Gossip Girl Jewelry

Hey Upper East Siders...

- Or wherever you find yourself at this very moment. Nonetheless, we know that you may be just as much of a jewelry lover as we are. Therefore, we have prepared ten glamorous looks, inspired by the shimmering and sparkling jewelry to be spotted in the iconic New York series, “Gossip Girl”.

Xoxo, The Jewellery Room.

Elevate Your Style: Gossip Girl-inspired Jewelry Selection

At The Jewellery Room we aspire to inspire. The purpose of this article is to personalize your shopping experience even further, suggesting a variety of curated pieces within our range of designers, prices, and visual aesthetics. We are probably not the only ones finding ourselves mesmerized by the glamorous lives of the fictive-based characters in the famous series. From watching Blair and Serena going haute-couture-shopping on 5th Avenue to Chuck and Nate arriving everywhere with a private chauffer, there certainly is a way of living that is nothing but far away from real-life existence to most of us. That being said, jewelry does not have to be an unattainable nor limited matter.

This is our take on a modernized version of some of the jewelry styles featured in a timeless series we adore. Scroll down to see ten looks from Gossip Girl paired with selected pieces from The Jewellery Room.

Jewelry Characteristics of Serena

Serena is widely characterized as the somewhat mysterious "it-girl" who fearlessly challenges the norms associated with her high social-class. She represents the archetype of a young woman admired for her spirited personality, elevated social status, and distinctive sense of style.

It is not uncommon to see Serena mix and match between bold and extravagant statement jewelry, with smaller, more delicate pieces. She is likely to pair a rather ornamental necklace with her outfits for that “little” extra something or accessorize with a set of colorful gemstone rings. It is safe to say that she is a daring and experimental soul when it comes to jewelry, and is, from our perspective, a bit of a style icon.

Jewelry Characteristics of Blair

When it comes to a queen-bee like Blair Waldorf, there really is a certain standard brought to the table when it comes to, well, everything. Celebrated for her highly influential and powerful position in the hierarchical distribution that is her social circle and life, it is no easy job to be queen of the Upper East Side.

But a queen must be dressed-to-impress on any occasion, and that is something Blair takes very seriously. Raised by a fashion-designer (and Dorotha), it is no surprise that Blair is a showstopper when it comes to the perfect outfit – jewelry being no exception. Her preferred pieces variates from day to day, however, can often be defined as rather preppy and classy jewelry.

From going for a timeless pearl necklace to wearing pearl rings, she is no newbie within the art of matching. Wining and dining in a sparkly pair of gemstone earrings or showing off her initials in diamond letter pendants, there are many dream-pieces to be found in the jewelry box of Blair Waldorf. She represents nothing but royalty-energy and we are all for it.

Other jewelry trending in the series

Even tho Blair and Serena are the ultimate dynamic-duo, there are many other fabulous characters featured in the series wearing dreamy jewelry.

Among them are Lily Van der Woodsen of whom many know as a woman of wealth and luxury-living, and this is reflected within her jewelry collection as well. Often seen in overwhelmingly sized gemstones and diamonds, she embodies a sense of pure elegance.

This can also be said about Eleanor Waldorf. Marked by her fashion design-career, she is often spotted in ornate, yet sophisticated pieces going hand-in-hand with her own brand.

Someone who indeed likes to practice a more rock-and-roll take on personal decoration is the character Jenny Humphrey. Likely to vary between leather, pearls and either gold or silver jewelry depending on her outfit, Jenny surely is a exploratory soul when it comes to jewelry.


We hope this post could add a bit of sparkle to your day – or maybe even to your shopping cart. If you have questions regarding any of these pieces, or another among our large selection at The Jewellery Room, we will be more than thrilled to assist you.

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