LEA 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondsLEA 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Le Soonar

LEA 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
$379.00 USD
Chainette 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsChainette 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Persée Paris

Chainette 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
$691.00 USD
Pink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. QuartzPink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Quartz

Carré Jewelry

Pink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Quartz
$113.00 USD
Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. DiamondRainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond

Carré Jewelry

Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$444.00 USD
Rock Classic 18K Whitegold Ring w. DiamondsRock Classic 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
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2. 1 06 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Emerald2. 1 06 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Emerald
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Lore Van Keer

2. 1 06 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Emerald
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Fryd 18K Whitegold Ring w. 10 DiamondsFryd 18K Whitegold Ring w. 10 Diamonds

Ro Copenhagen

Fryd 18K Whitegold Ring w. 10 Diamonds
$2,027.00 USD
IX Evig w. ZirconiaIX Evig w. Zirconia

IX Studios

IX Evig w. Zirconia
$127.00 USD
WAVE 8K Gold Ring w. DiamondWAVE 8K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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WAVE 8K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$294.00 USD

Rich in elegance yet modest in appearance, that’s a simple engagement ring! If you are among those who like the beauty of clean contours and subdued sparkle in your jewelry, you will really fall in love with our exquisitely curated collection of simple engagement rings. These have been flawlessly handcrafted by some of the best talents in the handcrafted jewelry design scene. We present you with elegant and beautiful engagement rings that are simple without any compromising on style and quality.

• Who says “yes” to a simple engagement ring?
• Simple engagement ring styles for you
• How to choose a simple engagement ring?

Who says “yes” to a simple engagement ring?

Simple engagement rings are timeless and elegant. Pure statements of love wrapped in timeless grace, they suit a variety of outfit styles and withstand the changes in trends with their quiet elegance.

For the love of minimalist Scandinavian designs
Simple engagement rings appeal to those who believe that less is more. Women who have minimalist taste in jewelry often prefer elementary designs with a minimum of colour and sparkle. But that’s not to say that any plain band of gold would do the trick! Modern minimalists have a beautifully honed sense of style that just won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

When she loves to balance style with convenience
In addition to the minimalists, women who pursue practicality over flamboyance may favour the clean simplicity of an engagement ring that can be worn all day and every day! They wouldn’t want to worry about snagged clothing or having to take off their engagement ring every time they are involved in heavy-duty work. They would prefer the convenience of an engagement ring that is beautiful yet low-maintenance. This is especially true of professionals who deal with work environments where anything but the simplest jewelry is a bother.

Choose from a range of stylish handcrafted yet simple designs

Simple engagement rings feature a simple silhouette with minimal embellishments. Mono tones, pale colours, and matt finish are all features of simple engagement rings. A slim, plain gold ring band presenting a 1-carat solitaire stone or a polished gold ring band flush-set gemstones are examples of elegant and simple engagement rings.

We fully understand the simple design aesthetic and the women who love them. This is why our collection of simple engagement rings has a range of stylishly crafted pieces that radiate pure oomph without ever going overboard. Our simple engagement rings bring muted elegance and easy wearability in stylish designs. You can choose simple ring designs in yellow, rose or white gold to seal your love. These rings can bear a diamond, pearl or any coloured gemstone in beautiful minimal cuts and band styles.

Simple gold engagement rings

Gold has always been the most popular choice for engagement rings. A simple band of gold with minimal detailing is a true wooer of the minimalist soul. This style combines the glamour of gold and a modest design to create a simple yet breathtaking ring.

Simple engagement rings in white gold
A seamless marriage of elegance and beauty, simple engagement rings set in rhodium-plated white gold are incredibly stylish and sophisticated. The white gold is the perfect choice for the cool sophistication of the modern woman.

Simple engagement rings in rose gold
The copper tone of rose gold beautifully complements the stunning romance you share as a couple. Really, there is nothing quite as romantic and dreamy as rose gold for an engagement ring. Feminine and charming, a rose gold band set with a single, exquisite diamond or any other gemstone of preference, is sure to be a gorgeous design for the minimalist bride-to-be.

Gold hallmarking
To buy the best quality gold minimalist engagement rings, check its hallmarking standards. Gold hallmarking stamps indicate the percentage of purity of gold used in the ring: 916 (22k), 750 (18k), and 585 (14k). We would recommend 14k and 18k gold for your simple engagement ring in terms of strength and durability.

Simple silver engagement rings

Sterling silver is a fine choice for an engagement ring that is both classy and affordable. Designer sterling silver engagement rings come with rhodium or gold vermeil plating, combining stunning elegance and durability. So if you love the quiet lustre of moonlight on your finger as a token of love, a simple silver engagement ring might just be the right one for you.

Silver hallmarking
To ensure the quality of silver, look for the silver hallmarking stamp on the silver ring you choose. A ring crafted in sterling silver will bear the SS or 925 stamps.

Simple diamond or gemstone engagement rings

Diamonds on an engagement ring are a popular choice with the charm of tradition backing it. Instead of a large solitaire or an elaborate setting, simple engagement rings keep it low-key but gorgeous. Here are some trending variations in simple diamond engagement ring designs to inspire your decision.

♥ A round, cushion or princess-cut solitaire diamond of modest dimensions embraced by a simple gold band.
♥ An emerald-cut diamond, set vertically or horizontally, as a centrepiece on a slender gold band is truly classy.
♥ Baguette diamonds are very classy in minimalist rings
♥ A row of tiny sparkling diamonds set flush on a thin ring band is a beautiful choice for everyday elegance.
♥ Open bands are facinating. When set with a diamond, this forms a super-chic ring in simple style.

Simple gemstone engagement rings
Diamonds aren't the only choice when it comes to simple engagement rings. There is a whole world of stunning gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and semi-precious tourmaline, peridots, and quartz crystals, to woo the woman of your dreams. These beauties add a lovely pop of colour. Check out simple solitaires or cute cluster arrangements of gemstones of various colours for a simple engagement ring that's truly unique. You could also choose birthstones for adding more meaning to the simple engagement ring.

How to choose a simple engagement ring

Buying the perfect minimalist engagement ring need not be daunting as long as you keep these helpful tips in mind.

• We urge you to get to know your fiancée’s taste in jewelry: Would she like a plain simple engagement ring or one with some exquisite detailing or engraving?
• Bear in mind whether she prefers an engagement ring with gemstones adding a subtle sparkle or pop of colour. Or would she prefer something with only one gemstone?
• Keep her lifestyle in mind to choose a ring that is comfortable for everyday wear.
• Buy your simple engagement ring from reputed jewellers who ensure quality. Good quality gemstone jewelry is often accompanied by certificates attesting to their hallmarking, weight and source.
• Check the hallmarking of gold used in your ring. This indicates the purity of the metal. In solid gold, we have 18k (750), 14k (585) and so on. Sterling silver rings are stamped SS or 925.
• Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing for the perfect fit and watch our ring sizing video before you choose your engagement ring size.

Immerse yourself in our gorgeous collection of simple engagement rings to find that perfect token of your love. We assure you that all jewelry you’ll see, every designer you’ll browse and every item you’ll add to your cart is carefully chosen and curated for your joy and satisfaction. Happy Shopping!

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