

Kinz Kanaan

Arabic Love 14K Gold Necklace
$723.00 USD
Annie 14K Gold Ring w. Green EmeraldAnnie 14K Gold Ring w. Green Emerald


Annie 14K Gold Ring w. Green Emerald
From $679.00 USD
Jaipur Four Stone 18K Gold Ring w. Gemstones
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Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Amazonite
Great giftSold out
Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. CoralShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Coral
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Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Great giftSold out
Collar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsCollar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
Great giftSold out
Jumbo Tiaré 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphires
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Annie 18K Gold Earstick w. DiamondsAnnie 18K Gold Earstick w. Diamonds


Annie 18K Gold Earstick w. Diamonds
From $397.00 USD

Are you looking for stylish gifts for your girlfriend? Allow us to help you! We know she is your sun, moon and stars all rolled into one. This is why we have put together super trendy collections of world-class designer jewelry to help you celebrate your gorgeous lady with gifts of jewelry that are as beautiful and precious as she is.

• Why gift jewelry?
• Jewelry gifting ideas for your girlfriend
• How to choose a jewelry gift for your girlfriend?

Why gift your girlfriend jewelry?

Beautifully designed jewelry is a rare find, just like your perfect girlfriend. Every time you give her beautiful jewelry gifts, you tell her how much you value and cherish her. We can affirm that a girl always loves to flaunt her jewels, all the more so when it's your gift to her.

Choose from lovely necklaces, chic bracelets, cool earrings and more to woo your special girl all over again. She is glorious and she deserves the best there is. Not just on her birthday, but on every other day too!

Necklaces for your girlfriend

A pretty necklace makes a great gift for your lady love on any and every occasion. Solid gold necklaces with gorgeous diamonds, sterling silver necklaces with gemstones and bead necklaces made of precious stones—there are a lot of fabulous varieties to choose from.

♥ Beautiful bar necklaces and halo necklaces are superb for daily wear, imparting a fine aura of luxury and style.
♥ Gemstone necklaces with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are breathtaking in their colourful splendour and make especially meaningful gifts when they feature your girlfriend’s birthstones.
♥ Initials in the form of letter pendants on dainty chains would be something your girl would love to wear every day.
♥ Yet another personally significant necklace style, the zodiac pendant necklaces inspired by the wearer’s birth constellation are extremely popular today as a gifting idea.
♥ Large and highly noticeable, chunky necklaces make impressive statements of style.
♥ Necklaces featuring freshwater natural and cultured pearls are simply elegant, loved by all ages and are great for all-year-long styling.
♥ An oldie but a goldie, heart-shaped pendant necklaces or lockets have a distinct charm that makes one feel warm all over, especially your girl!

Check out our Necklace Sizing Guide for more guidance in picking out the perfect necklace for your girl.

Bracelets and bangles for your girlfriend

Bracelets with their fluid elegance and bangles so distinguished in their solid stateliness, both styles are equally great as gifts for your girlfriend. You can find traditional designs like tennis bracelets as well as uber-chic modern styles in gold and silver, with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and affordable zirconia, adding glitter and glamour.

Our bracelet and bangle sizing guides will help you choose the correct size for your gifts.

Earrings for your girlfriend

When in doubt about what to surprise your girlfriend with, earrings are your saviour! A pair of designer earrings in precious gold, silver and diamonds are always welcome any day. Choose from studs, danglers, hoops, huggies, and ear cuffs to find beautiful bling to steal her heart all over again.

Rings your girlfriend will love

Rings are among the best relationship jewelry gifts ever. Although small in size, they cast a huge impact on the heart because rings stand for commitment. Gift your darling girlfriend a lovely ring that would remind her time and again what a catch she has in you!

Delightful designs ranging from bare, minimalist types to flamboyant creations breathing artistic fire are all on offer for you to choose from. Slim eternity bands, birthstone rings, glorious cocktail rings—there are so many breathtaking designs available.

When buying a ring as a gift for your girlfriend, do remember to get the ring size right for a proper and comfortable fit.

Engraved jewelry gifts for your girlfriend

A fantastic way to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your girl is to opt for engraved jewelry. Many designers have special collections of engravable jewelry including pendants, bracelets and rings that make meaningful gifts, whose value and appeal stay fresh forever.

How to choose a jewelry gift for your girlfriend?

Paying attention to your girlfriend’s personal style preferences pays off greatly when trying to choose the perfect gift of jewelry for her. Read on for a few tips to help you find that bit of bling that is sure to wow her.

Professional women often like to keep their style distinguished yet muted. Gift her a delicate necklace or a striking bracelet to complement her workwear.
College girls prefer light colourful jewelry that they can wear regularly. Macrame braided bracelets, gemstone studs, long chain necklaces and quirky pendants or bracelet charms add a dash of pure joy and an element of romance to otherwise casual styles.
For the minimalist, fine chain necklaces in silver and gold are a perfect fit. Tiny studs in solid gold or an elegant sterling silver ring would make fine gifts for her.
Party queens love substantial and exotic styles. Leave her breathless with a chunky statement necklace or a stunning pair of glittering gemstone-studded danglers that will set her style quotient soaring.
Zesty and fun, fusion necklaces, bracelets and hoops with colourful elements are just the best gifts for summer styles.
Remember, when in doubt, go pearl! Always elegant, you just can’t go wrong with pearl jewelry.

Finding the right jewelry to impress your girlfriend is now a hassle-free experience thanks to our carefully curated collections of the best and latest in fine designer jewelry. What are you waiting for? Browse your way straight to her heart through our gorgeous jewelry!

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