Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldBlack Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
Sold out
Black Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
Sold out
Shooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsShooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds

Ole Lynggaard

Shooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
$3,608.00 USD
Zarrin 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondZarrin 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond

Kinz Kanaan

Zarrin 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$609.00 USD
Double Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K GoldDouble Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K Gold
Sold out
Large Lotus Pavé 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsLarge Lotus Pavé 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
New inSold out
Medium Lotus Pavé 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsMedium Lotus Pavé 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Varnaya Vana 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphires, Emerald & DiamondVarnaya Vana 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphires, Emerald & Diamond
Custom-madeSold out
Rebecca 18K Gold Ring w. Pink SapphireRebecca 18K Gold Ring w. Pink Sapphire
Rebecca 14K Gold Ring w. White SapphireRebecca 14K Gold Ring w. White Sapphire
For a day 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondFor a day 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond


For a day 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$1,871.00 USD
Elysia Serenade 14k Gold Ring w. DiamondsElysia Serenade 14k Gold Ring w. Diamonds
New in

Soleya Jewelry

Elysia Serenade 14k Gold Ring w. Diamonds
$2,403.00 USD
Elysia Orabelle 14k Gold Ring w. DiamondsElysia Orabelle 14k Gold Ring w. Diamonds
New in

Modern engagement rings are charming and perfect for the bold woman of today. This is why we have curated a brilliant collection of unique modern-style engagement rings, offering you plenty of stunning choices. Our modern-style engagement rings are sourced from the finest ateliers across Europe and abroad. Rest assured, the engagement ring of your dreams is awaiting you among our gorgeous collections.

• Modern engagement ring materials
• Modern engagement ring designs
• Latest styles in engagement rings

Modern engagement ring materials

Modern engagement rings come with elegant sophistication accented by clean, minimal lines. They cover a whole range of styles from recycled vintage to exotic to pure minimalist beauty, but always with a contemporary twist. Read on to know more about the latest and unique modern engagement ring designs.

Metal choices for modern engagement rings
Gold and silver are the most popular metals for engagement rings. However, rose gold and white gold have a distinct edge over traditional yellow gold when it comes to gold engagement rings today. Modern engagement rings in gold are available in different purities ranging from 18k (750) to 10k (417).

Modern silver engagement rings are rhodium plated for a white gold finish. Rings in our silver collections are mostly hallmarked 925 (sterling silver). Among these, oxidised silver rings are very popular among modern black engagement ring designs and are loved for their distinct and stylish look.

Gemstones in modern engagement rings
Diamonds remain the world’s favourite choice for engagement ring gemstones. However, diamonds need not always be white. Among our hand-picked modern engagement ring collections, you will find beautiful and affordable diamond engagement ring styles featuring chocolate diamonds or mildly tinted champagne diamonds in the most exquisite and elegant designs. Fancy-coloured diamonds in shades of blue, green and pink are also much sought after.

Modern engagement rings also have a dazzling options in coloured gemstones. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are on top of the list. Those looking for exotic looks in their engagement ring prefer the beautiful allure of gemstones like moonstones, opals, spinels and tourmalines.

Modern engagement ring designs

Modern engagement rings draw inspiration from several styles and settings. Therefore the modern engagement rings showcase an unparalleled selection of designs with a scintillating range of shapes. For instance:
♦ Modern art deco engagement rings are all about geometrical shapes and sharp angles set to a contemporary style tune–in cluster settings.
♦ The minimalist styles stick to simple curves and lines and solitaire stones. Yet they wow unconditionally.
♦ Abstract contours are fast becoming the world’s favourite in modern engagement rings. These sculpted pieces have a unique and organic energy about them.
♦ When it comes to the stones used, baguette cuts and emerald cuts are all the rage now for that unconventional look. Pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones seem to have overtaken the conventional round brilliant-cut in popularity this season.

Charming modern engagement rings styles you'll love

Eternity bands
Slim eternity bands feature small diamonds or other gemstones pavé- or bezel-set on the ring band. Instead of the conventional round-cut gemstones, baguettes and tiny pear-shaped stones grace the most popular modern engagement eternity bands. Sometimes two or more different shapes and stones are used to create a singularly beautiful piece. Remember, one of the best things about slim eternity bands is that they are stackable.

Modern solitaire engagement rings
Pear-shaped and oval-shaped diamonds are stealing hearts among the modern solitaire engagement rings. Women love the diamond set in modern cathedral settings or halo and double-banded designs.

Bridal engagement ring and wedding band sets with a solitaire ring and an accompanying band gracefully pavé-set with diamonds are strikingly beautiful and handy for the bride-to-be.

Multi-stone engagement rings
Contemporary couples love multi-stone engagement rings. Multi-stone rings are a beautiful way to bring their individually-meaningful gemstone choices together in a symbolic union.

Unisex engagement rings
Bold and fascinating, unisex designs in modern engagement rings do not conform to conventional delicate styles. These inclusive engagement rings are simple yet chunky, inviting men also to enjoy the engagement ring universe.

Black engagement rings
Black engagement rings have marked a huge rise in sales this season. People love the mysterious edgy vibe of a black-stone engagement ring. This is perfect for the bride who desires a fitting emblem of her modern fairytale romance.

We urge you to plan your engagement ring purchase well in advance. Because some items are made-to-order and take time to be delivered. And don’t forget to get your engagement ring size right! Read our Ring Size Guide for valuable tips and measuring methods.

Our collection of modern engagement rings is specially curated to steal the hearts of contemporary women who wish for engagement rings as unique as they are. We are almost certain you'll find yours right here! Feel free to contact us if you are looking for something specific. We're waiting to help guide your most important decision.

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