🎁 The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas gift shopping just got a lot more fun and easy this year! We created this Christmas gift guide to help you find and fall in love with gifts you would rather keep than give away. And that’s the whole point of gifting, isn’t it? Give gifts that are a piece of you. One the receiver will cherish and value as the years pass. That's also why we gift fine jewelry at Christmas.

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Beautiful nature-inspired jewelry

Beautiful nature-themed jewelry is a piece of this beautiful planet presented as handcrafted stories. They combine gold, diamonds or gemstones to inspire and speak of seasonal change, courage and hope. We suggest you consider these beauties as a gift to celebrate someone very special this joyous season because we know that beauty always heals and inspires.

This Christmas, gift flowers that never fade but always sparkle. For her, you can't go wrong with flower jewelry because flowers are beautiful! Always sought after, flower earrings, pendants and rings are forever gifts she’ll love to cherish.

♥ Check out this flower stud earring from Christine Hvelplund and this stunning bracelet in 18K gold with white diamonds from JOSINA

Gift her a piece of beautiful night skies this Christmas.

♥ This dazzling, crescent-shaped pair by CByC Jewelry is embellished with high-quality sparkling white zirconia, infusing the magic of the night skies into one special piece that makes styling a pleasure. Being from the demi-fine category the price is just right for a stellar Christmas gift!

How about birds, fish and butterfly-themed jewelry to charm her this Christmas?

♥ This Butterfly Earring in 925 silver is a stunning piece from Polar Jewelry’s Fairytale Collection. This exquisite earring is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Butterfly, and is a reminder to be open to love.

♥ Or this Butterfly Necklace from CbyC in goldfilled and brown diamonds, also available in gold-plated and zirconia stones.

♥ This pair of graceful gold-plated Koi Earrings with coral are a part of Polar Jewelry’s Sakura Collection. This pair captures the beauty of Koi carp, the revered Japanese symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and luck.

Gift necklace chains this Christmas for the fashion-furious

Necklace chains never go out of fashion! Yes, simply because everybody we know wants necklace chains now more than ever before! Both men and women love layering necklaces. A big plus is that you don't have to be limited and buy just one! Read our Necklace Guide to understand Chain necklace lengths, measurements and styles

If you are looking for affordable chain necklace jewelry gifts this Christmas, below are some designers who have stellar designs in chains crafted from sterling silver, oxidized silver and gold vermeil that rival gold and diamond versions.

♥ See this Follina Pianura Quadratto silver chain with pendant from Sif Jakobs Jewelry or this bold and glamorous Capri Gold-Plated Necklace.

♥ Gift a smile with this exceptionally cheerful Gold Happy Chain from RUIFIER.

In the pure gold necklace category here are some simple gold chain necklace styles with interesting twists from world-renowned Scandinavian designers just perfect for gifting.

♥ See this Ro Copenhagen 18K White Gold necklace chain with a secret diamond!

♥ Or this easy-to-wear The Essential Necklace in 18K gold from Maren Jewelry.

♥ And this delicate cable chain 14K gold necklace from Gérald. A chain so thin in the chain that it just complements the skin, yet strong enough to stand alone or add the pendant of your dreams.

Meaningful jewelry gifts

Give gifts that are infused with symbolic meaning and dressed in extraordinary craftsmanship this Christmas. Are you someone who loves to inspire and cheer them on? Then here are the gifts you will be wanting to give your loved ones this season.

♥ For the one who loves all things horses and dressage gift a Sitana Gold Ring from Helgstrand Jewelry inspired by the delicate shapes of the equestrian equipment, with a classic and timeless expression.

♥ For the one who has been fighting giants all year long, gift an elephant pendant or bracelet from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen to remind them to be strong and courageous.

♥ For the one you crown as the queen of hearts, express your love in the most elegant way with their Red Heart Diamond Bracelet, a symbol of affection and passion that sparkles with every beat of your heart.

♥ For the one who loves to play, get a Kite Necklace in gold by Josina this Christmas.

Eco-gentle jewelry gifts for those who care

Sustainable jewelry is created by designers who believe that everything we do inevitably affects the lives of others. If you agree with this philosophy it's only natural that you seek sustainable gifts for the ones you love. We suggest you consider this innovative and sculptural jewelry as a gift to celebrate someone very special this joyous season because loving the planet is a gift to their future as well as your own.

We have here extraordinary jewelry from eco-conscious designers who excel in their designs as well as the materials they choose to express their creativity. Their creations are carefully crafted from recycled gold or silver, use lab-grown diamonds, or are ‘slow-made’ in small batches. Some of these jeweller-heroes work only with certified suppliers, they also support local craftsmanship, and do their part to contribute to protecting nature, ecology and human rights.

♥ Look at the minimalistic and sculptural Doric earring or this open chain unisex design Exhale necklace by Kinraden. This brand makes jewelry with a passion for excellent design and a unique style based on sustainable and respectful interactions. All the brand's materials are certified according to strict sustainability standards and purchased with careful respect for both people and nature.

♥ If diamonds and solitaires are on your Christmas wish list, consider lab-grown diamond jewelry by RÊVER or VRAI.

♥ This beautiful Remind diamond pendant with an excellent cut diamond grown in a lab is by Maren Jewelry. Gift it to someone you love this Christmas.

Letter jewelry gifts for Christmas

Letter, alphabet, initial and number jewelry are by far the most popular gift choices. This is the simplest way to personalise a gift and to tell someone they are unique and special. This Christmas you won’t go wrong if you decide to pick one or many letter pendants from some of the best design houses we host here.

♥ Silver, gold and diamond letter pendants from RO Copenhagen or Dulong Fine Jewelry.

♥ The Pearl Letter Gold Plated pendant from Les Meres is simply gorgeous and so unique for both the craftsmanship as well as the materials used and the brand philosophy.

♥ Stylish fonts: IX Studios’ Letter charms give your jewelry a whole new meaning or Circus Letter V Gold Plated Necklace from Nord by Thomsen or Carré's stunning Letter jewelry collection.

Exclusive and extraordinary jewelry gifts

Some relationships stand apart from others. Exclusive relationships require extraordinary gifts this Christmas. Our ultimate gift guide would be incomplete without these exclusive jewelry pieces curated from some of the world's best goldsmiths and designers.

♥ Knot rings by Engelbert Jewelry

The Twisted Love Bands earrings from Ole Lynggaard and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Large Leaves Ring is a stunning sculptural piece

Fusion 18K Gold Bangle from Georg Jensen is a graceful piece of wearable art.

♥ High Five 18K White gold and diamond Ring from JOSINA is a stunner waiting to be placed on the finger of someone very special.

Iconic, timeless yet modern jewelry gifts

Then there are those that stood the test of time. Fashions fade but timeless classic jewelry styles remain. Some of these have taken on an iconic status in every designer’s collection. For relationships that have stood the test of time this Christmas, we recommend classic jewelry pieces with a modern twist.

♥ How about this sleek Moonlight Grapes Silver Bangle from Georg Jensen? It features a cascade of oxidised silver beads that are shaped in reference to the grapes that adorned Georg Jensen’s holloware designs from the early 1990s.

♥ This classic and elegant Tennis Bracelet from Le Soonar features brilliant cut round diamonds.

♥ This delicately beautiful Sparkly Sparkly Lariat Necklace by Alexa Fine Jewelry.

Jewellery with gems and colour for Christmas

What is Christmas if not for the colours and lights that go up everywhere? Gift your family and friends some colourful jewelry to add drama to their everyday wear. With playful combinations of gems and semi-precious stones designer jewelry gifts will make somebody’s heart beat faster this Christmas!

♥ For a best friend who loves pastel hues freshwater pearl bracelets, earrings or necklaces are always welcome. See this Galatina 18K Gold Plated Necklace from Sif Jakobs Jewelry. Or mesmerising shapes and textures in jewelry by Les Méres.

♥ For beaded gemstone bracelet fans check the Shamballa Jewels Collection or the Lagoon Gold Plated Necklace with turquoise and glass beads from Anni Lu.

♥ Semi-precious gemstones kissed by a hint of gold as pendants and bracelets. See this Rainbow Red Tourmaline pendant in 10K gold by Carré Jewelry.

Silver hoops with yellow, pink, blue, green, purple & red zirconias from Sif Jakobs Jewelry.

In your Christmas gifts, capture the healing and rejuvenating power of beautiful jewelry creations inspired by nature, life, motion, textures and colours this season. There is so much to choose from. You can never go wrong with a jewelry gift for Christmas.

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